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  1. Sky_Cancer

    [0.8.0] First CV rework tweaks and changes

    the only nerf they need is by removing this stupid rework. almost infinite plane spam without any worry to be countered, stealth now is irrelevant since 80 of map is flooded by attacking plane, ship and returning plane.
  2. Sky_Cancer

    About the CV rework

    main squad spot, all the plane going back spot. when all plane are used they still go back and without any wait new plane from the cv are out and over you. if the cv want you dead you will die by him or by being perma spotted aa or not. if you have 2 cv in the same match well guess what, better like the red line. torp ship are now useless. 8.0 is horrible and only promote what wg was trying to get rid of 2 yrs ago stay as far as you can so you only have to deal with the infinite plane coming your way.
  3. all 203mm gun can pass a 300mm armor if broadside, angle and that 300 will get alot higher. howerver due to the fact that the yammy have a wierd front citadel layout, even when you are angled you still show a flat side to your citadel ( look right under your second turret). never ever underestimate cruiser ap