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  1. When I open containers my primary objective is to get the signals that I want. There are 3 combat signals of primary importance and 5-6 combat signals of secondary importance to me. The others are just icing on the cake. I am not really interested in any of the signal flags that could come from the resource containers. I'm just wondering if someone has worked out in a situation like mine will I be better off opening resource boxes or signal/consumable ones? With it costing I figure an average of about 7,000 coal for 20 of the signals I want and the odds are that I will be getting about 664 coal for each resource container. At about 7,000 average for the signals I want it will take about 10-11 containers to get 20 signals of the exact type I want. Doing this means that I miss out on between 80-88 signals from 17 different signals I could earn. I'm not sure but it also seems like I can't get any keys from resource containers or camo. Am I missing something here but it seems like the signal containers are still my best bet.
  2. I'm curious does it matter what angle you intercept fighters as far as damage dealt and received. For example, let's say I have a fighter group and I'm not strafing but clicking to do a normal intercept of an enemy fighter. Does it make any difference if I come in at them head on, from the tail, side, etc? I thought I heard that Japanese planes are weaker at head on passes. Not sure if there is any truth to this. One thing I do notice is as soon as fighter groups first engage I often notice an immediate destruction of a plane and then it slows down.
  3. Yes I will be moving my Hiryu captain up the chain. So after talking to a few other people they suggested my next skill should be Advanced firing training. I can free captain XP to it but it will cost about 339K captain XP. The other thing I was thinking was just getting 2 more skill points and getting Basic firing training. Is the difference between AFT and BFT that huge on Hiryu's AA? Or the other thought was instead of AFT get manual fire control. For good reason I don't think I'm going to get CE because I like the argument that the 11ish det range isn't that bad and it serves as an early warning to DDs sneaking up on me.
  4. Right now I'm training up my captain and HIryu ship modules in co-ops in preparation for randoms. Before I play any random games in my CV I always make sure my ship, planes, and captain are fully upgraded and trained. I have a 12 pt captain with aircraft servicing expert, dogfighting expert, torpedo acceleration, torpedo armament and air supremacy for 11 pts total and 1 leftover. I'm more than able to use free captain XP to get an additional 1 or 2 pts if there is a skill that some of you think is really important for me to have on my captain, if any which one would it be? I'm expecting a lot of Saipans and Kagas and generally expecting this to be a tough tier for me. Generally when people send out planes do you send out bombers or fighters first? I typically deploy fighters first but my thoughts on this are that this allows the enemy to see where my fighters are going and then simply deploys his bombers away from my fighters. If I deploy bombers first I might have an earlier opportunity to spot/kill a DD but at the risk of losing planes. I'm curious how you guys would deploy your planes depending on what kind of enemy CV there is?
  5. If I already have the ship and complete the 21 missions what do I get instead? Also, when a event says I have until July 13 to complete does that mean the mission ends when it becomes the 13th or do I have through that day? What time exactly does the day turn if I am in the PAC US time zone?
  6. buzz_bomb

    Buffalo ship modules and captain skills

    Still need some advice.
  7. I just got the Buffalo and I wanted to check in with people regarding the most optimal ship modules to take to do as well as I can in random battles. Also, I currently have a 16 point captain which currently has Priority target, expert marksman, adrenaline rush, demolition expert, basic fire training, and concealment expert. 15 of 16 points used. I don't plan on changing any of my captain skills because this captain will be moving on to the Des Moines unless you guys think there is a skill I should respect for that would be equally useful in both Buffalo and Des Moines. Thanks.
  8. I'm use to playing my Hindenburg with the ROF module upgrade brining range down to about 17.8 and reload around 9/10 seconds. I was advised by my fleet I should run the range upgrade module and change out demo expert for superintendent. I have a 19 pt captain and everything else remained the same. What are your guy's thoughts on the best configuration Hindi for CW and randoms?
  9. buzz_bomb

    Update 0.7.1 - Bug Reporting

    For the first time in 2 years I crashed from a game and was not able to relaunch the game. I got a critical error message every time I tried to get in. A few of my clan mates have also been getting this error recently and suggested I delete and reinstall the game which I did and now it works. I have also noticed an increase in AFK players. Maybe these players are suffering from the same issue that I am having? A few of the people I have been playing with seem to think so. Also in the past few months I have had a major increases in critical error crashes which never occurred before.