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  1. Krasny Krym Underestimated

    I'm not aware of any buffs that were given to the KK since it was first released...can someone enlighten me?
  2. Konigsberg's 150mm turrets couldn't actually rotate in circles forever - they had 520 degrees of traverse, so they could do a full 360 and then another 180. For complexity and gameplay it's been simplified to a flat 360. I don't see why the same couldn't be done with Izumo.
  3. But if you have no open slots you can't buy one. You can't sell a ship that isn't repaired. Theoretically it is possible to "jam" your account so that no actual gameplay can be had out of it without buying gold.
  4. It happened in several battles during WWI, but it was generally much more important to keep your range steady once you found it, and keep the fleet nicely lined up so that nobody rammed each other. The entire line of battle might change direction, but that would usually be with the goal of crossing the T, and not trying to angle. Individual ships wouldn't have the authority to make such sudden course changes, except in emergencies.
  5. I offer you the WG-oriented, no-work-required solution: make turret #2 have a full 360 degree rotation. Why? Well, why did they put it up so high in the first place? It's not that it needs more space for the barbette above the engineering spaces - turret 3 is lower. It's not to maximize forward firepower - they could keep the same firepower by lowering it to the same height as turret 3, and thus save weight. Or to the same level as turret 1, like Mogami's bow turrets, and save even more. If someone else can shed light on this, by all means, please, but I'm unable to come up with a reason as to why the designers decided to enlarge the profile, raise the center of mass, block turret 3, and increase displacement for no gain in armor or firepower and a loss in speed, unless there was a specific reason it needed to be clear above both turrets. This gives it an even better advantage than the A variant - 1 turret will always be on target, and one of the other two will as well. This makes the Izumo more unique among BBs and helps to combat the reluctance for BB drivers to actually turn at higher tiers (yes I'm aware citadels are a bigger issue).
  6. For Russian DDs, only concealment is useful at tier 5. For other classes it's debatable, but DDs don't really benefit from any of the others, or at least not as much as from lower tiers for the same points.
  7. My ideas for fixes: 1. Hydro search and radar should not be able to penetrate islands. 2. Dispersion changed to ellipse, so that all else being equal, having your T crossed will result in many more hits. 3. When a ship is above half speed, accuracy works normally as it does now. When a ship drops below half speed, accuracy when firing on that ship increases the closer it gets to full stop.
  8. Arkansas loves the new deep-fried main battery reload mod. Plus the secondary accuracy coleslaw on the side...a delicious seal clubbing fest
  9. From what I have heard, manually selecting a target increases secondary accuracy to a small degree, even if you don't have the captain skill. That should be noted on all our tests as well.
  10. 0.5.6 Public Test Spotted!

    Correct turret arcs and AA....YES. Give to me Last-sighted position for enemy ships is also on the minimap (no names of ships though that I can see)
  11. The Compression of the Game

    I knew there was something funky here...I was fiddling with my captain skills and torpedoes on the Fubuki, trying to figure out which combination gives the least reaction time when they're spotted. Couldn't figure it out because using the figures the UI gives, even the most stealthy torpedoes should give a 49 second (!) reaction time. Which fits with the 5x compression we've found here, that's a little less than 10 seconds reaction time.
  12. About Iwaki Alpha and Arkansas Beta

    As an alpha tester, if they sold/gave away a different version (with different camo, etc as you gave an example of) that would satisfy my desire for exclusivity. But as an alpha tester, who has played a lot of battles in both of these ships, I would recommend not to pay cash for either of them. They're interesting and neat to take out for a cruise once in a while, but neither is a particularly good credit earner, captain trainer, or particularly powerful for its tier. In fact I would argue the two of them have flaws that make them very unforgiving and difficult to play without that experience.
  13. Dang, it gives an even better bonus than the alpha test flag.
  14. Okay, I want the Colorado back.

    In my experience the maxim that a "lone BB is a dead BB" applies very strictly to the NC. Given all her flaws, the last thing you want to happen to you is be outnumbered, by anything at all. Go with another BB - you don't need much of an AA escort since your AA is already so good, but another set of big guns goes a long way towards evening the odds. Unlike in other BBs, you can't really focus a target until it's dead, it's too inaccurate for that. I just try to shoot whatever is the easiest target - once I got the hang of quickly switching targets, I could put shots on unsuspecting cruiser escorts and leave the enemy high and dry. All that said, she still needs an accuracy buff. Badly. I'm waiting on that patch that's supposedly coming Soon.
  15. Zuikaku is in the works, and I have trouble believing they'll give up selling another tier 8 unless the Saipan does really really badly.