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  1. Ahh, that explains it, much appreciated.
  2. Got a question regarding the current doubloon discounts running this week. I understand the discounts for buying a reserve slot and for captain retraining but what is the "-80% to the cost of commander training in doubloons"? Is that a good deal with the large discount and if so what is the process of converting doubloons to captain training in game. I'm obviously missing something but I can't figure it out so any advice/guidance is appreciated. October 5–8: Weekend Discounts During the weekend of October 5 to October 8, you will be able to use special discounts in the game client! –50% to the cost of a place in the Reserve in Doubloons –80% to the cost of commander training in Doubloons –50% to the cost of commander retraining in Doubloons
  3. Tell that to the "friendly" bot DD that unloaded on me in co-op earlier today, I wonder if the bot captain has to work his pink status off like we do!