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  1. A couple of questions: (1) On weekdays and weekends, what time of day is the clan leadership in-game? If new members are at wildly different times, it isn't possible to have the teamwork stressed in the clan overview. (2) What specific processes does the guild use to help less-skilled members become more skilled?
  2. Yasha

    TEACH - A clan for helping players improve and learn

    A little more information would be helpful. Exactly how does the TEACH program work, and how is that different from or complimentary with the ADOPT program? Exactly how do you go about making people better? What educational methods are used? In addition, I can't seem to get any indication of what times, weekdays and weekends, the organization is available. I dropped in on the discord (which, by the way, is titled "Special Boat Service"), but aside from random chatter in #general, nothing seemed to be happening. There was no channels or pinned messages about procedures, rules or processes. More info about procedures to join, and what to expect after someone joins, would be super useful.
  3. Yasha

    TEACH - A clan for helping players improve and learn

    This is a fabulous idea for a clan. I've been looking for a clan that is serious about helping people improve for ages. What times of the weekday/weekend (and in what time zones) are clan leaders/teachers most active?
  4. As a player with 788exp/battle and 1,346 battles, I'm obviously the idiot he doesn't want to play with. Of course, if you look at my last 100 or so battles, my average exp rises to over 1,000. So maybe he'd want one of my better BBs or DDs on his side after all - unless I was on one of my off nights, was a bit too bold, and got heavily punished for it. I am all in favor of a telepathic match-maker that provides a perfectly balanced fight with less than 30 seconds wait time, regardless of level or time of day. I do wish the matchmaker tried to match player stats over exact ship types, but I think wargaming.net is more likely to publish crate probabilities long before they consider player stats in the matchmaker.
  5. How late is late? What hours (and timezone) are the clan LEADERS typically on during weekdays and weekends?
  6. Yasha

    56% winrate with 7k+ battle looking for a clan

    How could someone have 8K battles and be a re-roll? If they had re-rolled, it must have been years ago and no longer relevant.
  7. Zaydin, your post offers people no special reason to join DOTM. Here's a few suggestions about "selling" your clan: Offer a Discord or Teamspeak voice channel for people, post access to it, and be on that channel, as well as in the game, to welcome curious people. Yeah, that means you gotta learn about one of those and set it up. I recommend Discord because it's free, it's new, and there's plenty of info about it. Tell people what time zone you're in, and the clan's common gaming times (weekdays and weekends). Then be there, every single day you promise, for the entire period you promised. Personally welcome each newcomer. Decide what kind of members you want (age? minimum experience? minimum tier? casual players, or those who want good income and good win records?). Announce these requirements and interview people before you invite them. - Trade secret: if you're desperate for people, accept virtually anyone; the interview is get them to talk about themselves and convince be agreeable. Division-up with them for a battle. Only reject those you absolutely can't stand. Emphasize this clan is a "ground floor" opportunity to become a key member and help guide clan development. Don't promise promotions to recruiter or deputy commander, but give out those positions to the most active members after they've in the clan for a week (two weeks if you're unsure). Decide on minimum participation requirements, and enforce them. You might want to ask for at least 40 or 50 oil per week per member (clan members earn 10 with each container). That emphasizes port development, while getting people to play at least a certain amount each week. You might also want to require that people be on Discord while playing, to foster clan togetherness. Clearly define clan rules. For example, decide on what "be respectful" means, review it with other members, and post it on the clan Discord so everybody knows. Any other clan "rules" also should be written down. If you change the rules, change the Discord post too. I remember an old NASA engineer co-worker who constantly reminded us, "If it isn't written down, it doesn't exist." Once you have the basics running, be CONSTANTLY on the lookout for additional cool ideas that keep players involved in the clan. Best idea I've seen in ages was to require clan members to use a special insignia as their "face" on Discord. The insignia showed their longevity in the clan. The clan leader sent out congratulatory letters whenever a clannie "leveled up." Some clans use military ranks, but I favor diagonal stripes like the "years of service" hash marks on uniforms, except it would be for months of service in the clan, not years. You could give out a "bonus month" of experience for a major milestone, such as one bonus for each different class of T10 ship a clan member has or acquires. Another idea I've seen used often is "Operation Days." Certain days each week are for running operations with other clan members. Each member must consider it "their honor-bound duty" to play in at least one operation with any clannies who haven't done on operation yet that day. Finally, constantly ask your members what they'd like to see, and get them to help you organize it. Above all, be friendly and be positive with everyone in your clan. Division-up with different members all the time, including the low-level ones and the less skilled one. Be sure to talk with as many of the membership as often as possible, even if it's just divisioning with them. Keep a "tally" sheet of whom you've talked with, so you don't forget quiet Joe in the corner. With most players teach good play by setting a good example in operations and divisions. Show how destroyers spot for heavier ships, battleships lead pushes as damage-sponges, and cruisers support both. Make sure you always strive to angle, so everybody remembers about that. When you make a poor move, or overextend, confess it and talk about it - people can learn from your errors too. If you have members who are still in Tier I to Tier III, offer to give them a personal explanation session, in the training room. Teaching people who the dynamic crosshairs works is almost always necessary at that level. Teach them to look for broadside shots. Teach DD captains how to make intelligent choices about torps and smoke. Teach all cruisers and destroyers about WASD evasion, and the need to evade when the gun flash occurs, NOT when you see the shells in the air. If you've got serious people in the clan, offer to run AARs after each division fight you're in - they're a great learning tool. If you don't know what an AAR is, I've posted a helpful explanation elsewhere (see link at the bottom of this post). Remember, as clan leader you're chief recruiter, head trainer, morale officer, and the entire IT department for the group. Someday you might have reliable clannies who can take over some of these duties. But until then, the clan won't grow and stay together unless YOU take responsibility for everything. That's what successful clan leaders do ... so step up and be successful! Reference: more about AARs...
  8. Yasha

    win rate

    Max, I have a similar problem. I take my battles seriously, want to be successful, and have stats as good as anyone's. Clans for "serious" players typically require that you already HAVE exceptional stats, which leads to a chicken-and-egg situation (the best way to learn is from experts, and experts all want to play with other experts, and never with the likes of me or you). Like you, even when I'm trying hard, for every night where I'm on the winning side 60%+ of the time, there is another night where I lose more than I win. Moving from T7 to T8 definitely hurt. I playing sail in the T8 Bismarck: it's usually outgunned, out-tiered, and facing better captains because I often get put into matches with T9 and T10 players. The end of clan battles means that top end players are now back in random battles more, so I'm against enemies with thousands more battles of experience. My stats haven't plunged, but they've hit a plateau until replace those weak 15" guns with T9 German 16"+ guns. There are a few clans who advertise themselves as training guilds. They want to help you improve your game, either in training classes (better than nothing), or with a mentor (one-on-one tutoring can sometimes be very helpful). However, the classes or tutor needs to be available at your typical gaming time, and the guild's active members should be around when you are, so you can division-up and practice with people from the "same school" as the teacher. Unfortunately, age and/or cultural differences can make some clan environments unpleasant, while in others the "trainers" are just ego-driven blow-hards who need "students" for an audience. A good test is to ask how much professional training and experience the "trainers" has in teaching. Have they ever written down a lesson plan? Do they know about the triad of VAK (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic) learning styles? Do they adjust they teaching approach depending on where their students fall in that spectrum? The sad truth is that there are virtually no professional educators who are training people to be better players of WoWS. I've never encountered one, and don't really expect to. The level of professionalism needed to be a truly effective educator is WAY beyond what you can expect from fellow gamers. Worse, just joining a clan because they say you'll be trained and get better is a mistake. I did that: I spent months with them, and my stats went DOWN instead of up, leaving me with that much larger of a stats cliff to climb toward to reach 50% myself. The best way I know is that if you're a visual learner (like me), read the some of the observations of really expert writers (LWM - Little White Mouse is my favorite). If you're auditory, dig around in the slush pile of youtube vids for pointers. I lilke Flamu, Notser and NoZoup. If you're Kinethetic, you might try setting up practice battles against a ship of the same tier, just to learn their weak points, how to engage them at full speed from various angles, how fast you can hurt or sink them, etc. Whenever I'm starting a new ship, I always read up what I can, and look for a vid or two from a respected commentator. That gives me some background on how other people view the ship. Then I play that one ship as much as possible, since practice does make perfect. Finally, I always try to congratulate one friend and one enemy after each battle. I try to concentrate on players who did well, and learn from them, rather than fixate on the idiots who try to snipe from 20k with a German BB, etc. Finally, I recommend making your stats visible to the public. Any "serious" clan will want to see them anyway. Besides, experts can often detect weaknesses in your play just by looking at your stats - but only if you reveal them!
  9. Yasha

    T8ER KINGS Is Recruiting!

    What time zone do you all play in, and what time of day (on weekends, or weekdays) ? In addition, since you're all 55-60% W/B, is there a minimum W/B you'd consider?
  10. Yasha

    Looking for a clan

    I thought Counter-Gambit's suggested edits, or something approximating them, would be entirely appropriate. I thought he did a good job turning the specific into the general. As for whether generalization is preferable, or necessary, I would leave that decision to wargaming.net's representative(s) handling this forum. It's part of their job, after all.
  11. I can't understand why people use IFHE with a GERMAN battleship. The damage power of German HE is definitely sub-par. Increasing the 380mm's penetration from 63mm to 95mm doesn't seem that useful. I am not a good enough player to use manual secondaries just yet - as I mentioned in my original post, I prefer to concentrate on making my primaries accurate and effective.
  12. Yasha

    [KRON] is recruiting

    A few questions: (1) Do you have any OFFICERS who play middle and late evenings, Pacific time zone? When you say "NA server prime time" I would assume the leadership is all mid-evening Eastern Time (i.e., done by 11pm Eastern) (2) Does the clan's self-improvement program include AARs? If so, how often? After what kind of battles? Any minimum AAR attendance requirement? (3) You mention discord. Are members required to use it when playing WoWS? Do you allow potential members to join the discord, or at least one channel of it, to ask questions, etc.? (4) Does the clan have a website, or just use discord? Thanks N.B.: Regarding my personal status, WOLF7 is a "flag of convenience" that allows clan benefits for a solo player. I'm still looking for a late pacific time zone clan that's serious about playing well.
  13. I am leveling-up my first Battleship line, which is German, and am trying to map out the upgrade path. I've had a very successful run with the Gneisenau, and am just starting with the Bismarck. The first ten points was straight-forward Preventative Maintenance (1) - too many important things incapacitated otherwise Expert Marksman (2) - because every speed increase for main battery turrets is critical Superintendent (3) - because a BB captain tanks, and you need all the repairs you can get Advanced Firing Training (4) - because these are German BBs, with awesome secondaries The remaining nine points, which happen very slowly, are much more difficult. Two of them are probably from this four: (a) Basic Firing Training (3) - so those secondaries and AA weapons put out more firepower, (b) Concealment Expert (4) - so I don't attract so many long-range attackers, since long range gun duels rare end well, (c) Fire Prevention (4) - to reduces the number of fires starting, and (d) Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament (4) - to make those awesome secondaries even more awesome. Personally, I'm inclined toward Fire Prevention and Basic Firing Training, in that order, because in every battle I'm tanking and either leading or joining the push. That means concealment rarely gives more than a momentary advantage. Furthermore, I'm trying hard to make each main-gun shot count, which means I'm going to be not be "right on top of" designating a new secondary target when the old one disappears. Even if automatic secondaries don't hit as hard, I'm prefer to insure my primaries ARE hitting hard as often as possible. If I make those choices, I have a final 2 points to spend, probably on Adrenaline Rush (2) - so that as my damage increases, I can hit back faster. However, people have also made a good case for High Alert (2) - so that my damage control comes back 10% faster, or Jack of all Trades (2) - so any consumable comes back 5% faster. On the other hand, if I have only one (1) final point to spend, it will go to Priority Target (1) - as a reminder of how much trouble I'm in, and whether I should turn on hydro to find a nearby destroyer in smoke, or torpedoes approaching. Opinions and Suggestions, please?
  14. Yasha

    Looking for a clan

    Kingadam - I hate to be bearer of bad tidings, but enjoying life in a clan isn't as simple as making a post and hoping for the best. In fact a "looking for clan" post could yield poor results because: FEW RECRUITERS READ THESE: Most clans post a recruitment message, and wait for applicants to come to them. Relatively few clan recruiters come here every day to see who has posted. Recruiters like it much more when potential recruits come to them. RECRUITERS WHO DO READ THESE OFTEN WANT SPECIAL THINGS: Those who read "looking for a clan" are looking for a specific person to fill a hole in their clan roster. The chances of you being that person are poor. TROLLS WANT TO POUNCE: There is a good chance that a hater will ridicule you and your post, just so people will pay attention them. Any attention is valued by trolls, even negative responses. I've seen veterans with great stats get hammered by trolls here. Running into this can sour you on the entire game, so beware. A CLAN WHO WANTS YOU MAY BE UNDESIRABLE: You might not mesh with the clan's style and culture for innumerable reasons, but you might join anyway, just top try them out. The results could be bad, again souring you on the game. Instead, I recommend you do your homework and read the first two or three pages the clan recruiting posts. You'll learn a lot about the different types of clans, Slowly build a list of "possible" clans you can approach. Many clans will want to interview you, so knowing why you like a clan will impress them. You'll find that over half the clan advertisements you can forget about because your stats (battles fought, win rate percentage, survival percentage, average damage/battle, average XP/battle, top ship tier you can play, etc.) don't fit into their parameters. With the remaining clans, I suggest noting down these things: Clan abbreviation and name Web address of their recruitment post (for future reference) Web address of clan website (if any) Discord or Teamspeak server name/address Application procedure. Small clans just starting up will probably take anyone who applies. Most clans are larger, more experienced and sophisticated. Those will have a process, often involving an interview on Teamspeak or Discord, and perhaps a probationary period before you become a full member. Look through the list, prioritize them, and start contacting each one using their application procedure. How many to apply to at once is up to you, but I recommend no more than two at once, and one by one is probably better. I think you'll get more positive responses to that then you will to this post. Personally, I recommend asking the clan OFFICERS when they are typically online, both weeknights and weekends. Being on at the same time, and having a chance to chat and division with them, will get you into the center of clan activities right away. If your gaming times don't overlap their times, you'll be stuck playing with the other "oddball" members, who could have a style quite different from the leadership. You could find yourself fitting into that oddball group, only to discover than the clan direction and policies seem to go in totally random directions - because you weren't around to contribute as those plans evolved. Clan recruiters sometimes duck this question by saying, "Oh, we have players just about around the clock, there's always someone to play with." This is political doublespeak, and really means either, "I hope someone is on when you are," or "I'll say anything to make my recruitment quota for the month," and occasionally both! FYI, I game at an uncommon time, and have specific goals that aren't found in a clan that accepts someone with my poor stats. Therefore, I'm in a "clan of convenience" - one of the Lone Wolf clans that gives you clan benefits, but has no special requirements and offers no special activities, voice systems or comradeship.
  15. Yasha

    Seeking Clan

    @BlueFalc0n66 - Most clans assume that prospective members will be playing at the same time they do, and will have a gaming schedule that synchronizes with Clan Battle times in the clan wars. The default assumption appears to be US East Coast time zone, 7-11pm, plus weekend afternoons. Obviously, this is a silly assumption. Nevertheless, most recruiters persist in not giving times in their recruitment post, or saying "oh, somebody is almost always on." However, to enjoy and participate in a clan, you need to meet the majority of members, the leadership, and (eventually) the people organizing and running the CB( clan wars) team. Effectively,. you must ask about the clan's prime gaming times when you interview with them. For example, my prime gaming time is later evening, Pacific Time, and less than a half dozen frequently posting clans here have leadership that keeps my hours, much less yours. Finding a really big clan, that at least has some people on at your time, could be your best hope. I don't recommend mentioning your gaming time (especially if it's 13 hours offset from the "default" US East Coast time). This is because clan recruiters prefer to post and bump here, then sit back and wait for applications. If they go to the trouble to reading "looking for clan" posts here, the tend to be more critical and assume you are a trouble-maker or problem child. Even strong players with good records collect flak in "looking for clan" posts.