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  1. danredda1616

    Superships and auction

    Should've only been charged 500 for the SC. The refund should've been 1171 for you. Min was 500 for the SC
  2. danredda1616

    Superships and auction

    This Reddit post is tracking the winning values. I have also seen someone winning Patrie for 250M on the WoWS discord (the min amount after they got some back from their higher bid). haven't seen Edgar results anywhere though.
  3. danredda1616

    Server Down Yet Again……Compensation?

    Sorry, but that quote absolutely cracked me up. Words :P They give 24hrs prem extension for ~3 hours downtime every patch window. So unlikely to be that.
  4. danredda1616

    Server Down Yet Again……Compensation?

    If the downtime is still going, at least they could keep the banner up... Or maybe communicate the additional delay.... The original support announcement hasn't even been updated with an ETA, and we're almost 15 mins late. If my work system had maintenance booked for 6 hours and it was going to take at least 15 minutes more, we'd have better sent the email out 30 minutes ago with an updated ETA... For how much money WG get, you'd think some communication would be nice when servers are unavailable...
  5. danredda1616

    Make Battleships Great Again !!!

    lol.... Are you serious or just trolling? I can't tell.
  6. I like this idea (*As an FYI, no I'm not a sealclubber. Test ship EXP is moved to the Tier 1 of the nation, or the Orlan if no tier 1, when the ship is released)
  7. Oh... Derp. Thanks. Wording is poor. Should remove the "Reward: 3x containers" and instead say "Reward: Mission for 3x containers". Thanks for the tip :)
  8. Update: As provided by user below, wording is poor. Even though it says "Reward: x" (see image below) it is actually reward: combat mission to unlock the reward.
  9. danredda1616

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    We always get the same penalties in Test ships (or worse penalties as we are held to a higher standard). They may not record stats to our profile, but they do still track what we do. Although I expect instances of TK'ing to be quite low in ST (we don't want to get banned after all). It's when the general populous gets the ship I'm worried.
  10. danredda1616

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    Had this in my signature since the day of release (when my precious was removed and replaced with the Atago) I can't believe it is finally happening, but it's too late now. This thing will get wasted by CVs, and wrecked by High Velocity cruisers (Stalingrad, Moskva, Nevsky, Petro) which didn't exist at the time - especially as it is now 2 tiers higher than before. Giving it 5km more torpedo range and bumping it up 2 tiers is not going to make it work well. Even when it was tier 8 with a 1km stealth torp window, the biggest problem when sailing it was that it is a Kuma at tier 8 (now 10). The enemy only had to look at it funny, and it had 5 citadels and was dead. Was it a fun ship? In a meme way, yes. Was it ever effective? Not really, only when 3 combined did it ever really effectively provide area denial. Will bumping it to Tier 10 and giving it 5km longer range help? In games without fast DDs and CVs spotting her, the 5km extra range is crucial. But if there is a CV or a DD that can keep her spotted, she doesn't stand a chance.
  11. danredda1616

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    Seriously.... We spend 5k doubloons to have a camouflage for Moskva, and get NO compensation? Everyone else just gets it for free?!?!?!? At least give us the permanent camouflage for the Nevsky (like you did for EVERY other line change so far).
  12. danredda1616

    New RN CV's?

    As part of the Fly, Strike, Win event which start you can get 2 new arsenal currencies. These can be used to purchase the new CVs on the dedicated event page in the arsenal. These CVs will work much like how the RNG with the containers worked in the past, but RNG has now been removed. It is likely the event will probably start either in a few hours, or tomorrow.
  13. danredda1616

    Who have you seen in game

    Yeah. Your Kurfurst up the mid killed me. Epicenter, and our BBs capped the sides... My face when I saw the GK looking at my broadside was: - Naturally went boom. I actually logged off after dying. Did not expect it to end up being this close (I had to do other stuff)
  14. danredda1616

    Invisible ships back again

    Also as an FYI, the concealment system (initially in Alpha/Beta) was intended to reflect upon the fact that due to the curvature of the earth, something larger/taller is seen from further away (distance compression in the game slightly exaggerates). Now it is still somewhat that, but also much more a balance parameter. Was certainly much easier when there were only 2 half-filled tech trees :D
  15. 0 - Because I never sold them in the first place (granted free exp'd past most because lots of fxp, but still)