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  1. howdy a friend just tried to drop a player from our clan . he goofed and transferred the commander title to him . can this be undone . the player was getting dropped because he had not been on for 110 days . my friend would like to get being commander back . the clan is cloud 9 or c9 I used to be the deputy and commander . I just gave the clan over maybe a month ago . I am old and thought younger blood might help the clan as a whole . things were going pretty good too until a slip of the click . please help us set this right .

    1. Navalpride33


      If your friend has the power to promote, he still has the power to demote and expel.

      That hasn't changed...

      Just demote and expel...

    2. zynjanthropus


      ty but he made the other guy commander by mistake .the problem was resolved already .tyvm .