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  1. I find it funny that people try to justify the Musashi's tiering by saying the guns are inaccurate. Even with worse sigma they are still some the the best guns at tier 9. Accuracy on par with the Iowa (and better than almost everything else) have average reload, hit insanely hard and the ability to overmatch pretty much everything. AA is their only real downside but with the CV rework even Iowa AA seems to be more of an annoyance to tier 10 CVs than a real threat
  2. A nerf to the worst loadout on the GZ? I hope they are shadow buffing it's accuracy in compensation. The GZs bomb accuracy makes the Mikasa look like a thunderer or katori.
  3. HerrSturm

    The Ugliest Ship in the Navy

    Anything with a pagoda mast. It's the naval equivalent of the Winchester mystery house mixed with a hefty helping of Freudian inadequacy.
  4. HerrSturm


    So it's viribus 2.0? How inept can their balancing department be?
  5. HerrSturm

    IFHE All Night Long

    What about my secondary build grad Zeppelin? Is ifhe a must? Haha
  6. It is pure capitalist propaganda that the Soviet navy was a pathetic non-factor in WW2. The Wilhelm Gustloff, Goya and General von Steuben were not civilian transports like the decadent west claims but H-44 class battleships sunk in glorious battle by the Kremlin.
  7. HerrSturm

    Kremlin OP?

    Thanks. It's frustrating. I love this game but every time the developers seem to understand an issue and are considering an improvement, they back track and double down on the [edited] (especially if it benefits the Russians). That's part of the reason I prefer the dynamic middle tiers. I don't have to deal with kremlins, Smolensk and moscvas that encourage stagnant, lazy gameplay.
  8. Everyone is debating whether Smolensk is overpowered but I think the better question is "does Smolensk improve high tier gameplay and make the game more fun?". I personally think not. It has a lazy passive gimmick that just compounds the timid and stagnant tactics seen at that tier.
  9. HerrSturm

    Kremlin OP?

    Yeah these developers are something. -They consider overmatch changes in ST to reduce the stagnant bow camp meta...release RU BBs whose entire gimmick is bow camping. -They consider changes to IFHE claiming it is too mandatory for high tier cruisers and reduces captain options...release RU BB's where IFHE is mandatory to do damage to them. -They change UK CL's to AP only in testing because HE is too unfair for cruisers that can hide in smoke...then release Smolensk. I have to seriously question whether developers are biased or just inept.
  10. HerrSturm

    Your closest link to Ships we drive in WOW

    My grandfather served on the Iowa and the Topeka (a Cleveland class). I will keep these two ships forever in my port.
  11. As a fellow VU owner, I salute your Gunners miraculous achievement.
  12. HerrSturm


    Chieftain is awesome. I met him in person years ago at a tank museum in the Silicon Valley. His sarcastic commentary on the various vehicles was great. His putdowns about the panhard EBR I still remember probably a decade later.
  13. The gremyashchy at launch didn't help either. That thing could roll over any DD it faced in it's mm spread.
  14. HerrSturm

    Understanding Khabarovsk and russian dd line

    Agreed. The arguments of the pro Khab players in this thread border on delusional. Instead of nerfing an outlier, lets buff their baby so we have yet another broken OP ship. That's a recipe for success...
  15. HerrSturm

    Understanding Khabarovsk and russian dd line

    According to all the stat sites the khab is above average. The bigger issue is the kleber over performing, while the Gearing and shima are bringing up the rear by miles.