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  1. Submarines (here comes the hellfire)

    By end of the day, no one really cares. It will just be a other sub thread Dieing in Davy jones locker
  2. Did Someone Say Carry Harder?

    You heard me
  3. Did Someone Say Carry Harder?

    You're what we call Expendable. Nature of war.
  4. Got to take a ride on a Stalingrad...

    For someone's that doesn't play ranked much and never made it past rank 10 once. So i don't seeing myself getting this ship in a few years
  5. Because wg can't balance stupid?
  6. Hey WG: New Map Ideas

    How about hunt for the bismarck but on a much bigger map. I not talking about the campaign, but as a operation mode
  7. seem fine to me. have you ever heard of overmatched? Your big bad boy shells will goes through him like butter out the other side. therefore causing little or next to no damage. That is why it best to aim below waterline of the dds to cause more damage for flooding or just switch to he shells. DD armor is thin enough for your he shell to pass through but not enough to go out the other side, so it will explode inside their ship. causing massive damage. I have deleted dds in a single salvo with a bb before by using he shells.
  8. carriers for me. it beyond broken right now and i hope wg fix it during the upcoming cv reworks. I don't mind the radar and other stuff
  9. 1000 Battles in the Khaba

    we need a new word for high tiers sealclubers
  10. speculation on 7.5 drop

    They explained that there will be updates every 4 weeks now instead of the 3 weeks we been getting in one of the video they release on youtube a while ago.
  11. thats why i hate this ranked

    Yes that may be, but wg doesn't reward any bonus exp or credits for sinking a ship. Even if the ship had a few hp. So that why im saying sinking doesn't mean anything, only damage to a ship. If you can 60% damage to the ship, that great! Also damage is also class base damage, you get more exp for damaging a dd with a bb then hitting a other bb. Therefore more exp
  12. i don't think they need to build a carrier, just a huge space battleship that can hold hundreds, if not thousands of space fighters in it hanger. And still be able to wield massive weapons. It weightless in outer space, so there will be no need to have those weapons to be under heavy loads of gravity, like on earth
  13. thats why i hate this ranked

    kills doesn't mean anything in this game
  14. USN BB line boredom?

    i though they have the option to mount the improved aiming mod. well the high tiers alway