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  1. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Hey, thanks for the heads up. Just checked back after notice of a reply. Wouldn't have seen that otherwise.
  2. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Event completed for me. I must call it a success, though I walked away from it without seeing the submarine Luigi Capellini and the kaibokan Matsuwa. E-4 LD run for Richelieu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2WCjMTEXME E-7 LD for Ark Royal (bonus appearance by Graf Zeppelin) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cH030rG3JHw
  3. "In my experience there's no such thing as 'luck'." General Obi-Wan Kenobi All banter aside, yes. In digital war, much like real war, luck combined with skill are determining factors in a contest that is equal in other terms.
  4. Thanks, Bee Dub! I had fun playing this battle and putting this vid together for it. Yeah, equal parts luck and skill here. I gave Bluescreen in the Nassau a perfect broadside shot at me when I was obviously aware he was engaging me. I shouldn't have done that. And on the Caledon my first salvo was aimed too short; could have had at least one long range citadel hit there. Then I aimed too far ahead and pounded his bow instead of his engineering space when he turned for his torp run. Luckily for me one of my secondary 150mm AP secondaries punched him in the gut half a breath before he would have had a perfect torpedo firing solution on me.
  5. Kraken battle in the SMS Nassau, the first class of German dreadnought-type battleships. This battle features Zee Germans doing what they do best; closing to brawling range where their thick Krupp armor and bristling secondary guns give them a serious advantage in damage soaking and damage output. The Nassau really is the most fun I've had at tier III in a non-premium ship. The "Most Fun" trophy goes to the tier III premium Konig Albert, which isn't a sister to the Nassau, but the later Kaiser class battleship. It's a tier IV disguised as a III, so it doesn't really count.
  6. Yeah, I had a LOL moment at that, too. "I belong on an episode of 'I Shouldn't Be Alive'."
  7. KaptaynAmerika of DRACS captaining his tier IX German Roon cruiser (never built ship based on Amalgamation of Nurnberg, O-class and Hipper) to victory in a battle that was full of good tactics, precise fire control, map awareness and cap point dominance. For added benefit there's a few humorous moments and the requisite torpedobeats that any ship video needs to have.
  8. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    OPERATION TWIN ANGEL RESCUE This is a compilation vid that delivers my Kancolle Fall 2016 Event experience, starting with E-3 Final Dance, continuing with E-4 Front and Back Half Final Dance and finishing off with the E-5 Final Dance and a final curtain call for my fleet's girls. The vid has some copyrighted material in it, so it may have to be watched on Youtube itself instead of a third party viewer. The video is lengthy, so here are the time markers for each map if you're just looking for one particular segment. E-3: Simply watch from the beginning. E-4: Starts at 9:00 E-5: Starts at 20:08
  9. The feels are real. Knowing the history long before I got into world of Warships and Kancolle, having Shigure's perspective on the battle of Surigao Strait is heart breaking.
  10. Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Final Dance run on E-4. All land based air strikes sent against Harbor Princess installation, Carrier Task Force combined fleet used to clear map. All equipment used on ships displayed before sortie begins, all ships used listed at end of video.
  11. The Funky Nassau

    A little video featuring the best tier III battleship in the game; the SMS Nassau. The best way I can describe her is...imagine a Kawachi that's fun to play. The two ships share the same gun layout but that is where the similarities stop. They have different armor, speed and secondary strength. This was my third and last battle in the Nassau before I had the xp to research the next ship in the line: Kaiser.
  12. Arrival of Diana

    When Wargaming announced that the limited-release ships would become available for purchase with doubloons from the Warships Wallet I rejoiced for two reasons. The first being that I could acquire several more ships without having to fork over cash, as I already had a sizable hoard of gold from previous purchases I had made. The second reason was that there were several of these limited release ships that I had missed out on getting. Since I already had Tirpitz, Kutuzov, Marblehead, Tachibana and Warspite the ship that really got my attention on this list was the Diana, second of the Pallada class cruisers and sistership to the tier III Aurora we've had in game since launch. The Diana varies from her sister in many ways. As presented side by side in game at this time the two of them are more like half-sisters, which happened often in both the Imperial and Soviet Russian navies as lead ships served as test beds for ideas and later ships of the class were often heavily modified from the original. The first difference a captain will notice is that the Aurora has a proper naval paint scheme that matches that found on the Imperator battleship. The Diana, however, looks like a Soviet tank crew got good and liquored up on wodka one night and mistook her for their tank and repainted her in Soviet olive green so she'd fit in with the other tanks again. The second difference is primary and secondary weapons. The Aurora has no secondary guns, but absolutely bristles with 152mm main guns. The Diana has much fewer main guns of the same 152mm type, but also carries enough secondaries to wipe a destroyer off the map with a single broadside. That really is the Diana's secret weapon. She's as sluggish as her sister Aurora, but carries the same amount of ridiculous armor and if she manages to get within secondary range your ship will be riddled full of 76mm holes and likely on fire in two or more places within a few salvos, as demonstrated against a USS Chester here in the first battle I ever had captaining Diana. For premium tier II cruisers I already had USS Albany and SMS Emden, and I love them both for different reasons. The Diana here has forced herself upon me and though driving her makes me feel dirty, I think I'll come back to her again and again. Good hunting!
  13. Arrival of HMS Campbeltown

    Great find! I knew this was out there somewhere; I love it when Clarkson starts talking politics/history.
  14. The Campbeltown was originally a USN Wickes-class four pipe flush decker destroyer of a design dating from late WWI. Entirely obsolete before the beginning of WWII this ship along with many others in similar condition where basically given to the Royal Navy under the Lend-Lease program. Unsuitable for fleet warfare the Royal Navy overhauled the ship and specialized it in ASW for use in convoy protection, expecting great troubles from the Kriegsmarine's U-boat fleet. The Campbeltown did not get to accomplish much in this role as fate intervened. With the defeat of France the Royal Navy was faced with the unacceptable reality that Germany now had access to an Atlantic port with a drydock large enough to service any battleship in the Kriegsmarine at St Nazaire. To challenge this the Royal Navy assembled an all volunteer crew for a suicide mission. The Campbeltown was loaded with tons of explosives and her skeleton crew set her engines to all ahead flank and locked her helm on a collision course with the drydock gates at St Nazaire. A full description of the raid, narrated by Jeremy Clarkson and filled with the tales of those who were there, is in the post by Super Dreadnought below. The plan worked; the Campbeltown's sacrifice rendered the drydock unusable for the duration of the war and her last crew was captured by a surprised and surprisingly respectful German army and navy. In Warships the Campbeltown is a good torpedo boat, with powerful tin fish that have a longer range than her visibility. Long reload time, however, prevents her from being as proficient with torps as her IJN counterparts and weak deck guns leave her wanting in the area of DD knife fights. Keep these factors in mind when sailing her or fighting against her. Good hunting!