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  1. Wait, in the OP it said RN containers were in the shop until Nov 12 but they're gone now? I ended up with 170 sovereigns (already got Bert) and was thinking about buying 4 containers to get Warspite but hadn't decided yet, now it seems that I'm too late.
  2. I don't have Cesare or Kami or Gremy, so I'd really like to use Furutaka but then I have to retrain my new Yamamoto to her and either blow doubloons or a ton of elite XP on retraining just for this short time, which is hard to justify, especially with the abovementioned weak rewards. Likewise for DDs, I don't really want to retrain my Fletcher captain to Nicholas and back to Fletcher, I'd probably have to just use a spare 10 point captain. Perhaps the best choice would be to buy Okhotnik and stick my Ognevoi captain on her (and carry out retraining to Udaloi while I'm at it) but of course they don't have Okhotnik available for doubloons right now so I'd have to drop cash.