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  1. FuzzyIce

    Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    After having missed out on way to many of the benefits WoWS dispenses to clan members because I just didn't want to deal with the hassle of being involved in an active clan I finally discovered the "Lone Wolf" clan philosophy is just what I was looking for. Come join us in WOLFG and start taking advantage of the perks associated with clan membership while continuing to play the game as you prefer.
  2. Ahh, that explains it, much appreciated.
  3. Got a question regarding the current doubloon discounts running this week. I understand the discounts for buying a reserve slot and for captain retraining but what is the "-80% to the cost of commander training in doubloons"? Is that a good deal with the large discount and if so what is the process of converting doubloons to captain training in game. I'm obviously missing something but I can't figure it out so any advice/guidance is appreciated. October 5–8: Weekend Discounts During the weekend of October 5 to October 8, you will be able to use special discounts in the game client! –50% to the cost of a place in the Reserve in Doubloons –80% to the cost of commander training in Doubloons –50% to the cost of commander retraining in Doubloons
  4. Tell that to the "friendly" bot DD that unloaded on me in co-op earlier today, I wonder if the bot captain has to work his pink status off like we do!