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  1. A Small Request

    Try working up to high tier us or british cruisers.. the AA and defensive fire cause CVs the most headaches. Particularly the des Moines and minotaur.
  2. This is something many people have been saying since before the alt attacks were removed from T4/T5 carriers. In fact Femennenly wrote a fairly extensive forum post about before the patch went live. Unfortunately WG didn't listen then and they still aren't listening.
  3. I honestly feel that getting kills in T4 or T5 randoms is much harder now without the manual drops. It's easy to dodge my torps. So I've sold my langley, hosho, zuiho, and bogue. I've currently unlocked up to tier 8 in both tiers but I'm trying to focus on my T6 carriers to get good at the manual drops before I jump head first into the AA covered skies of T7+ I had a random match yesterday in my langley where it was down to me and 1 enemy BB and I definitely would've killed him with manual drops since I had plenty of planes. But the spreads are so large on autodrops and apparently RNGesus was angry with me and I couldn't hit jack. He chased me down (the langley makes a slug look jet powered) and killed me.
  4. Biggest Pet Peeves as a CV Player

    As a complete potato who is trying to rise above my tuber nature I actually find feedback like this incredibly helpful.
  5. Thanks for the replies everyone.. I will take the time to look over them when I get home from work tonight :-)
  6. I am an adult male on the NA server looking for a mature clan that accepts casual players. I am mostly focusing on CVs currently but I am still 75% potato. I need a clan that will help me learn and develop into less of a raw potato more of a french fry. Edit: more about me.. I live near Seattle (pacific time zone) and work full time job weekdays from around 1pm - 10pm. My normal play times are a couple hours before or after work and a lot on weekends.
  7. Which is why I am trying to use my ryujo and independence as much as possible (both co-op and random) in order to develop my alt attack skills. I actually own every tier up to 8 cvs in both lines (own a lexington, saipan, kaga, and shokaku) but I refuse to use them until I stop being a total potato. It is a hell of a learning curve though. I've been doing operations a lot lately too.

    Hey now, that insults the rest of us potatoes :-) At least we accept our role in the food chain.
  9. Nice resurrection of a necro thread but to address the point: this is something you always have to keep in mind when using torps whether from planes or from boats. I've dodged plenty of friendly torps from destroyers or cruisers
  10. Air Supremacy. It's a rank 4 skill and gives you one extra plane to both fighter and dive bomber groups. If the other player has it and you don't, every dog fight, strafe, or bombing run puts you at a disadvantage. It's basically the priority rank 4 skill for CV players In an IJN cv with 4 planes, it gives you 5.. without it you have a 20% loss of fighter power against an IJN player with it. most USN carriers is 6 -> 7 in a group with a couple exceptions like the Saipan.
  11. good CV Mods

    I'm getting pretty used to the interface for CVs but the overhead view is driving me bonkers. Specifically, I can't zoom far enough out to get keep track of my groups if they're scattered around the map. I know I can bring up the map but neither it or the mini map is terribly helpful. Are there good mods (especially map mods) for wows as a CV player? I have done quite a bit of searching but most of the information i've found is over 6 months old so I'm not sure if it's still trustworthy.
  12. Independence fighters

    In a USN carrier (independence) with Air Superiority this doesn't really make a lot of sense unless they're using exit strafing and then re-strafing. I'd have to watch a replay of your matches to see specifically what might be happening. It's unlikely their planes would die except in an exit strafe scenario.. all CVs except the Saipan (maybe Kaga and Enterprise, not sure) automatically lose one airplane doing an exit strafe. If they're just in a fixed up dogfight, it sounds like you've managed to seriously anger the RNG gods. Or you're way to close to hostile AA ships during the fight
  13. While you resurrected a necro thread, the answer is pretty straight forward.. if you want air superiority builds (which are generally viewed as not team friendly) the USN carriers are usually better. If you want ship damage builds (known as a strike configuration) the IJN carriers are much better. This has to do with the available flight control modules for each carrier. There are exceptions to this. The Saipan (premium) USN carrier has a configuration with 2 torp bomber groups but most USN carriers don't allow 2 which makes cross dropping torps (think of torpedoes dropped from 2 directions to create an X pattern) isn't possible with them. Many USN configurations don't allow any torp bombers at all and if they do allow them it's at the expense of no fighters.
  14. Independence fighters

    I'm going to guess you have become the victim of strafing runs. It's the alt attack for fighters. Keep your groups split up and don't stack them. If you see an enemy fighter squad making a beeline toward your planes fly them to either side of his path (i.e. 90 degrees or greater away from his flight path) and if you have multiple groups in the path fly them in different directions.. it forces him to pick one group rather than the whole herd. Edit: 90 degrees or greater means perpendicular or away from the path and back toward them. The idea being that flying towards the fighters minimizes the amount of time your group is in the firing line of the fighters
  15. Atlanta

    Heads up.. the Atlanta's back on the premium shop