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  1. No thank you. Nothing worse than an armchair general in WoT or WoW trying to give orders to a random team. Imagine having three on one team, what a mess that would be. There is no command structure on random 12 man teams. Most make it worse by trying to give orders.
  2. I love this game but CVs are depressing to me. Playing with CVs in the match is like constantly get uptiered by 2. It gets depressing over time. They should limit the number of CV games to avoid depressing their player base like they limit uptiering. The old RTS had a delay to return and rearm. You would get a breather. The new CVs come back way to quickly and it's just tiring being on the receiving end of that.
  3. CVs in matches are like being uptiered by 2. It's bearable for a few games but last time I played randoms every match had carriers and I have not been motivated to hit the "battle" button since. Can we treat carries like uptiering? Perhaps make it so you can only get carrier games 50 percent of the games you play. That way, non carrier people can have fun in at least half the games and tolerate the other half.
  4. Chog

    frustrating directives

    I just played the tier 7 french DD on coop and blasted away at everything. I often got in close toward the end so the guns could actually hit something. I was getting 100 to 200 hits per game with some exceptions where it was lower.
  5. Chog

    Seal Clubbing at Tier ONE???

    WG should have captain skills not apply to tier 1. That would make it a even and competitive tier. Maybe just have tier 1 captain skills apply to tier 1 battles. That may have potential. The captain skills up to the tier you are playing apply to the battle. All captain skills would apply from tier 4 and up. It would allow long time players to dip down in lower tier but keep the captain skills in check so they don't disrupt the balance in those tiers, especially with new players.
  6. Sinop is very strong and influential. I just steam up near the cap and blast away. I try to find an island that can protect a flank or that I can bail behind if it gets too hot up front. I've never even noticed range as its armor and forward firing guns allow this ship to move up and take fire. Use forward and reverse to throw off aim. Try to stay bow on and don't use rear guns if you have to present too much of your side to do so. Use reverse to back away from DD threats as you stay bow on. I think the win rate is so high on this ship because your entire team is likely more forward with you up front. You notice at times one teams BBs will be near the caps and the others way back. Some BBs can not survive being forward but I've stayed alive far longer than I thought possible with the Sinop.
  7. I stopped playing the Helena. It has shortish range for tier 8 and 9 battles so you have to take risk if you get a more open map. The higher tier BBs are more accurate and deadly. You have to keep firing to do damage. It needs that damage potential to help compensate for the range and no torps. You can try island camping but the battle won't always come to you and you may lose the early game impact and influence. I have not tried the fire build but probably won't even bother. I'm not really vested in any one ship, plenty of others to play. I think the OP has a valid point. It went from a fun goto ship for me to a hanger queen waiting someday to be reborn.
  8. Chog

    Karma & Why?

    Maybe it's worse in upper tiers. I typically play tier 7 so get up to tier 9 games. I like karma. It's just a fun statistic to work on and because I'm aware of it I try and be less salty. This alone shows it works at least for some people.
  9. Chog

    Karma & Why?

    You don't get positive karma for being the top two. You get it for game winning decisions. I got it once for not shooting at a near dead BB in my DD with under a minute to go and just sailing away. It was to give the team a win and those who play to win recognize and appreciate actions that lead to a win. I often give positive karma for the person who goes back and defends our cap even if we lose. That person recognized the situation and reacted to it which is what needs to be done to win games. I also find karma tends to go up if I just keep quiet and play well. You still give sit reps like "1 minute left" or "watch our base" which helps the team but that is neutral as far as karma. Try and give advice to an individual, especially with some salt, you will tend to get neg karma.
  10. Chog

    mmm vs XVM

    I'm with the OP. I came from WoT a very ling time ago and XVM made that game toxic. MMM makes no difference. There are too many variables in play and the negative balances out the positive. I've seen ships cross sides of the map. Perhaps there is a purple over on the other side so they sail all the across the map. I want space when I play. I don't want someone locked on to me and blocking my turn. I don't mind defending a weak flank and skirmishing a larger force while the strong side rolls. I don't want the opposing side to have any info on me. Hiding stats is freedom. It's an American individualistic rugged thing to do. My win rate has improved since I hid my stats so it has no impact on a purple player. I did open my stats up once. It was when someone said they would quit the game if I had over 59% win rate. I still wonder if he quit.
  11. WOT was one of the best games ever. WG put so much attention in balancing the tanks. It was tactical and you had to understand the strengths and weaknesses of armor and shells. It was very well done. Then someone at WG decided to make gold ammo. OMG, lets take all the excellent balance work done by devs and throw it out the window with a new ammo type. I'm so glad WOWS never went the gold ammo route. It just amazed me that they destroyed the balance in WOT they worked so hard on over the years. They stumbled into it. They made the game pay to win then instead of just removing gold ammo they made it available to everyone which destroyed the careful ammo/armor balance. It was still playable but took away that tactical aspect that make it so special.
  12. This is a major factor along with the accuracy and dispersion. I like to push up in cruisers. In lower and mid you may get spotted and have 2 lock onto you. In upper, that jumps up to 6 really fast and then it is just survival as you try and scamper back to the pack. It's harder to skirmish in the upper tiers. Reducing the range would actually make it more tactical as your positioning becomes more important and it would open up skirmishing more. The long range torpedoes with high launcher count per ship are bad also. People can send out walls in likely approach directions and flood an area with them. The upper tier maps would likely need to be scaled though if they reduced the range. There is already more downtime in upper tiers moving across the map.
  13. Tier 4 carriers are indeed broken. I ground up the Russian BB line and only had a small number of games working through the low tiers but the matches with carriers were a atrocious. The planes respawn way too fast. Even if you have some support and shoot down a squadron, another one is right back soon after. It was awful and I was glad to be though it. Tier 6 carriers don't seem bad. I play mostly tier 6 and 7 ships. Tier 8 are broken against DDs (at least tier 7 DDs) but at least you can circle back to support ships. It makes for less exciting and dynamic DD game play as rocket attacks can take 1/4 to 1/2 your health per attack. So much for scouting aspect of DD play. They are too vulnerable alone. It's at least manageable with good tactics. Tier 4 does need attention.
  14. Agree with OP. It is an unnecessary mechanic in a team based competitive game. It's not fair to the other players on the team with the detonated ship. They are down a ship for some questionable random number calculation. The fact that they keep reducing when it happens and provide flags to prevent it shows clearly that it is a bad mechanic but they are being to proud or stubborn to fully remove it. How realistic is it that flying a cloth flag prevents your ship from being detonated?
  15. Interesting. I play all classes up to tier 7 and see a pretty good balance of cruisers, DDs, BBs in the top three of matches in random. They seem fairly well balanced against each other. I play ships like the Helena and don't get that much fire damage. I would expect much more but it is very little. Good BBs players manager their consumables. I do find the light cruisers have the match influencing effect of area denial that heavy cruisers don't have but that won't change. There is just something about a ton of shells coming you way that makes a BB want to turn away from it. This does not seems needed to me but perhaps there are other factors and game modes in play.