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  1. misanthrope0

    Steel for Ranks 5 & 10

    Second the motion.
  2. misanthrope0

    Free Captain Respec isn't enough...

    One button to rule them all. One button to find them. One button to bring them all. and in the darkness bind them.
  3. misanthrope0

    WG Can we address the Elephants in the room please

    Only the pink ones.
  4. misanthrope0

    The hate for cv's!

    In WG's competitor game [edited]. They do exactly this for bomber players to manually fight off fighters rather than let the AI do it. It's fine as long as you don't let yourself stay fixated. LOL, I didn't even name the game just it's initials and they edited it.
  5. misanthrope0

    DDs Can't Do Anything Against CVs!

    I've c aught at least a dozen or more CV's napping in the last couple months.
  6. I think your preaching with the choir. I don;t ever remember anyone complaining about them.
  7. misanthrope0

    Can we have a separate forum for CV complaints?

  8. misanthrope0

    Can we have a separate forum for CV complaints?

    Clearly you don't understand that we live in a post modern culture.
  9. It's not totally random there is a knack to it I'm just getting use to. However all that dodging means I'm having a harder time lining up well on my target when it comes time to drop. AA is different its just not continous like before across all zones. But there are both a flag and captain skills and modules to help it along, it just means your giving something else up to use them.
  10. In RTS yes not after the rework, regardless he should know better.
  11. misanthrope0

    How do the rest of you keep playing this game

    Looks like Coop is the mode for you wished a lot more of the potatoes played it. But yea I do understand I have gotten so that I can only take it in small bites per day.
  12. misanthrope0

    Remove "Keep a Star"

    Want to do it a different way than base it off XP fine but keep it. Save a star is the only thing that keeps me sane when I have played my [edited]off and still lose because of potatoes. Want they should do is put 10-6 ranks back to 3 stars instead of 4. The grind has always been the worst aspect of it.
  13. Nearly everything here is wrong, this from a DD main who started playing CV's to get a grip an what's true or not and learn how to defend against them. There wasn't counter play to RTS CV's at least in the way your stating it. It took a a DD to get in the backfield against a CV who wasn't alert. That's still the case yet I still manage to do it, however a DD who is most worried about getting a CV is a detriment to their team neglecting duties they are really needed for. No they can't kill you if they really wanted to unless your a DD caught in the open without support and the CV is a good with rockets. This is especially true compared to RTS as they cannot hammer and anvil you by cross dropping and overall CV's do 20% less damage on average than RTS CV's did. Yes there was a hard limit to planes but the current system has much the same affect. Plane management is key to staying viable by the end of the match. Do it poorly or have a couple of bad runs where you lose a whole squadron and you will be effectively deplaned. The affect of this has been that CV's will make less runs during a match than they did in RTS. Don't believe me, then go play them like I did.
  14. misanthrope0

    Worst play in ranked ever

    That's why I played as far as could rank wise the first day it opened as soon as it opened because things seem to go faster and smoother the sooner you hop in. By the weekend is really going to start going down hill.
  15. misanthrope0

    So Ranked CV's Balanced?

    Bull pucky, there have not been all that many in the matches I've played and they weren't a problem in the matches they were in.