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  1. CVs: HE or AP?

    Only on Low tier ones till Tier6..
  2. Dealing Damage in WoWS

    Yes.. allready found it out myself. PEBDAC => Problem exists betweed Desktop and Chair. So no Problem.. i hang my Head in shame.. (really Slow Motion of Replay 1 Overpen in the Turret 3 Citadel Hits in the middle Section at Waterline)
  3. update on the public test server

    Because sometimes.. things change.. and will be translated. ;)
  4. Dealing Damage in WoWS

    There is however a slight Problem with this in Patch If added a replay somebody sent to me (pepsi devasting hitted by amagi) In this replay the Pensacola (HP 34300) get sunk with 4 Shots by an Amagi (Listed in the Game result later on) The Main Battery of the Amagi Deal maximum 12400 per AP shot. So Two Hits are Citadel for sure.. 9500 left. But with 0.33 you will never get that amount of Damage with 2 Shots.. you would at least need three Only boosting the 0.33 to 0.39 make this possible. Would it have been 3 Citadells.. 3 Hits would have been enough to sink it, the 4th shot wouldnt have been acknowledged ever.
  5. Dive Bombers have some Issue?

    Me too.. i always asked myself.. what happend just right now?