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  1. MajorRenegade

    Your very first Premium was?

    the 3 ships combo for the closed beta pre order were my first ships
  2. MajorRenegade

    Thanks WoWs!

    didn't you know? Video games is the #1 leading cause of Cancer
  3. MajorRenegade

    10,000 games

    Meanwhile, I find it harder and harder to log in everyday due to lack of interest
  4. MajorRenegade

    [] [Major] Collection of Mods

    just a quick bump to avoid this thread getting moved to archive due to inactive
  5. MajorRenegade


    here is my feedback. Don't force people to download WGC. Please for the love of god don't
  6. how you know it a virus and not a false positive? google false positive
  7. MajorRenegade

    So many do NOT want the CV rework.

    I'm in the middle ground. I don't care what happen to cv rework. That coming from someone has a midway cv. if they want to refund some exp to free exp, that fine
  8. what missions?
  9. lucky you, I brought 20small, 40 med and 5 big boxes and all I got to show for it is crap load of camo, flags, 8000 doubloons, tier 5 ship and a tier 7 ship that I do not want.
  10. MajorRenegade

    So this just happened....

    like free exp ships, they should have ships that for credits and free exp. Like a new tier 9 premium for 500k free exp and 200mil credits
  11. even the large boxes for world of tanks is a better deal. I brought 25 boxes for 40$ and got over 150$ worth or more
  12. MajorRenegade

    WG Has Been Very Generous This Holiday Season

    small part of the playerbase. Also isn't this what the thread about? It right there in the title
  13. MajorRenegade

    WG Has Been Very Generous This Holiday Season

    They also gave modders 5 big Santa containers and 2500 doubloons
  14. MajorRenegade

    CV can still cross drop you PTS

    I notice there 2 carriers
  15. MajorRenegade

    Moving WoW to another drive

    I copy it to my 4tb portable hd when I did a yearly full default wipe of my computer. And then move it back onto my computer again and it works fine. heck you can even play it from your 2nd drive