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  1. Nobody minds you asking a question. But when you shoot your mouth off expressing strong opinions on things you admit you're totally ignorant about, you look like a fool, and people will tend to treat you as one. BB's get a lot of devastating strikes on cruisers because they can citadel them easily. BB's somewhat rarely get dev strikes on other BB's (often the BB on the receiving end has made a mistake in positioning). A BB needs to be lucky to get a dev strike on a DD as it is a difficult target. DD's can dev strike anybody with a good torpedo salvo. Same for CV's with a good torpedo bomber drop. DD's mostly get dev striked by torps from other DD's because they don't have citadels and they're hard to hit, but because they have low health they are still susceptible to taking a DD from a single unlucky cruiser or BB salvo. Cruisers dev strike each other occasionally, but generally do most of their damage by wearing the enemy down over time.
  2. You literally don't understand what a dev strike is at all, but of course that's not stopping you from complaining about it. Any ship can DS any other ship provided it gets a kill with a single salvo that takes away more than 50% of the target's health. DD's can get devastating trikes on BB's, cruisers can get them on DD's, etc. Cruisers getting devastating strikes on BB's is the least likely (except with torpedoes) because they very rarely get citadel penetrations on BB's.
  3. What about my 3rd consumable? You seem to assume everyone plays with premium consumables all the time. That's not the case. When I play DDs I generally avoid the DD vs DD melee that usually ensues when everyone yolo's or tries to grab caps. As a DD, I become more and more valuable to the team the longer I stay alive. Better to have a chance to swing the game by grabbing a late cap when no enemy left alive can catch me or by finishing off damaged enemy ships than throwing my life away in a brawl in the first 3 minutes. I much prefer to skulk at the beginning of the game and look for chances to set up ambushes, harass and distract the enemy, hit and run, set fires and disappear, etc. (and if I have a chance to opportunistically grab an easy cap, sure). As for Russian DDs being better for a lone wolf, I don't think it's accurate to set up a binary where anybody not playing in a div is a lone wolf. I don't think of my DD play style as being a lone wolf because I stick near friendly ships to look for chances to support them and hurt enemies who are focused on other targets as much as possible. Regardless, I don't play Russian DDs and I'm not going to start. I play the ships I have a historical and personal interest in and try to do as well as possible in them; I don't just pick whatever ships I think will give me the best WR. I remain unconvinced about BFT but it's possible I have undervalued SE in the past. Generally I've discounted it because it only adds about 1 enemy DD salvo's worth of HP but with Kidd's heal then maximizing your HP pool might have more value. Again, thanks for your thoughtful feedback.
  4. A few things... -Explained in the OP why I don't care about BFT. -Superintendent is here for the same reason it's on any other ship, more consumable charges. Especially important for DD's that sometimes live and die by their smoke, and especially valuable on Kidd that gets a beneficial consumable its peers don't. -Already explained in two posts why I don't think it's worthwhile to spec for AA. -I don't div, and certainly not with anybody who plays CV's. Thank you for your suggestions.
  5. People are annoyed because they with Mutsu and now Ashitaka they perceive WG as being lazy. Both of these ships are basically just old stock hulls of tech tree ships that got removed from the game, with a coat of paint slapped on and a pricetag attached.
  6. Can't wait for the old stock Kongo and Fuso hulls to show up as premiums at T4 and T5, respectively.
  7. I don't see the purpose of investing 11 points in AA skills to still have worse AA than any cruiser. Like I said, I think the advantage to Kidd having nice AA is that you can opportunistically punish CVs who overfly you without realizing where or what you are, or who try to perma-spot you. But it's never going to be a dedicated AA ship, and with how rare CVs are the whole idea of dedicated AA ships is kinda dumb. And going all-out on AA and then not having Superintendent to get an extra charge of Defensive Fire makes me sad. Why don't you like Fletcher? It seems to be almost universally loved. At any rate Fletcher's main selling point is its torpedoes so if that wasn't your bag I don't think you have much to worry about with Kidd.
  8. In case anybody hasn't heard the Kidd has been taken off the shelf and is being tested in a new guise. In brief: Kidd is a Fletcher class ship, but at T8 She has only one rack of five torpedoes, and they're Benson's torpedoes (slower and shorter ranged) not Fletcher's In exchange for the missing torpedo rack she gets very respectable (for a DD) AA defenses In the new form currently being tested, she has access to a heal (2 charges standard, max of 4 with premium and Superintendent) She gets Defensive Fire (optional in the same slot as Speed Boost) She still gets regular USN smoke As a premium, she gets the T9 module slot You can get more details and discussion, and a couple of vids, in this thread. So if they go with this concept and don't scrap it or nerf it at the last minute I think this looks like a pretty fun ship, so I am trying to theorycraft builds for it. Basically I am torn between two general concepts of how to spec a Kidd captain (click on titles for ShipComrade links)... Option 1: The Gunslinger This build is all about maximizing the potential of Kidd's guns, since with only one rack of Benson torps gunfire is how you will be doing most of your damage. IFHE and Demolition Expert to increase the breadth of spots you pen with HE without sacrificing too much in fire chance. But is IFHE on US 5"/38 worth it at this tier? Option 2: The Survivor This build is all about maximizing the potential of Kidd's consumables (particularly the smoke and heal) to get out of bad situations and live to influence the later stages of a game. But I feel like Smokescreen Expert is a bit of a waste given how good USN smoke is already and I almost wonder if Incoming Fire Alert and Priority Target wouldn't be more useful for dodging and knowing when to run. (A couple notes on skills that might be suggested which I considered and rejected: Torpedo Armament Expertise is tempting to help make up for the loss of on torp rack and if they were the Fletcher torps I might have gone for it but with only one rack of Benson fish I don't feel it's worth speccing for torps - the T9 module will help their reload a bit anyway. There if an argument to be made for BFT and AFT on a gunfighter build to synergize with the respectable AA, but I don't think extra range is very helpful on floaty 5"/38, reload doesn't need more help, and I still see the ship's AA potential being more in ambushing planes and fending off attempts to perma-spot you.) So which build do you like more? Cast your votes, weigh in on my misgivings about the two builds, make suggestions... would be interested in all opinions,
  9. Ehhh... the controversy regarding British BB fire chance seems to center on them HE spamming other BB's, which would be unaffected by this (analysis of the Conqueror stats posted a couple weeks ago indicate Conqueror players target enemy BB's an overwhelming percentage of the time, and while I'm not sure if this holds for other BB's as well I wouldn't be surprised).
  10. A VERY important note which should be in the OP. Changes this from a big nerf to cruisers and destroyers to a big buff.
  11. It wasn't just the fact the IJN cruisers carried torpedoes, it was that they kept positioning them on middle decks instead of the weather deck because they thought that on the weather deck the torps would fall into the water at too steep an angle. So if the torps explode, instead of the explosion at least mostly going upward into the air, it's damaging decks above and below. They started doing this with the Furutaka class and the designer warned that it was a major risk but the IJN brass didn't listen to him and they repeated the mistake on (I think) all the subsequent CA classes.
  12. Sims is 5000 gold. Kidd will be significantly more.
  13. I know what flag I'll be flying on her
  14. Another new Flamu video, seems he's really enjoying it now. If it stays pretty much in the current form (doesn't get nerfed at the last minute) I will probably buy it, as much to have the later Fletcher bridge style as anything else.
  15. I didn't think anybody used the C hull. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯