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  1. Ok, this ran across my mind. In most instances, WG likes to promote Tier V-X play. This is 6 tiers. 6 year anniversary. So, could it be killing 6 of each in each tier? or 1 of each in a match in each tier? "Dunno. Grabbing at straws here.
  2. 1st game in it in co-op 126K. It's a seal clubber. takes a beating and punishes broadsides.
  3. deathrain7

    WoWS x Warhammer 40,000: Imperium vs Chaos

    looks like this was just a taste.......More to come 'soon'.
  4. deathrain7

    WoWS x Warhammer 40,000: Imperium vs Chaos

    I just landed the Ragnarok also.
  5. deathrain7

    One Stop Moskva 9.5 Thread

    @Happa_Fodder The above does not address what happens if you have the ship in port at the drop of 0.9.5. Will we receive compensation for the ships if they are already in port or not?
  6. deathrain7

    Update Hayate for Free XP

    nope, nope and nope. Keep your 2M FXP ships. I'll progress my lines before I waste the FXP on these mediocre ships.
  7. deathrain7

    Code from Stream

    Thanks. Still works.
  8. deathrain7

    Chat Server is broken

    I can't get the Armory to purchase my british crap bundle.
  9. deathrain7

    New patch bugs

    no commander on ship, click on recruit/assign commander, only recruit comes up. Assign is nonexistent. cannot move from other ships or assign surplus commanders.
  10. deathrain7

    Azur Lane Collection

    same. 36 in the collection and not even 1/2 way through it with many dupes. kinda silly that some fall out more than others.
  11. 3 purchases of 5 containers and the 2 free ones from Wargaming: 10k free xp 4 new year streamer camo 30 ouroboros 5 lantern 30 basilisk 30 basilisk 2K doubloons 2k doubloons T-61 12.5k coal 30 leviathan 2k doubloon 30 ouroboros 30 dragon 30 dragon 30 wyvern 12.5k coal. overall disappointing. Should be a ship with each of the 5 crate purchase IMHO.
  12. deathrain7

    The Ring Round 3 - Personal Mission Code

    cant get mine to take. says confirm. i hit button and get nothing in game. ive input it several times now with the same results. says good, confirm, nothing.
  13. deathrain7

    Festive Collection

    When does the Festive Collection show up in my Collections page?