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  1. Hi All Been doing OPS and Coop mainly. Got a couple of tier ten cruisers and a tier ten battleship. But the grind is becoming stale and looking to group up.Not a unicum but a somewhat dedicated player with time to help out a clan and clan mates.
  2. Exactly how is WG going to regulate who plays this game? It has all been said before, but as long as the profits are flowing does WG have to care?
  3. I have to agree with this observation. Even ranked battles can be hit and miss depending on the chemistry of the team. I've seen enough failures in WoT to know how it will work out in WoWS. You get a mix of good and not so good players without a game plan. Sometimes it works and you steamroll the opponent. As a recreational player I make a deliberate decision to play coop. Less criticism and hassle ie keyboard battles. Clan battles are the proper place to expect better efforts from your team mates. Otherwise in ranked you are rolling the dice.
  4. I am in agreement with you. This almost unachievable grind for the Puerto Rico has left me with a sour taste for the game. As of now my wallet will not be as easily tempted to open and drop cash towards the game. I'll just concentrate on getting to level 10's on my own.
  5. Crash54

    WG Reverting to their Old Ways

    Yeah I take an occasional look in the dockyards at my 99% completed P2R. Then see the 15000 doubloons purchase price and my wallet snaps shut. All that twinkling golden ship does is pour salt into an open cut.
  6. Crash54

    WG Reverting to their Old Ways

    Totally agree with you
  7. Crash54

    WG Reverting to their Old Ways

    I wonder how many people fell short at the deadline? Wargaming needs to make profits which is fine and well. But this was a cash grab.