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  1. MajorRenegade

    6 bb per game please

    there was a cap on bb?
  2. MajorRenegade

    I can't afford free to play really..

    just earn enough free exp or coal to get a high tier premium ship for free and farm credits that way. everything can be done as free to play, it just require more time
  3. only if you're talking about your bans. that stay in support, not on the forums.
  4. there nothing wrong with this thread. it not like he is breaking any rules. he have a valid issue
  5. MajorRenegade

    Shopping cart. Premium shop. WHY NOT???

    I don't have that problem. I just pay 5$ a month and I get unlimited transaction
  6. MajorRenegade

    shima torps

    meanwhile Benham can have 16 torpedoes
  7. MajorRenegade

    YAY! First free xp destroyer!

    Ya, once people figure out that you are alone and have no tropedos. They have nothing to fear when pushing you out of cap. So your best bet is to play it as a mini curiser with a concealment of a DD. Just fire at range and watch them burn with your insane dpm
  8. MajorRenegade

    KMS Siegfried

    having tested both Yoshino and Azuma. I not going to waste my time with them. But Siegfried on the other hand, I'm having a blast in it. or maybe it has something to do with the ship being new and people have no idea how to counter it yet. but still a very solid ship. If she ever become free exp or coal ship, I'm getting it
  9. MajorRenegade

    YAY! First free xp destroyer!

    just remember, Friesland doesn't have any torpedoes. but does have fast firing 2 guns on board. can go head to head with gearing
  10. MajorRenegade

    KMS Siegfried

  11. MajorRenegade

    KMS Siegfried

    jump on the one that been announced to be removed. might not get a other chance, like the Missouri
  12. MajorRenegade

    KMS Siegfried

    think it as a battleship that takes a cruiser spot.
  13. it a spy movie, you would know this if you seen at least one of the Kingsman's movies the trailer is a prequal for the kingsman and about the founders that created the spy agency. first movie here
  14. I never clicked on a trailer so fast in my life