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  1. G'day guys im doing some live streaming, come watch me die n have some fun https://www.youtube.com/c/AdrianRainbow/live
  2. Cossack World of Warships Test Boat

    thanks for the positive look on the video m8 as for the mods i run, in game its only the rainbow reticle (coz my last names rainbow and it makes me smile) and the AA guns (and its only to put some colour into the game) yes i have a few more mods for in port but thats just my liking. this was literaly my first match in the boat when it was given to me, i had to learn. i tryed showing off the passive spotting that the boat can do. then it fell apart n i just tryed to live im not the best player out there (never said i was and ment it lol) but if a bad player can do well in it imagin what u can do with it :) yes there is testing stuff i have to do and i tryed doing some of it in video but learning the ship and talking enough to keep u guys from falling asleep was my main consern (i dunno if u make live recorded videos, but its hard to play and talk and make sence all at the same time. by all means try it) Stay tuned i get to fail in more WiP boats, so sit back and try not to laugh to hard at me failing lol
  3. Free Stuff For All World of Warships & Twitch

    yep start an amazon account and get the free 7 day trial for prime (u may need $1 in ur account for verification) then end your prime account once u claim the goodies. so it cost u $0
  4. https://twitch.worldofwarships.com/ What you need to do to participate: 1. Create/have a Twitch Prime account (create a standard one, then upgrade it to Prime). 2. Create/have a WoWs account and bind it to your Twitch account. 3. Install WoWs (I hope this step doesn’t concern you guys :blush:) 4. Enjoy the swag after logging into the game! The swag includes: A very skilled commander Kappa, who can be assigned to the US ships Twitch themed port, 5 Twitch containers with a chance of dropping doubloons and an achievement.
  5. Z-39 and Asashio WiP World of Warships

    learning and testing the new boats
  6. What is poi?

    POI = point of interest, Google maps says so
  7. Seagal's departing!

    would he need a boat?
  8. Seagal's departing!

    or bruce willis
  9. Asashio Work in Progress

  10. Team kill Clan Event (warmup)

    No Guns Torps Only Team Kill Training room Duh Should i be sad that i cant team kill???