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  1. Screw tech tree T5 BB's, I guess.
  2. They turn way faster in the game than they do in real life, too. It's an arcade game and it would not be fun if the ships were as ponderous as they were in reality.
  3. USN Cruiser Tree Split

    Buffalo is now a Tier 9, not tier 10.
  4. And St. Louis is hard as hell to kill at its tier.
  5. I'm enchanted with the idea that he's going to protest ships he thinks are too slow, ugly, and weak... by exclusively playing Tier 1.
  6. My theory is someone high up at WG's mom got [edited] by a guy from Colorado who never called her again.
  7. Premium Ship Review: USS Kidd

    I had high hopes for this and I was almost ready to buy it just to have the later-style Fletcher bridge... but if it's only good at two things, and one of them the game doesn't reward and the other is irrelevant in a large share of matches, then there are better uses for my $40. If 5"/38 guns ever got the buff they deserved, or if it had one set of Fletcher torps instead of one set of Benson torps, or even if it had one set of Benson torps with a fast reload, that would be different.
  8. What's Elder a Doctor of again? What are his credentials again? Oh right.
  9. Wait until the fantasy high-tier Russian BB's go 40 without a consumable.
  10. The ships do not play, IE, function the same. So to me saying they are "functionally identical" is inaccurate. "Functionally identical" I think would be appropriate if they looked different but had identical gameplay characteristics.
  11. Texas is not functionally identical to NY. The differences between the two are rather minor, but they are not clones. The biggest difference is Texas has about 3x the AA of NY.
  12. Have to agree with this. I'd rather have a ship that actually won a battle than a ship most famous for running away and being sunk. (I know this is unfair to Prince of Wales, which got her licks in against Bismarck despite not actually being ready for service, and never really stood a chance when she was lost, but still.)
  13. How about a "Hyperspace" button?

    I don't care.
  14. How about a "Hyperspace" button?

    Everybody's seen Star Wars, my dude.