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  1. I fixed the small Icon Version of the Mod for myself. Here´s the File https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwVMqNnUSSLpN2gybC1LTENoSDg/view?usp=sharing
  2. Sound Repack Research Group

    Indeed! Btw: I hope someone is interested in making a Mighty Jingles Soundpack...
  3. you need that specific minimap mod installed, then you´ll find it inside res_mods/0.5.2
  4. Here are the missing BB´s CA/CL, CV and DD´s .Just copy and replace the Data inside rkiData.xml with the one below:
  5. Why so much Myogi hate?

    The Myogi has excellent Mobility but that´s it. The Guns are terrible with extreme RNG involved. Perfectly aligned shots will most of the time do close to Zero Damage, especially AP Shells. You can´t really use the Range advantage over the Wyoming/Arkansas Beta either because the Dispersion is way too high. Another Problem is the lack of decent AA until its fully upgraded. You will be the Prime Target for any Carrier Player unless you have Teammates/Platoon Mates who give you AA Support.
  6. Ship carousel mod for 4.0.4.

    it won´t. it messes up your profile page