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  1. Tandin


    I forget exactly where are read it but in one of the published news articles for 0.8.0 it mentioned that the legendary modules for the Hak and Midway have been disabled temporarily. I'm pretty sure they want to get the base game play stabilized and then work on balancing the legendary mods. I presume this will also include the Audacious' mod when that ship is release in 8.1 or 8.2 Edit: Here it is.. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/cv8-how-to-tune/ Right after the upgrade section here it is: Unique Upgrades We're currently working on them, but players who have already managed to obtain them will keep them. However, it’s not currently possible to install them on aircraft carriers for now and they'll remain "frozen" for some time.
  2. You have to sell them from the inventory page. If you go to your inventory page (click your name at the top left in port), you'll see an option listed on the left to sell the ships.
  3. Tandin

    First Impressions of the Rework

    They buffed the AA for the 3rd round of PTS last week. I agree that the pendulum swung too far the other way though. During PTS I've found that the ideal method is to use the AD keys for large motions and to move the mouse to precision movements. trust in your mouse hand as you guide them in. The WS keys are very useful for avoiding flak and rapid turns but be careful not to linger over a target by slowing down too much.
  4. Tandin

    The CV Rework - Out of the Loop

    It depends on the player. Some like it, some hate it. Typically the ones that spent a lot of time perfecting skills in the RTS system are the ones that complain about the changes the most. There are things about the new system that I don't like (for example auto triggered ship functions/consumables like damage control) but in general I actually like the new play style. As far as the unlimited planes goes, with the exception of one or two carriers (such as the Kaga) it's rather blown out of proportion. The planes are unlimited but they take time to replenish and if you carelessly throw your planes away you'll have depleted squads late match.
  5. Have you actually played the rework? this actually mis-characterizes the "unlimited" plane thing quite a bit. Limited planes is very much a thing (especially late game) for a cv if you play poorly. Sure, they're technically unlimited but the replenishment rate is so slow on most of the high tier carriers that it becomes impossible to launch a full squadron immediately if you throw your planes away carelessly.
  6. Tandin


    Well someone missed the rework video they posted today
  7. Tandin

    I can't play this game due to toxic players.

    The easiest way to deal with it is to completely disable the chat window using the mod in the Aslain mod pack. You'll still end up with reports but at least you can ignore the comments.
  8. Depending on your level of coordination remaining in your right hand, you could get it to work IF you get a new mouse with more buttons such as a logitech G600. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B0086UK7IQ/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Edit: Looks like StoneRhino and I had the same thought at the same time.
  9. Tandin

    Missing planes

    They're called special signals and they should show up as the bottom row on the signals page under exterior. If you've unlocked signals then they should be visible. I know I started receiving them as part of the Japanese/Yamamoto Campaign but I don't know if unlocking a campaign is necessary to get them to be visible.
  10. Tandin

    Missing planes

    They're usually stored as spares inside the ship. If some of your planes in the squads are shot down, they'll be added to the squads when they land and you launch the squad again. There are little indicators near the bottom center of the hud showing how many reserves of each type your ship has on board. The indicators are to the right of the squad icons.
  11. Are you moving the captain between CVs? I would probably save the remaining points for CE and ATS depending on the ships.