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  1. American BBs Left Behind?

    Part of the problem with US BBs and CAs is that many of their historical advantages have no benefit (but often a detriment) in this game. US naval design emphasised endurance and ease of maintenance. Significant displacement was consumed by fuel stores which could have gone to armor or firepower. Powerplants and Hull forms were designed around fuel economy at the expense of speed. Guns used lower velocities to prolong barrel life since operations were expected far from US maintenance yards. It also doesn't help that radar FCS and STS plates are ignored by the developers. Edit: UK designs are affected similarly.
  2. American BBs Left Behind?

    I do agree the NY needs some love. Remove the freaking peacetime lifeboats already so it's middle turret can have it's historical firing angles.
  3. American BBs Left Behind?

    With the Brits, French and Germans getting fictional engine updates at lower tiers, the only area the US BBs are left behind is in speed. Otherwise they are fine
  4. How to fix Izumo?

    Stat wise, Iowa and Izumo are both pretty much tied for last. Win rates and damage per game are pretty close. Both suffer from similar issues. They are Huge ships with poor maneuverability, relatively poor durability and designs that emphasize guns. Neither need a significant buff but could use some quality of life adjustments to dial down how unforgiving/frustrating they can be.
  5. The biggest issue is that those stupid peacetime lifeboats block it's center turret's angles (look at Texas for how it should be). This means that the New York shows way too much broadside when trying to bring all it's guns to bear. This is also an issue on the Wyoming.
  6. While the velocity is historical, they could tweak the shells drag values which seem pretty arbitrarily chosen. I remember hearing that the US 6" shells have horrible drag values compared to the soviet ones. Perhaps a buff there could be warranted.
  7. Does this affect the Iowa as well? My dispersion seems a bit worse but that could be subjective. ;)
  8. Izumo why are u so Bad

    Statistically it isn't horrible. I think people are just used to above average ships from Kongo to Amagi and a below average ship like Izumo takes them by surprise. Every line has its dogs but the fact the worst IJN BB is on par with one of the best US BBs (Iowa) is pretty telling... Edit: Haze beat me to it haha.
  9. The AP velocity is interesting but ultimately useless since the shells bleed so much speed and penetration over distance. The HE is anemic without IFHE and the DPS for both HE and AP is abysmal. The good gun traverse, speed and maneuverability scream brawler but the tissue paper hull and slow torpedoes say otherwise. It is a ship full of contradictions that really do not mesh well. That said I do enjoy the ship but it could use some quality of life improvements.
  10. Alright time to nerf Monty

    Yep, evidence be damned. This weeb whining has reached histrionic levels.
  11. I agree that it's usefulness was highly questionable in tier 8+ but the lower tiers lost the ability to mount the accuracy module every other nation gets by default and in exchange get this one which is now pretty much worthless.
  12. I was looking over the modifications for my US BBs the other day and it struck me how pointless the +16% range this mod grants has become. It used to be a necessary feature for some US Battleships I'm order to compete with IJNs Superior range. Yet after the patch which buffed US BB range it is rather useless since they lack accuracy to reliably landed shells at those ranges. I'm off the opinion it should be replaced but with what I am unsure. Accuracy buffs world be nice but it would encroach on the IJN "flavor" and an AA buff would be rather superfluous. A rate of fire buff would help too but really doesn't stand out as an interesting nation flavor. I think this mod should get some TLC and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions?
  13. Was this published by the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity sphere propaganda wing? Just kidding, but as Aethervox said, it's about the money...
  14. The biggest issue in my mind with IF HE was that it made 8" gun cruisers inferior to 6" cruisers in most regards. However, cruisers are already the weakest class so I think it would be better to buff the heavy cruisers and leave the light cruisers as is.