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  1. MajorRenegade

    Anti Glare Mod

    well you can learn on how to edit space.ubersettings files yourself after each update. Best way to check on what lines in the file was changed is to use the Compare plugin for Notepad++. then open unedit file and the modded file and compare it. So you get an idea what to edit next time. Well this how I learn it
  2. Me personally, I don't see what the big deal is. People that are freaking out over this is laughable at best. But it has been this way before long ago and going back to how it used to be. I rather see reviews just before the ship get released and not 4-8 months before. it confusing as hell
  3. MajorRenegade

    [] [Major] Collection of Mods

    3/13/2020 updated to [Major] Ship Icons V1 to V6 (updated xml files. New Icons for VIII Pyotr Bagration, VIII Tallinn, IX Riga, X Alexander Nevsky, X Petropavlovsk and VIII Ochakov. added stats for VI London, VIII Cheshire, X Småland.) [Major][MLP] Flag mod [Major][V.1] Japan Naval Flag [Major][V.2] Japan+Germany Naval Flag (Chinese Server) Flag mod [Major]Fog Remover (added new port)
  4. MajorRenegade

    new laptop, Gam Center ok but can't get into WOWS

    it ether a internet or a firewall issue
  5. MajorRenegade

    [] [Major] Collection of Mods

    it might take me 1-2 days to update the mods due to my work hours over the next 2 days. but will work on them when I can, Ship icons will be finished first
  6. MajorRenegade

    The new port is GORGEOUS

    look like a port somewhere in norway
  7. MajorRenegade

    Request - Flag Mod

    first you need is the unpacker which can be found here https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/183662-all-wows-unpack-tool-unpack-game-client-resources/ and unpack flags.dds from content/gameplay/common/flags folder and then use a free program like Gimp. I believe you need to download the DDS add on for gimp also, so you can edit dds files. When you open flags.dds in gimp, delete the other layers that isn't main layer. And start pasting your new flags over the ones you want to replace. then merged the layers(you must do this, or you will have strange results!). As a shortcut, I just save it as png first. Then open it and save it as dds to skip all of the merging the layers. save time when saving, save it as bc1/dxt1 for compression and click the box for Generate mipmaps
  8. MajorRenegade

    Using ships horns properly.. an FYI

    when someone is about to ram me or crossing my path. I will blow my horn and 9 out of 10 times they will exit sniper mode to see what going on
  9. MajorRenegade

    Should I choose Jean Bart or Smolensk

    I find JB more fun and forgiving to play. If you like setting people on fire in smoke, then get Smolensk here a few review, must watch
  10. MajorRenegade

    [] [Major] Collection of Mods

    2/14/2020 updated to [Major][MLP] Flag mod [Major][V.1] Japan Naval Flag [Major][V.2] Japan+Germany Naval Flag (Chinese Server) Flag mod [Major]Fog Remover
  11. MajorRenegade

    If you could buff just one ship...

    I would give the Ru Bbs normal repair party
  12. MajorRenegade

    [] [Major] Collection of Mods

    2/13/2020 updated to [Major] Ship Icons V1 to V6 (updated xml files. New Icons for IX Ägir, X Yashima, VIII Arashi, VIII Orkan, X Lappland. Added stats for V Hawkins, VI Devonshire, VII Surrey, VIII Albemarle, IX Drake, X Goliath.)
  13. MajorRenegade

    [] [Major] Collection of Mods

    Sorry for the slow update, I totally forgotten yesterday was update day... But I should have my mods updated in the next 24 hours, hopefully
  14. MajorRenegade

    Test Ships given to Certain Clans.

    I not a tester myself but modders do get test ships every update for the last year