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  1. it been 13 years since the first movie came out and they just release a trailer for #2 today. yey
  2. careful, you might get burnt
  3. it just a easier way of typing in chat during the heat of battle. Like "DD is there" instead of "Destroyer is there". which look longer to type when you could of been shooting something. less talk, more pew pew
  4. pics or it didn't happen
  5. so it look like this All you have to do is change the update version for each public test. pt will read as <Path>res_mods/</Path>
  6. that would be USS Buffalo, It been in the game as a tier 10 CA for a long time now(only view able with tech tree mod). But now it being move down to tier 9, just before the Des moines
  7. 1 day remaining
  8. I not sure if this was already posted or not. But here is the latest news on a new Scenario called "The Final Frontier" As posted on
  9. I wouldn't be surprised that you had a few hundred mils
  10. I don't have a money problem(Almost 100mil credit)
  11. that sound like you don't believe what wargaming post on facebook. How is that any different from when they make a post on wows forum?
  12. it was posted on Wows facebook about on Oct 30th. This offer ends on Nov 6th
  13. As posted on facebook For free doubloons, fill this out You have till Nov 6th to fill out this survey for your free doubloons You will get your doubloons by November 10th
  14. I still have the original flag that I made for a Corgi flag contest last yea. Wargaming just added it into the game few months ago with my permission