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  1. Oh no! 1 guy who can't even competently state his opinion has declared a boycott of the game. Better instantly cave and do whatever this knucklehead wants. He's got them by the balls...
  2. Captain_Dorja

    Seattle is Terribad

    There are some problems with some of your ideas. I can't comment on the gun damage, so I simply won't. 2 - The ship already has pretty normal armor protection for a cruiser (unless you could cruisers that are basically freaks like Moskva or Kronstadt or something). If they increased the armor on the ship but kept it within what the limits of what is reasonable for a CL the increase would be so small you wouldn't even notice. Besides, you could give the thing battleship armor and it wouldn't matter. HE spam doesn't care about armor. You still can't go broadside to things and expect to live. 3- It is impossible to remove things that are "meta base." The reason for this is because ships aren't based on the meta. Meta is based on the ships. It's literally impossible to remove ships that are meta dependent there wouldn't be a game left. 4. If you are dying in 1 salvo to cruisers at max range than you are at fault 100% of the time. 5. You should park behind islands because it lets you kill stuff without dying. I thought your comment about what cruisers are for was an invocation of history for which I was able ready to peel skin from flesh. Then I realized what you meant is that your preconception of how the game should play doesn't include use of terrain. What cruisers are for is to provide high damage fire support. Being a skill monkey is what cruisers are for. Being a QRF is what cruisers are for. Things like that. All of those things require you to be alive. Some of the ships have different play styles. There is nothing wrong with not enjoying a particular style or even being bad at a particular style. That said, there is something wrong with not enjoying a particular play style and coming to the conclusion that the whole thing needs to be altered to please you personally.
  3. Captain_Dorja

    Seattle is Terribad

    I'd point out that the main reason why an awful lot of people shoot at CLs isn't to get their easy HP but is to get rid of their extremely high damage output.
  4. Captain_Dorja

    Seattle is Terribad

    I'm sure the devs will rush right in and remove all meta gaming immediately. Honestly, if you want to be taken seriously when you complain about something, three good things to make sure you do are 1 - Identify the problem. After all, it's hard to fix what isn't known. No, saying "This ship sucks" doesn't cut it. #3 will cover why your list of things that make it suck is insufficient to actually identify the problem. 2 - provide some sort of constructive advice on how to fix the problem. To be fair, you did mention that you think faster reload would help, so I'll give you 1/10th of a point 3 - It's a good idea to not say in your complaint that you pretty much consider the things which allow a person to do well with a ship to be stupid mechanics and that you purposefully don't use them because you have a dislike of those methods. By saying this, what you are actually telling people is that the ship in question does not fit your playstyle and that you are unwilling or unable to adapt to that ship, thus causing you to have bad results. What you're doing is entering a car race with a pickup truck and then telling everyone else that the pickup truck and the race both suck when the real issue isn't with either the truck or the race. Lastly, can anyone explain to me why in the actual [edited] the line spacing on this post is so janky? Between items 2 and 3 there is not a blank line, nor is there one between item 1 and my first line. There is a blank line between the last line of item 3 and this last bit though. WT-F is going on here?
  5. Captain_Dorja

    Seattle is Terribad

    Is that Scott Bakula?
  6. Captain_Dorja

    The in game reporting is broken.

    It really is. I get my wrists slapped in here constantly but I've only ever been chat banned 1 time in the whole time I've played WoT and WoWS, and that's going on 8 years now.
  7. Captain_Dorja

    Would any one want Alaska as a Steel ship?

    As much as people look down on the Dev team for WoWS, they are one of the most in touch teams in any game I've ever played. It's pretty common for some little thing to pop up in the community and get really popular and in 2 patches that little thing becomes part of the client. There is plenty of listening going on here.
  8. Captain_Dorja

    Would any one want Alaska as a Steel ship?

    Jesus Christ don't give them ideas.
  9. Captain_Dorja

    How to pronounce Worcester

    Mainers. I can't stand it when people call me a "Maniac" like it's an actual term. I wish they would change the name of the air refueling wing stationed in Bangor. The Maine Air National Guard has the 101st Air Refueling Wing based in Bangor and they're called the "MAINEiacs." They literally named that unit after the most annoying thing that people commonly call Mainers.
  10. Captain_Dorja

    How to pronounce Worcester

    As a Mainer I fully support this video. We may like to give you Massholes a hard time, but aside from coming to an empty town in Maine and still driving like it's rush hour on 495 we actually really like you guys up here. Massachusetts is like the most New Englandy of the New England states and if I've been away from home for a long time there are two things that always make me feel better. One is running into a native of Massachusetts and hearing that accent (It's not quite a Maine accent, but it's definitely still got the sound of home in it). The other one is to finally be in Massachusetts if I'm driving back home. The land looks right. The towns along the highway are familiar old names, and I know that in just a few more hours I'll be pulling into my driveway.
  11. Captain_Dorja


    This would be a lot cooler if I could speak the Japanese.
  12. Captain_Dorja

    I figure out why eagle is losing everytime.

    Hersey! Someone get a 40k image in here ASAP!
  13. Captain_Dorja

    Premium Ship Purchases Should Be Qualified

    I like it when people leave thumbs down reacts on things that are true. I'm sure if you guys get angry at the facts (after literally asking to be given the facts) while also ignoring those same facts and pretending that your ways will work then something magic will happen and it'll all go your way. Then again... as Jayne Cobb once said, "If wishes were horses we'd all be eating steak."
  14. Captain_Dorja


    Not at all. I still think the biggest missed oppertunity of this game is that they don't sell a premium Shiratsuyu with a Yudachi inspired paint job. Obviously this would be Yudachi herself and she would POI people away with her 68cm torpedoes like POI POI POI!
  15. Captain_Dorja

    In Before The Lock

    What I think is funny is when people post that gif from Star Trek TNG of Geordi LaForge rolling under the door to Main Engineering with the caption, "In before the lock." Why do I find that funny? Duh... He's not rolling under the door to get INTO Main Engineering. He's getting the fck out before the lock.