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  1. Gen_Mayhem

    Crates Result

    Out of 60 Medium Arizona Hood Wichita Genova Blyswakia Anshan Hunage Exeter At least close to 4k Doubloons which I converted to Fre Exp to help with some of the grind I been dealing with on certain ships. A ton of flags and at least 30K coal.
  2. Gen_Mayhem

    Spewing planes

    I have to agree with that video. Some matches got so bad due to the AA from Hell I gave up and just went to get a drink as I was useless in the match. But then I was a Tier 6 trying to fight in a Tier 8 match. I should never have scrapped my Shoukaku. But a good plan to work with. Not sure about the F key abuse. But ah well...
  3. Gen_Mayhem

    Putting it another way...

    I'm not sure if comparing them to BBs is accurate. If anything CVs feel more like cruisers just with nerfed guns. I dabbled with CVs in the past and did 'okay'-ish. But now it feels like I'm fighting to do any real damage. Get torp hits and just gawk at 3 to 4k. But yes, it is satisfying to finally get a kill.
  4. Gen_Mayhem

    Great Upgrade

    I have no problems for the most part. Do I think there needs to be fixes. Oh yes. The uptiering is a pain, but as someone said, pick your targets and you'll be fine. Along with a few other things. But that's just my opinion.
  5. Gen_Mayhem

    A day in the life of a DD post 0.8.0 (Shippost)

    ...........That does it putting that rock version of Ride of the Valkyries on my player for when I go to CV. Damn you OP for making me laugh. I need to clean my keyboard from the soda I spewed over it.
  6. Gen_Mayhem

    Post CV first impressions here.

    Well....I played the PTS, and now playing this. I scrapped all my CVs to start over again so I could get used to the new gameplay. So far not doing that bad, but could be a lot better. The Engine Boost isn't working and it's impossible to evade AA. It's either power through or get vaped. And I even took the skills to boost the health. Also, thanks for the Doubloons and FreeXP. I got the Nelson and the Graf using it.
  7. Gen_Mayhem

    Where are my Briton CVs?

    I see there's a event planned to allow access to the UK CVs in the Devblog.. That has my interest.
  8. Gen_Mayhem

    On the eve of "the drop"...my thoughts.

    I like this post, it's thoughtful, and gets to the point. I myself have been neutral about CVs, do I have them. Yes, yes I do. And I can say I suck at them, as in very much so. Will this change much for me. Probably not, I might poke them again. But we'll see. Despite it all, the update is coming and all we can do is adapt. So let's see what happens before we set the forums on fire and start the Update 0.8 Flame War.
  9. Gen_Mayhem

    Daily Containers

    I had a bit of luck from a Super the other day. On a lark did a 'Try your Luck' and bam a Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya Needless to say I stared at the screen for a minute going 'wat'? So far, no complaints.
  10. Gen_Mayhem

    Grinding multiple lines in WOWS

    Guilty of it myself. Been playing since Closed Beta and launch, every time a new tech tree or nation rolls around I dive into it. If I just focused on one nation, or line, I'd be much happier *And tier X, but that's beside the point*. But nope!! My inner ferret raises it's head with something shows up and goes "Ooooh Shiny!"