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  1. Please enlighten me, what makes it a picture of UK soldiers?
  2. SayWhatAgainMF

    New sound

    I know right? I absolutely hate it and can't seem to be able to turn it off in the audio options without turning something else off. I always notice it on top of my music annd/or videos I put in the background as I'm playing.
  3. SayWhatAgainMF

    Please help me Identify this ship

    The following cruiser seems to be the HMS Dragon which would fit the logs I linked above if you look at August 29th 1919
  4. SayWhatAgainMF

    Please help me Identify this ship

    Well look at that, I found the logs of the ship here. http://www.naval-history.net/OWShips-WW1-02-HMS_Renown.htm The dates fit with the visit in the St-Lawrence river
  5. SayWhatAgainMF

    Please help me Identify this ship

    Good day all, I have recently found a pile of old negative pictures from my great grand-father and after submitting them to the Historical Society of my hometown due to the significance of a lot of them, they came along a picture of a warship, unidentified. The location on the picture is on the St-Lawrence river in between Quebec City (across the river). The picture was taken from the southern shore (city of Lévis). So anyway, judging by the picture we can almost clearly see the British naval ensign at the stern. The picture was taken in August 1919 so right after the Great War. Judging by the smoke stacks and the number of portholes and turrets and the masts, it seems to me like it is the HMS Renown 1918 refit version. So the first picture is my great grand-father's one, the second picture is from Wikipedia so basically the Renown circa 1918, the third image is the Renown blueprints 1918 version and the last picture is the Sister ship HMS Repulse. I would like to know your opinion if you think I am wrong to suspect it is one of the two ships, HMS Renown or HMS Repulse and why. Of course I will most definitely end up looking at the city's Archive to try and find the port's logs from that era and have a definitive answer to give the historical society. In the meantime, your help would be most appreciated. The picture is compressed on the forum and is only 197kb so if you would like to see the original picture please leave me a message in private and I will send it to you. Thank you