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  1. MagusGerhardt

    Pirate Contest Issue

    Reading Comprehension is key. (TK DOESN'T COUNT) means Team Kill Does Not Count, meaning you don't get credit for the Pirate Sinking, and you get Team Kill sanctions. It does NOT mean: Team Kill Sanctions Are Lifted! Players on the Pirate's Team Can Freely Shoot Them. There are a LOT of lingual hoops to jump through and assumptions to be made to equate the first statement with the second. For a moment, imagine what this would be like if you were correct, and the Pirate COULD be TKed as a normal part of the event. The ONLY ones who would get the Pirate kill would be players on the pirates team, as they know where they are and have them in gun range starting at the beginning of the battle. It wouldn't be fair to the other team at all, the ships that are SUPPOSED to shoot at them. What YOU should be doing is using the enemy team's target fixation on the Pirate reward to your advantage to win the match while they're all fighting against each other to get that prize.
  2. MagusGerhardt

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Hey, thanks for the heads up. Just checked back after notice of a reply. Wouldn't have seen that otherwise.
  3. MagusGerhardt

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Event completed for me. I must call it a success, though I walked away from it without seeing the submarine Luigi Capellini and the kaibokan Matsuwa. E-4 LD run for Richelieu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2WCjMTEXME E-7 LD for Ark Royal (bonus appearance by Graf Zeppelin) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cH030rG3JHw
  4. MagusGerhardt

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    OPERATION TWIN ANGEL RESCUE This is a compilation vid that delivers my Kancolle Fall 2016 Event experience, starting with E-3 Final Dance, continuing with E-4 Front and Back Half Final Dance and finishing off with the E-5 Final Dance and a final curtain call for my fleet's girls. The vid has some copyrighted material in it, so it may have to be watched on Youtube itself instead of a third party viewer. The video is lengthy, so here are the time markers for each map if you're just looking for one particular segment. E-3: Simply watch from the beginning. E-4: Starts at 9:00 E-5: Starts at 20:08
  5. MagusGerhardt

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Final Dance run on E-4. All land based air strikes sent against Harbor Princess installation, Carrier Task Force combined fleet used to clear map. All equipment used on ships displayed before sortie begins, all ships used listed at end of video.
  6. MagusGerhardt

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    If Node A is the submarine echelon formation battle I'm thinking of, you just have to roll with the punches there. With all ships sparkled for extra evasion there is no further way to swing the RNG in your favor. Sometimes this node will stop you and sometimes it won't. For Node I my CAV was carrying Model 12 Zuiun and I had Hatsuzuki in the fleet for AACI.
  7. MagusGerhardt

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Finished the event yesterday evening. Here's the climax of Spring 2016 from my viewscreen, with some editing for (allegedly) artistic reasons. Had to find the perfect bit of American rock to Christen my Iowa with during the final dance with the Central Hime.
  8. Loose lips sink ships! This Tester is covered by NDA and is now rigged for silent running.

    1. _Sarcasticat_


      Que Type XXI and acoustic Torpedus.

  9. Loose lips sink ships! Now under NDA so zippin my lip!

  10. All giddy with anticipation.

  11. Just set up my signature picture, forum avatar and catchphrase. Me so lazy. :>