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  1. I don't mind the bombers or torp planes, because this is a chance to dodge them. But the rocket planes hit almost every time, even when I dodge well. I get eaten alive in match after match. Seems a bit much. Especially on lower levels where the CVs have no fighters and some of the BBs have no AA. "When you use this kick, Daniel-san, no can defend."
  2. Kanly

    Who likes tacos?

    Hi guys, Who likes tacos?
  3. Thanks. The art of kanly...
  4. Actually, I submitted a ticket, and was told to buzz off. Not the usual "Thanks for addressing this..." happy fiction, but an honest-to-Crom threat. I am losing some faith in the powers that be. I guess I better shut up now.
  5. Really? Wow...I am gobsmacked. This seems to facilitate abuse to me. A division can move around like a pack of bullies then?
  6. Well put. Everyone has their list. Some of these look like chat issues while others are bad play. As I said, I like the in-game reporting system. It is run by the players, which is a strength, since we all get a few chances to express our praise or displeasure. It should probably be the ONLY reporting system. This situation of abuse is pretty ugly, however, and I don't like it. Being able to chat is part of the fun. I wonder if the ticket system could get some justice here.
  7. I have been curious about the number as well. Can three guys playing together be enough to send another player to the lockers? Does it accumulate over several games?
  8. Well said. There is a herd mentality, I guess, where people like to just make trouble. Unfortunately, this was uncalled-for and insulting to my mate. The whole thing just seems ugly, and will, moreover, reinforce and legitimate this bahavior if it is allowed to go unchallenged. I wonder if a ticket would help...
  9. LOL. Yeah, he probably deserves it. That guy... It seems minor, after all it is only 24 hours, but it seems like an abuse of the system like this should have consequences. It is pretty insulting to be silenced when one didn't really do anything. Of course, I encounter players every day who need a chat ban...
  10. My clanmate is the victim here. He is pretty pissed and tells me he heard it was against the rules. I agree it is petty (great word). There really was no reason for this player to be banned except the guy who asked for the ban is a popular player and people just seemed to respond to it. Never quite seen anything like it before. Completely unprovoked. Seems like bullying to me.
  11. Hi Guys, I was in a game a bit ago where player A was not happy with player B and asked the whole game to report player B. I didn't see any reason for it but revenge, but it happened. The player was chat banned for 24 hours (I guess that is how it works). This doesn't seem an appropriate use of the system. I like the reporting system. I think it gives us each a few chances per day to commend or castigate behavior we admire or dislike. This is not a criticism of the system, but in this case it was ugly, uncalled for, and seems abusive. So...is it against the rules? Thoughts? Kanly