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  1. I not looking forward to the update tomorrow, it remind me of nothing but mods updates that I have to do.... And i can't really enjoy the update till a few days later. Story of my life lol
  2. I played all 3 of my Tier X ships, only gotten 2 SC And still no rewards for the single flags(1k battles thing)
  3. 9/15/2017 updated to [Major][MLP] Flag mod [Major][V.1] Japan Naval Flag [Major][V.2] Japan+Germany Naval Flag (Chinese Server) Flag mod
  4. I wont be able to do any updates till tomorrow at least
  5. it doesn't effect the other sounds. The game will simply replace the missing seagal and arp voices with english when it can't find the files.
  6. i think we got enough premium cvs right now. I perfer if they finish working on the CV overhull that they promise
  7. you can have both running as a same voice mod, if you willing to do some copying pasting and delete. I have all of my voice mod using the imperial alert sound 1. install the voice mod only first. 2. go to worldofwarships/res/banks/OfficalMods or worldofwarships/res_mods/ folder (the voice mod will be installed in one of those location) 3. When you find the voice mod folder, move it to your desktop. 4. rerun the modpack installer to install your other mods you need. 5. Now go the voice mod that you moved onto your desktop, open it and scroll down till you find the "Torpedo_Danger" folder. Delete it. 6. Now Once again, but this time find the Torp warning voice mod in one of the location(step #2 above). Move the "Torpedo_Danger" folder from the torp warn voice folder. And drop/paste it into the voice mod on your desktop in the (Voicemod)/Voice folder 7. Now move the voice mod back to to worldofwarships/res/banks/OfficalMods or worldofwarships/res_mods/ folder. Where ever it was installed at. start up your game and enjoy
  8. if we can get all of the potato players together, we would have enough to power the city of Los Angeles for the next 50 years
  9. kinda the main reason why I don't play rpg games that much anymore beside oldschool runescape. Fight, fight, heal, fight, fight, heal, fight, oh s**t I'm almost dead, teleport out to safely. rinse and repeat
  10. it more like this if you get hit, you get sunk and have to start a new match all over again.
  11. goldeneye

    it should still works for Wows for the other game sounds, if you can figure out what bnk. file it is in.
  12. @Mammoth_Tank_MKI sadly, the way Wg packaged the files for the official voice mods. It only let you remove all of them, not parts
  13. correction, the repair party for UK BB's doesn't heal citadel hits
  14. that must be one lucky match for the GF, to fight a afk bot