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  1. Possible Solution to Radar

    At minimum, radar would require at least the 1 person to be able to lay effective fire onto the spotted DD. Otherwise, it would only deter the DD from attacking for less than a minute and then the DD can resume whatever it intended to do. In addition, the DD would be aware of the potential radar (since majority of radar capable ships have detect range beyond radar range) and can play accordingly by doing activities such as moving just beyond radar range or baiting the radar at max range . Also, effective radar time is shortened due to the rendering nature of this game. In contrast, DFAA automatically increases dispersion and straight buffs the AA output in immediate effect. Beyond a few more tracers and holding alt, the CV player has no indication whether the DFAA is active/available for use. Though you can perhaps say, "Oh, why not just hover the planes outside AA range?" This is not simply a case with AA since players would typically activate when planes are well within the AA bubble and - due to the immediate nature of the consumable - shoot down a few planes before the CV player can react. In short, both are one click consumables, but both are fundamentally different with one needing some skilled firing input while the other is a 100% automatic feature.
  2. Possible Solution to Radar

    The sudden increase in these types of threads coinciding with the arrival of US cruisers lends to the idea that it is just simply an over-saturation of radar capable ships due to the US cruiser hype. Similarly to the arrival of UK BBs and the multitude of HE spam whine threads, such "imbalance" will eventually go away with the hype dying out over time. As it stands, it appears that the radar problem is not a fundamental issue with the consumable but rather a problem of circumstances. If anything is to be changed, it would definitely be the DFAA consumable as it is a skill-less consumable that only requires a click of a button.
  3. Solo 63.28% compared to Division 78.95%. Clearly, this shows how much impact division play has on this game. Why wouldn't they rig for clan members? Better keep the 3 people in a division happy by having them win all the time than the single solo player.
  4. Ever since I brought premium and joined a clan, my win rate has been going up significantly. I am convinced that MM is rigged for paying customers and clan members (more likely to division up).
  5. When is it a player's skill at fault that the CVs are imbalanced? To me that sounds like a sloppy excuse for the improper balancing and a GUI that works against the player. It is awful that a tier 10 CV needs tier 8/9 planes to be considered balanced. I commend the great CV players that still play those ships. Over the past year we have seen an overall increase in AA especially with more dds and CV getting DF. The fact that a CV's potential can be significantly negated by a push of a button is ridiculous. Simply grouping up and having some communication can force the CV to do nothing but spot and risk losing entire strike forces. Currently, the AA logic is a dice roll which can result in either multiple planes instantly getting downed or none at all. This is a fundamental problem that apparently is not well understood as to the average player it is erroneously listed as "AA DPS". Whenever I see an argument that CVs are overpowered because they dominated this one match, how many more were where the CV did absolutely little to nothing? Year of the CV is starting off really well.
  6. Need some help with Akizuki

    The concealment is more important than a small increase to fire chance. Rather than relying on some chance it's better to go for something that works all the time. Besides, the low fire chance is somewhat helped anyways through your rate of fire.
  7. USN Secondaries are Bad They Say...

    A shame that people deny that there's such greatness as Montana secondaries.
  8. What is the One Ship.....

    Grozovoi and khabarovsk, inferior ships relative to its tier compared to the preceding ship.
  9. PSA: Hypocrisy

    I applaud their efforts in trying to emulate the strategies of higher skilled players. However, they tend to ignore the steps and efforts to achieve those kind of plays which leads to disappointment and rage at those who didn't follow their lead. A level of respect to players of all skill levels is absolutely required when requesting to follow an idea, however poor it may be. Even a simple "please" and "thank you" can go a long way in getting the team to work together. Once one can do such a thing and accept that their ideas/other's skill are not always be the best will they become a better player.
  10. PSA: Hypocrisy

    As Ernest Hemingway would put it, "An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools." Probably need to improve on that and creating a more constructive reply. You would be better off than you are now.
  11. PSA: Hypocrisy

    With the amount of time you tend to spend on these kind of threads, I am surprised you don't reread the whole thread every minute.
  12. PSA: Hypocrisy

    It's just a game, I play for fun.
  13. PSA: Hypocrisy

    Confirmation bias. Just like in real life, any quote from some successful or well-known person will be remembered more often than the same sayings from thousands of average joes.
  14. PSA: Hypocrisy

    I came to such similar conclusions as well over the course of playing both WoT and WoWs the past 5 years. Interestingly, I find the ones below average (if they come to care about performing well in the game) tend to improve so much more and the green/blues either peaking or falling back down.
  15. PSA: Hypocrisy

    Needless nitpicking.