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  1. Ramagar_RoK

    Karma's time is past?

    Someone complaining.....working as intended
  2. Ramagar_RoK

    CVs Ruin Brawls

    It would be better it they would not allow a BB and a CV on the same team. Also, if they made the maps smaller and added ocean into the mix.
  3. Ramagar_RoK

    Thoughts on ranked

  4. There is no "perfect" game of anything. BUT if you mean make it better...you could start by simply making the game the same for everyone playing it. Make planes completely AI driven and make CV players drive their boats like everyone else. They point to where they want their planes to go and they do the mission. The problem right now is that you have CV/subs and targets.
  5. Ramagar_RoK

    CV ABSOLUTELY Break this game.....

    They most certainly have NOT been here since Alpha. They dropped when the game came out for general release almost immediately. SO little play testing before they came out. The biggest thing "back then" were DD's able to stealth fire their guns. CV's were also MUCH harder to play before the re-work. In FACT before the re-work CV's targeted each other almost exclusively. Had they simply removed the strafe mechanic CV's would be a LOT more accepted today. AND CV's were a rarity. But no, they had to dumb it down and make them playable (in a very bad way) so they can get coin (I get this). CV's are pretty much they only class you can't burn down hauling a million gallons of aviation fuel. They are just a grief machine now.
  6. Ramagar_RoK

    CV ABSOLUTELY Break this game.....

    Hopefully they offer more game modes without them in the near future. They should offer a mode of CV vs CV brawl. That way they get to play the each same game vs each other.
  7. Ramagar_RoK

    CV ABSOLUTELY Break this game.....

    AND THAT attitude is why people are leaving. I can safely say, because I interact with a LOT of other human beings that play this game, that most people hate the way CV's are in this game. A couple guys like them in the clan but totally get why they get negative karma when they play them. con·sen·sus /kənˈsensəs/ Learn to pronounce noun a general agreement. "a consensus view"
  8. Ramagar_RoK

    CV ABSOLUTELY Break this game.....

    I have a fix for CV play. Every time they launch a squadron they become detected for 20 seconds.
  9. Ramagar_RoK

    CV ABSOLUTELY Break this game.....

    It's amazing people live in such a bubble reality they fail to see this or acknowledge this simple truth. +1 BTW these are the same people that see no issues with WOT arty mechanics.... A rule for thee and not for me.....
  10. Ramagar_RoK

    Opinions for a good DD killer.

    CV...then mino.
  11. Ramagar_RoK

    What Rewards For Brawl?

  12. Ramagar_RoK

    How to Convoy

    The maps are garbage. The attacker, unless they are complete dolts, win every time.
  13. Ramagar_RoK

    Replace Karma

    Karma, if it makes you upset...working as intended.
  14. Ramagar_RoK

    WHY...ranked games with CV...

    Well, less than 1k battles.....so.....
  15. Ramagar_RoK

    WHY...ranked games with CV...

    ..but are perma-spotted during your fail attempt at hitting a DD. That's on you. The spotting is the problem. No counter play is a problem. People that live with blinders to problems are a problem.