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  1. I thought we were supposed to be able to earn 48 Guineas in the Royal Navy. I earned every single guinea possible so far, with the exception of the last two stages from last week (2 guineas) as I was away. I only earned 34 guineas. That's a far cry from the 48 you were supposed to be able to earn.
  2. I thought I saw it somewhere, but I can't find it again. Is there a requirement to get 5 stars in a mission to advance to the following weeks mission? If not, is there anything besides a Halloween container that you get for achieving 5 stars in the mission?
  3. 2Zons

    Cossack Missions too soon

    Well it is a bit different, because you were able to get T5-8 UK DD's for free from containers. I was able to get 5,6,and 7. Didn't get 8. Was holding my luck for my last containers that we were supposed to get from last weeks hall of fame, but got camo instead.
  4. 2Zons

    Cossack Missions too soon

    Of course you can complete the directive without doing the cossack mission, but there is an individual reward for completing it. This has obviously done to entice people to pay more that $1 to get the cossack. As far as I know, the only way you could have a Cossack now is if you paid more than $1 for one.
  5. So we now have Cossack only mission in the RN event, long before anyone can earn a Cossack by completing missions and buying the 10 guineas for $1. That leaves a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. I get the "they need to pay for the development, etc, etc.". Bottom line is this game makes a lot of money, WG makes a lot of money. I don't think they need to play these bait games. They should still be UK DD missions. Maybe the week before you can earn the cossack for $1, but 7 weeks before, that's a bit much. Does that mean those who want to wait for the $1 cossack will be baited 4 times a week for the next 7 weeks? Just seems slimy to me, and they don't need to. Talk about buyers remorse, anyone who takes the bait and buys the extra Guineas to get the Cossack now, just to complete the missions, then gets the extra guineas he needed and will have nothing to get for them.
  6. 2Zons

    Selling Legendary Mod?

    I wouldn't do the missions over again for the credits. The premium consumables you earn on the stages are very nice. If I recall correctly the mission for the Shimakaze had 5? stages. In total I earned 100 premium repair, 50 premium smoke, 50 premium speed, and 2 super camouflage (+300% XP). If I recall correctly. I tried to find a reference to the mission details. couldn't find any.
  7. If you sell a legendary mod will the personal mission to get one regenerate? If so, it would be a good way to get all those premium consumables you earn in each stage. Especially if the legendary mod in question is not so "legendary"
  8. 2Zons

    Jingles previews the Cossack

    Ah, OK.. So the event is going on for 3 months, not 1. I see, thanks. Wow, that will be lots of opportunity to earn all the UK DD's
  9. 2Zons

    Jingles previews the Cossack

    Am I missing something? I have logged in every day since the Royal Navy event started. I have done all the directives, come in top 5% of hall of fame, but I have only earned 8 Guineas. Where are the extra 3 per week supposed to be coming from. Each day's directives only have one Guinea for completing X amount, I don't see where else you get them.
  10. 2Zons

    Ship sales vs. clan discount

    I can always count on you @Kizarvexis for a quick reply. I'm not going to leave the clan just to get some extra silver for these ships. I was only keeping them because I thought there was a ship sale on. I guess I just figured out that I have a discount from my clan. I've only recently started playing again and there was no clans last time I played.
  11. In the ship tree I see the regular price and a discounted price. It doesn't show me what discounts are applied. If there is a ship sale how can I tell? The reason I am asking is, if there is a sale going on I don't sell any ships. I try and wait for the sale to be over. But I also get a discount from my clan. Are there any ship sales on the ship tree right now? How am I able to check?
  12. 2Zons

    Hall Of Fame Rewards?

    Still no rewards for me. I was in the top 5%. I can still see the results but no rewards. I tried putting a ticket in but the ticket system is broken and does not let me put one in. Keep getting "having technical issues, please try again later" I did 10 hours later still won't go.
  13. 2Zons

    Hall Of Fame Rewards?

    Just did, have none of those.
  14. 2Zons

    Hall Of Fame Rewards?

    You can check how you finished by going selecting last weeks hall of fame from the drop down on the hall of fame summary page. Oh ya, still haven't got my HoF rewards. Did get the container for the bug. I also had an in game notification that sent me to the WoWS website that said I got some kind of good behavior reward. Was supposed to be some camouflage. But I didn't get that either. This happened after I got the container.
  15. 2Zons

    Hall Of Fame Rewards?

    yes that is top 5%. You can see previous weeks results by using the drop down in the Hall of fame window.