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  1. Insofar as the acoustic submersed submarine, I am concerned Wargaming's developers may opt for a uniform 'return' signature on passive and active sonar. There are several reasons this will be problematic, however. Suffice to say, outside of the test bubble, I am reluctant to share anything further regarding this in a public setting. Wargaming, it is in your best interest to bring back on-board those that have experience with submersible games, prior experience testing past game titles, and gleaning said feedback that made those titles enjoyable, while addressing the caveats that are indigenous to submersibles, and not surface ships. Patiently awaiting orders for testing submersible effort.
  2. Casavant worked at Electric Boat Co. in Connecticut, building diesel submarines. He volunteered to serve on one of the boats in December 1941, despite the risks. The former electrician's mate said he had an all or nothing approach when he joined the Navy more than 70 years ago. Whatever your reason for volunteering, my hope is Wargaming gets this aspect of the game right before going live. Reference Link: https://www.military.com/daily-news/2015/11/05/wwii-sub-vets-pay-heavy-toll.html Patiently awaiting orders to test submersible fleet.
  3. As an Alpha Tester for Warships, will be reprising my role to aide WG in this endeavor. Submariners, get your Dolphin.
  4. t42592


    Current capacity CIO, with extensive (30+ years) experience in computer industry, software design, support, customer development, to name a few. Public relations was, and still remains, a key partnership throughout the process, from CONCEPT to EOL. WGs suggestion that submarine inclusion has been years in development is either a well crafted excuse, or is false. They saw the writing, looked at the numbers, and had a moment of clarity.
  5. t42592


    Not likely. You were there at the very beginning, as were I, and veteran beta from Tanks and Warplanes. I recall the development page, thousands of suggestions, discussions, dialogue, exchanges - prior to testing. All hoped (expected) all aspects of World of Battleships (yes, that was its original title) would see all aspects of naval combat. You remember the fallout once we started testing, and we learned the secret truth? I'm a realist, business oriented, bottom line guy (then). My reply? The diehards will love it. The naval genre will suck it up. However, in the end, no subs will alienate WGs potential players. That is now a known fact. WG lost years of potential players, all based on one creative genius that buried his head in the sand.
  6. t42592


    Player base was tanking. Veteran players had left, uninstalled. Alpha testers input/ feedback early on were met with static from devs. Artistic deviation, or more commonly known as, "our excuse is". Wargaming is witnessing EOL for WOWS, and is desperate to pump air into its collapsing vacumm. Sad, really. Had they took the alpha testers seriously, the player base would have exploded.
  7. t42592

    Who have you seen in game

    I'm seeing a lot of players falling for DD bait. This is annoying, where I have witnessed three, sometimes four vessels ABANDON a cap to kill one DD. Only problem, they are blown out the water by the other ships laying in ambush. Last game, four (4) ships, two battleships, cruiser and destroyer chased BAIT into (and away from the cap) and were sunk. I wonder what these players are thinking...
  8. t42592

    DDs and Radar – Stats Tell The Tale

    I thoroughly enjoyed your narrative, although I would also add that the baseline is a little muddy, all the same, good reading. My own experience with roles, specifically Destroyers and Cruisers, repetition makes perfect - does not correlate to statistics. One can argue from World of Tanks that early stats measure noob status, and at some point, finger-memory creates greater success at the helm.
  9. t42592

    Why would I want to play a destroyer?

    Simply put, the destroyer role is a "fast mover". Unlike cruisers, destroyer is essentially a "scout". Advantages... Fast Nimble Spotter Fast rate of fire Disadvantages... Weakest armor Lowest Health Points Will not survive secondary fire from enemy ships Must play at range ADDENDUM Unannounced to many, the game mechanics have peculiar settings when it comes to how the A.I. (Co-Op) reacts/responds to Destroyers. I haven't experienced the game mechanics deviating from certain triggers, where the code recognizes a Destroyer (or any other ship within the trigger zone) and reacts accordingly. This is built into the code (game mechanics) to maintain a certain level of stewardship towards the enemy team (balance). What the hell are you talking about? For example, a fast moving destroyer in a Co-Op that crosses a certain point on the map (unchallenged) will trigger the A.I. to send most if not all its assets to chase that destroyer. In one Co-Op, I forced the A.I. to chase my destroyer past the mid-way line, back to its own holding area where it's Aircraft Carrier was my target. So, what's your point? The A.I. sent 6 (SIX) ships after my destroyer. I managed to pull over half the A.I. ships off other real players, distracting the A.I. using its own game mechanics against itself. Is it a bug? Is it a fallacy in the code? Did our team win? Does it matter? Point is, the Destroyer is a pawn - A VERY POWERFUL PAWN!
  10. t42592

    Special Alpha-Tester Ship - Help!

    Awe.... I feel for this playa... give em the special ship.
  11. Actually, unannounced to most users, Wargaming decided 'on paper' long before any code was written not to include submersibles. This has been widely reported years ago that a creative decision was made on the assumption they would not be doable due to programming platform envisioned at that time. For the record, Wargaming has yet to actually do the numbers, test the concept in a working model, and has employed forum trolls to kill any discussion on this topic. Submersibles will not be in the game because Wargaming's creative decision. There is no hard evidence that they will ever provide. It does not exist.
  12. So sore from carrying so many books to my classes.

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      it will get easier

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      Pain is weakness leaving you.

    3. Imperium_Titan_Roma
  13. Applied for Alpha! No illusions of acceptance, though, I'm currently testing a competing game...

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      Hmm.. good luck to you.

      let there be no conflict between competing games.

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      Oh so thats why you first made a vouch and only after like 2 pages did you actually apply yourself.

  14. Alpha has begun...

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      Now we sit in the trench waiting for that whistle to blow...

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      noo i missed it.