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  1. Ehbiker_DS67

    Flandre Free Look Camera is Broken

    Very annoying issue...you'd figure a new ship would not have this issue.
  2. Ehbiker_DS67

    Replay Camera Controll Still "Not" Working

    ^And that was the key....thanks Cam! "Camera Control" in the above instructions was somehow not registering.
  3. Ehbiker_DS67

    How are italian BBs?

    I will parrot above^ Lapento - T9 Slow reload (stock 37 seconds), bad dispersion (1.6), SAP dmg CAP on DD's (I nailed a Paolo E. in a full broadside with 11 shells at 4.7K and only did 19000dmg... Secondaries that can't PEN anything but DD Superstructure, which means a DD can rush you for no damage. Plus their slow and has a low fire chance. WG is NOT thinking...it needs to be unnerfed!
  4. Ehbiker_DS67

    Replay Camera Controll Still "Not" Working

    The Camera view manipulation of CTRL-SHIFT-BACKSPACE does not work. My replay is locked in POV only.
  5. I have been wanting to analyze our Clan Brawl replays. However, the free camera control is still not working on my system. This has been an issue for over 9 months. Nothing I have done from reinstall with no mods to the forum guides has allowed me to use the "free" camera mode in battle replay. It is POV only. Any help or is this still an issue for many of us out there at Sea?
  6. Is it just me or has Neptune got a bug where it's still visible in smoke. I am not on Radar or Hydro and closest ship is 4K away and 3 ships spot and fire on me. My play back if anyone wants to see it. 20200709_151612_PBSC109-Neptune_45_Zigzag.wowsreplay
  7. Ehbiker_DS67

    Anyone else here endorse the IFHE changes?

    Now Worcester with IFHE pens better than Des Moines with HE... And my Henri IV can't pen the deck of a Moscova any more...but the new shell arc is good.