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  1. shell_shock

    Couple of quik questions...

    So the red bonuses are only from special events?
  2. Can you get the red economic bonuses from supercontainers? Have they announced what the next Brawl format is going to be? Thanks in advance, have nice night all.
  3. I was wondering if anyone familiar with the WoW twitch drops could help me understand something. On your inventory page on Twitch, shows the drops you have received, most will show a quantity of 1. Some however will show as many as 4 or 5. I have never received more than one, like the Twitch containers. Is that number misleading or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance
  4. shell_shock

    Looking for updated info on Research Bureau....

    Thx everyone for the info. That is why I was confused, the RB shows up in my Armory but I sure as heck do not have 10,000 research points, lol. Thx again to everyone that responded.
  5. shell_shock

    Looking for updated info on Research Bureau....

    So the ships, upgrades, etc. for sale, thats not it? There is more to it?
  6. I did a search but only found old articles about the RB, how it works etc. If someone can send me a link to an updated article that would be appreciated. I have a tech tree line researched all the way to tier 10 but do not know what the process is to reset it to get the Research Bureau points. Thx in advance.
  7. shell_shock

    Whats the gift....

    In port, on the left at the bottom of the list where it has the news icon, it says read the news and get a free gift, been trying for a week now, doesnt seem to work, freezes. ?
  8. shell_shock

    Replays dont play.....

    Yes exactly. If it does it on the second try every time, Im not gonna complain too much.
  9. shell_shock

    Replays dont play.....

    I have replays turned on, they record. But when I click on one to watch it, it just takes me to the game launcher and starts the game up. It did not do that in the past, any idea what has changed? Thx in advance.
  10. In the armory it says you can get these by playing tier 10 ships but not much else. Are they given for wins? Randoms? Once a day per ship? Thx in advance.
  11. shell_shock

    Quik question.....

    Lately I have noticed ships names with a bracket around them on the player list, such as [Bismark] or [Perth]. What is this? Thx in advance.
  12. shell_shock

    Test Server containers....

    I have never gotten a ship from a container until now, and with my luck of course it was on the test server. Tier 8 Rochester.
  13. If you get a Premium ship from a container on the test server, do you get to keep it, does it transfer over to the live server? Thx in advance
  14. I have 2 of the King of The Sea containers I can still buy in the armory for Community Tokens. They wont complete my collection so im torn, get them and hope there is another King of The Sea event or spend the tokens on something else? Thx in advance
  15. shell_shock

    Main Battery accuracy...

    Even if Im in a BB, whenever an enemy DD is sighted that also is causing trouble, capping etc, I will fire at it to help the team. Of course those shots hit very seldom. Other than that situation, I play rather normal, not too conservative or aggressive. Need to aim better I guess. Thx for all the responses.