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  1. Hapa_Fodder

    Have you served in the armed forces? When where?

    This is great! I love all the pictures! Mahalo, -Hapa!
  2. Hapa_Fodder

    0.9.6 Feedback

    Aloha, In our ever growing attempt to grab more feedback from you I have prepared the survey below! And leave any feedback you might directly about the patch here: Mahalo, -Hapa
  3. Hapa_Fodder

    Special Commander effect question.

    @IfYouSeeKhaos thanks for the tag. Only you and your team mates see the flare. Unless you are spotted by the enemy then anyone that can see you will see the flare. But it DOES NOT give your position away. Mahalo, -Hapa
  4. you might want to review some CCs videos and or VoDs of streams before thinking this is true. There is A LOT of content out there that is VERY critical of our mechanics and game, if we handled things in the fashion you say we do, it would not exist out there. That being said, we are more clear than you say we are on what is "non-constructive" and/or "toxic" Beyond all that, you might want to surf through the forums some and look at the critical feedback we receive ALL THE TIME, in such locations as below: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/forum/303-developers-corner/ https://forum.worldofwarships.com/forum/358-game-updates/ https://forum.worldofwarships.com/forum/262-public-test/ There are LITERALLY 1000s of replies with critical and constructive feedback. Just because you think something is so, does not mean it is. -Hapa
  5. Aloha, Come join @Mademoisail and myself on the official World of Warships Twitch channel this Friday (17 July) from 5pm central! We'll talk ship, we'll play some shooty botes, discuss PTS for 0.9.7, answer your questions and chat with the community! We're also happy to announce that the NA and EU codes will now work on EU, NA and ASIA servers, which was an oversight on our part! www.twitch.tv/worldofwarships Also, remember to link your WG account and Twitch account to get drops! https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/twitch/stream-rewards-096/ Mahalo, -Hapa
  6. Hapa_Fodder

    lost control of planes

    If you have comments on this topic, please post a new one. As the OP is years old, mechanics change as have controls and UI. -Hapa
  7. Hapa_Fodder

    Hot Damn..Nice Super Container

    GG!!! Benham is my bae!!! Mahalo, -Hapa
  8. Hapa_Fodder


    Aloha, If you have any questions about this contest, feel free to post here! https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/community/easter-egg-contest/ And drop your submissions here: Mahalo, -Hapa
  9. Folks, I think if you are not IN the CC program, you can't really speak to how we handle it. ^^^^^^THIS! There is a BIG difference between personally attacking people specifically and providing content to the community. Our CCs are allowed to be critical of the game. We want this, believe it or not. But as I always tell people it isn't always the content of something that is the issue but how it is presented. Much like the community when speaking to us or the community, if it is constructive and critical it is 100% welcome, if it is toxic, ranty and non-constructive it is not. We have A LOT of amazing CCs that produce content that 100% is what we love, case in point @LittleWhiteMouse and all her reviews. -Hapa
  10. Because the directives were written up well before the operations rotation was built, this is a standard we are placing on all missions in terms of what mode you can do them in so that someone doesn't have to go in one by one and do it. -Hapa
  11. Totally agree with you! But lemme respond with this, I have always looked at someones stats when I see someone talking about how to play in the game. That being said, I DON'T just look at W/R, because this can be skewed, I look at everything, damage dealt, K/D ratio, W/R and Avg XP, to me, AvG XP is more important, that tells me you are doing what you need to do in battle and it doesn't matter what class. ANYONE can have a good game, and then post that screen shot and try to validate that they know what they are doing or talking about. This doesn't mean overall this is true. If a player has been playing for years and their stats are high across the board, I would say they typically know what they are doing. Assuming no one STAT SHAMES, there is no reason at that point to NOT follow them and listen to them. The issue I have is when really good players that consistently play well and show it in their stats over time, get put down, shamed or countered by players that may not have the statistical achievement overtime backing them up. As for the 'hackusations' they will happen any time you play really well, I have literally been accused while in game with certain DD.s... Also for the community see below on how to look a player up. -Hapa
  12. Folks, ALL our forum contest submissions MUST be completed during the contest time frame and YES this is a (victory in Random) OR a (victory in coop where you dealt 55k dmg) that is two separate requirements. -Hapa
  13. Hapa_Fodder

    Did OPS (Aegis) Exp change again?

    Sorry for the inconvenience folks! But glad it is back up!
  14. Hapa_Fodder

    Easter Egg Contest!

    EN: To participate in the contest you will have to provide the following: An image of your Easter Egg suggestion, which can be created in any form you wish, e.g. a drawing, screenshot, 3D render, 3D model, paper/cardboard model, video, or interpretative dance. The name of the map that you'd like the Easter Egg to be implemented on. The location where you would like to see it implemented. Please mark this clearly on the respective minimap image. A list of our maps can be found here.
  15. Hapa_Fodder

    Easter Egg Contest

    Para participar en el concurso necesitarán proporcionar lo siguiente: Una imagen de su diseño de un Huevo de Pascua. Este puede ser creado en cualquier medio que deseen, por ejemplo, un dibujo, una captura de pantalla, un diseño o modelo 3D, un modelo de papel o cartón, un vídeo o un baile interpretativo. El nombre del mapa en el que les gustaría que el Huevo de Pascua sea implementado. La ubicación en donde les gustaría verlo implementado. Por favor marca esto claramente en la imagen respectiva del Minimapa. Pueden encontrar una lista de nuestros mapas aquí. Por favor, publicar aquí. EXAMPLE SUBMISSION - Torpedo Alley MAP: Big Race Location: