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  1. USN Secondaries are Bad They Say...

    A shame that people deny that there's such greatness as Montana secondaries.
  2. What is the One Ship.....

    Grozovoi and khabarovsk, inferior ships relative to its tier compared to the preceding ship.
  3. PSA: Hypocrisy

    I applaud their efforts in trying to emulate the strategies of higher skilled players. However, they tend to ignore the steps and efforts to achieve those kind of plays which leads to disappointment and rage at those who didn't follow their lead. A level of respect to players of all skill levels is absolutely required when requesting to follow an idea, however poor it may be. Even a simple "please" and "thank you" can go a long way in getting the team to work together. Once one can do such a thing and accept that their ideas/other's skill are not always be the best will they become a better player.
  4. PSA: Hypocrisy

    As Ernest Hemingway would put it, "An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools." Probably need to improve on that and creating a more constructive reply. You would be better off than you are now.
  5. PSA: Hypocrisy

    With the amount of time you tend to spend on these kind of threads, I am surprised you don't reread the whole thread every minute.
  6. PSA: Hypocrisy

    It's just a game, I play for fun.
  7. PSA: Hypocrisy

    Confirmation bias. Just like in real life, any quote from some successful or well-known person will be remembered more often than the same sayings from thousands of average joes.
  8. PSA: Hypocrisy

    I came to such similar conclusions as well over the course of playing both WoT and WoWs the past 5 years. Interestingly, I find the ones below average (if they come to care about performing well in the game) tend to improve so much more and the green/blues either peaking or falling back down.
  9. PSA: Hypocrisy

    Needless nitpicking.
  10. PSA: Hypocrisy

    An unfortunately common way for one to shift their own failures onto someone else.
  11. Gneisenau Hulls?

    The slight decrease in secondary effectiveness is worth the benefits of a higher hp, faster rudder shift times, slight increase in torpedo protection, and large increase in AA.
  12. Only played the tier 5, almost to the Galissonniere. I find her decent at fire starting and acting as support second line at around 8 to 10 km where you can dodge enemy shells but still remain close enough to be relevant. Workable, but lacking any character.
  13. Hello! I have been playing this game since CBT and am quite active now. Looking for a community to join and always willing to improve! Interested in eventually joining main clan. Ruslan