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  1. fixed [Major][V.1] Japan Naval Flag [Major][V.2] Japan+Germany Naval Flag oops lol
  2. You should try my updated ship icons. Now with Roma stats; )
  3. I will take a look at it later tonight when i get off work. There shouldn't be any errors.... ok error found. appearlty I overwrite the japan naval flag with the japan+Germany flag by mistake. So as a result, the japan flag mod is using the japan+Germany flag and the japan+Germany is still using the old japan+Germany version. will update shorty
  4. when is HSF mission available?

    i guess this finally give me a reason to grind for yamato since im like 120k exp to go. I was slowly taking my sweet time, i was in no hurry
  5. 1/18/2018 updated to [Major] Ship Icons V2 to v6 (V2-V6: Fixed incorrect xml files. V3-V6: added stats for Roma VIII) [Major][MLP] Flag mod [Major][V.1] Japan Naval Flag [Major][V.2] Japan+Germany Naval Flag (Chinese Server) Flag mod all mods are working for it a discontinued mod)
  6. Roma

    I want roma..... But rent is more important
  7. Oh look like i forgot to copy and paste them in each version. My bad lol. Was so tired last night, on it when i get home from the movies tonight
  8. How to fix the badges: A list

    Mod idea. badge remover
  9. Musashi

    Old news
  10. Take a break, it will do you some good. It did for me
  11. More Ships per battle

    I wouldn't mind if they added Grand Battles into Wows lile they did in world of tanks. But don't limit it just tier 10 only. Make it tier 8-10 matchs with 20-30 players per side.
  12. 1/17/2018 updated to [Major] Ship Icons V1 to v6 (updated xml files. added stats for Ashitaka VII. Added new icon and stat for Makarov VI, Musashi IX. Added new icons for US tier VI destroyer Monaghan, British tier VII destroyer Cossack, Japanese tier VIII destroyer Asashio.)
  13. Just a head up, I will try to get the Ship icon mod update tonight, but any other broken mods(mainly flags) will have to wait till i get the chance(am working 7 days in a row.....and have to get up 430am tomorrow yeppe zzzz.) (Hint: I'm going to watch star wars tomorrow after work . no Spoilers plz)