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  1. danredda1616

    Return of the Fleet of Fog: Last Chance!

    WG: Here now that they're premiums, grind out 4 tier 5 and 1 tier 7 for free. Community: WAAAHHHH I WANTED THE TIER 8 ONE AND ALL THE OTHERS FOR FREE. There really is no pleasing this community is there......
  2. Then I would guess that perhaps you have something incorrect. When I put my code in at that page, I was redirected to the "success" page that tries to sell you doubloons :P I entered mine at the location below: https://na.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/
  3. Yes (at least where I put mine and it worked)
  4. I know what it is. I've already entered the code. I'm saying the sentence is missing a word compared to the location in game where it is.
  5. FYI - this one: "Weak horizontal armor was the main ? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ of her design" is missing the word "protection" after armor
  6. danredda1616

    New RN CV's?

    As part of the Fly, Strike, Win event which start you can get 2 new arsenal currencies. These can be used to purchase the new CVs on the dedicated event page in the arsenal. These CVs will work much like how the RNG with the containers worked in the past, but RNG has now been removed. It is likely the event will probably start either in a few hours, or tomorrow.
  7. danredda1616

    Who have you seen in game

    Yeah. Your Kurfurst up the mid killed me. Epicenter, and our BBs capped the sides... My face when I saw the GK looking at my broadside was: - Naturally went boom. I actually logged off after dying. Did not expect it to end up being this close (I had to do other stuff)
  8. danredda1616

    Invisible ships back again

    Also as an FYI, the concealment system (initially in Alpha/Beta) was intended to reflect upon the fact that due to the curvature of the earth, something larger/taller is seen from further away (distance compression in the game slightly exaggerates). Now it is still somewhat that, but also much more a balance parameter. Was certainly much easier when there were only 2 half-filled tech trees :D
  9. 0 - Because I never sold them in the first place (granted free exp'd past most because lots of fxp, but still)
  10. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/deals/december-missions-2018/ They updated this a while ago with the missions.
  11. danredda1616


    It could be the Alaska still. It's entirely possible they release as optional steel or Free EXP (1M FXP) so that people who can't get free exp as easily as steel could get it too maybe?
  12. danredda1616

    Festive Frederich Friday - Steel Campaigns

    I'm a collector myself. I am missing the Iwaki Alpha (only thing I need to complete IJN Tree). However, this will never happen. Especially with the Alabama ST - As it is hard enough for ST's to get it as it is (around 3-4% get it ever 3 months - roughly 3-4 ppl). The only way for STs to get it is to be super active in all tests, provide lots of feedback, etc. Not all STs get it or will get it. As much as I would love the Iwaki Alpha, I will never get it. I DO however think that the standard ship should be offered (adjust Iwaki/Arkansas to be balanced without the extra modules, and sell as normal prem).
  13. You can also get it in game for 12000 doubloons. Nice! Hopefully they offer this in a few years time (spent all my WoT gold prior to patch)
  14. PlzNo. I need something to spend coal on, not YET ANOTHER tier X steel ship :/ Charleston is there. Just picked it up for 15k coal
  15. danredda1616

    Clan Wars??

    Absolutely. However by also pinning it to the Important Topics section in the top right, it is easy to find.