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  1. dannyboy1939

    What's the best paint job in the game?

    The alternate perma-camos for Duke of York, Atago and Tirpitz.
  2. dannyboy1939

    Does WOWs need Pre Dreadnaught Battle mode?

    Always wanted a mode like that. Would give me a reason to use all my low tiers again that currently just sit there looking nice, but being quite useless.
  3. dannyboy1939

    Leave Luigi Italy tracers as they are

    WG tinkering with things that don't need to be, what else is new..... I also read that and did an eye roll.
  4. I miss the days of lines coming out ready to play.
  5. dannyboy1939

    CV Defense Fighter

    Can we get this toned down a bit? I understand why it is there, to prevent early CV sniping but in its current form just feels way to strong for that, negates your ships AA almost. It should be a combo of the odd fighter with the majority of the work being done by the AA guns, not a fighter shield that obliterates squadrons in a few seconds (please no "that's what the US CAP patrols did, it's historical" retorts as history is out the window in this game, can't pick and choose when to use historical realism when it suits you). Thoughts, tips on this? Does this only annoy me and I'm the minority? To clear up any potential misunderstanding, I am not talking about the Patrol Fighter consumable you deploy yourself (which if done right should be that powerful) but the CVs auto launch on detection Fighter.
  6. dannyboy1939

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

  7. dannyboy1939

    Is this game actually fun?

    Clan Battles are for me, the randoms are starting to wear me down. The endless loss streaks due to poor poor plays by team mates makes me cringe. I'm not the best at what I do but I at least try, seems like most of my teammates don't. The Co-op to get rid of symbols has brought a bit of life back for me, but every time I hit random lately it's me doing my best and watching 4-5 people rush straight at a cluster of enemies one at a time. Scenarios are also my home away from Clan Battles, seems people in there do the best they can most times.
  8. dannyboy1939

    So...Italian navy? And other rather particular ships.

    Sounds about right for any government I'm also looking forward to the Italian line... just won't come soon enough sadly.
  9. dannyboy1939

    Clan Battle Ping Issue

    Everytime I see this Cross-Server stuff I just think...noo noo no..
  10. dannyboy1939

    Other naval ww2 games

    No idea if you can still find it but one I haven't seen mentioned is Enigma: Rising Tide. While alternate history I spent many hours in that back in the day, it had a feature where it recognized voice commands with a mic, so playing the skipper was possible.
  11. dannyboy1939


    While it's not Wyoming Class, perhaps one day you will get the Florida or Utah instead, Utah can be in her Pearl Harbor hull that can fit in with Arizona and West Virginia. As for Arkansas, I doubt she'd ever be for sale, gifted, or earned through missions, she is a USN Nikolai.
  12. dannyboy1939

    Cross Server Clan Battles problem

    22mins for us
  13. Just a guess but I'd say the 1st of Jan will be the cut off....
  14. dannyboy1939

    2018 Secret Santa!

    All I can afford ATM, GL none the less Avalon304, Merry Christmas All!