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  1. MajorRenegade

    SuperTest 2019 Bravo Company - Congratulations!

    I used to be a Supertester like you, then I took life to the knee
  2. MajorRenegade

    [] [Major] Collection of Mods

    12/12/2019 updated to [Major] Ship Icons V1 to V6 (updated xml files. New Icons for RU BB VIII Borodino, UK CA VIII Cheshire, Pan-Asia BB IX Bajie, Pan-Asia CA VIII Wukong) [Major][MLP] Flag mod [Major][V.1] Japan Naval Flag [Major][V.2] Japan+Germany Naval Flag (Chinese Server) Flag mod [Major]Fog Remover
  3. MajorRenegade

    [] [Major] Collection of Mods

    There won't be any updates today due to my work hours today(11am-9pm), but I will update them tomorrow since it my day off.
  4. MajorRenegade

    The 'banned' premiums...

    he have a much higher chance now since he have most of the ships. No repeat of ships this time around
  5. MajorRenegade

    I made a mistake in purchasing something from armory for doubloons.

    Sol= S*** out of luck
  6. MajorRenegade

    Damn WG pls reduce shells cost!

    co-op isn't meant to be profitable
  7. MajorRenegade

    Thunderer or JB?

    Get Smol, you might regret it one day.
  8. MajorRenegade

    None of You Have a Soul

    that because I traded my soul for a cookie 20 years ago with the devil
  9. MajorRenegade

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.11

    1 vs 1 mode? hmmm I'm going to log on just for this event. To truly test my skills on a 1 vs 1 battle. oh boy
  10. then we will get that special group of people saying the ships are moving to fast and it isn't historical
  11. MajorRenegade

    Disney+, Any Thoughts

    I'm doing the 12.99 plan that includes hulu, I already been running hulu for the last year. so it a win win for me. So basely I'm running Netflix and Disney+hulu bundle now. Enough to keep me entertained for a while
  12. MajorRenegade

    Game hours played ?

    amusing that about each match takes on average of 10min so 12,335 times 10min = 123,350 mins= 2056 hours=86 days of playing
  13. MajorRenegade

    [] [Major] Collection of Mods

    11/14/2019 updated to [Major] Ship Icons V1 to V6 (updated xml files. Added stats for V Genova, Eritera I, Nino Bixio II, Taranto III, Alberto IV, Raimondo V, Trento VI, Zara VII, Amalfi VIII, Brindisi IX, Venezia X. New Icons for V Hawkins, VI Devonshire, VII Surrey, VIII Bedford, IX Drake, X Goliath, VI London, VIII Odin, VIII Siliwangi, VII Scharnhorst B, VII Sims B, IX Alaska B, VIII Graf Zeppelin B) [Major][MLP] Flag mod [Major][V.1] Japan Naval Flag [Major][V.2] Japan+Germany Naval Flag (Chinese Server) Flag mod [Major]Fog Remover [Major] Rainbow V1-V2, Rainbow Web V1-V2 Crosshairs [Hootorez] Original, Tic-Tac, Tic-Tac V.2 Crosshairs [Major+Hootorez] (all) Crosshairs Wargaming have change how the Crosshair mods work in this update. No more editing Flash files(good news). Now I can combine more then a few crosshairs into the same mod. So as a result, now I can create a master mod for Major and Hootorez into a single download. To find the crosshairs in game settings, you need to scroll all the way down (as shown in this picture)