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  1. misanthrope0

    Ranked Season 11 - The Unvarnished Truth

    Bite me, made significant contributions to my team every match.
  2. misanthrope0

    Ranked Season 11 - The Unvarnished Truth

    Ground out the Udaloi and 3/4's of the Jutland.
  3. The meta has changed so much that yea the IJN torp boats could use some love but if you can get away from being strictly a torp mans then go ahead and try their gunships. You def need IFHE like the Brits but you may like them so try them.
  4. misanthrope0

    Ranked Season 11 - The Unvarnished Truth

    First, and this is from some who up until they shook Rank battles up with a sprint version had not tried to rank out since the first three seasons. Long version of ranked period is an exercise in frustration period. I can't imagine why anyone would want to stay in the hamster wheel long enough to rank out. Typically the rewards weren't so hot enough for me to keep interested beyond earning flags you can't buy. This time like sprint, WG tried to shake the tree to change up the play style and it was great. I started seesawing back and forth when I hit 9th and eventually stopped trying after a serious go at it. But it's the longest I have bothered with it since the 3rd season. I am usually sparse with praise for WG but this time around I want say adding in sprint which I hope they alternate 4 seasons of that with a season of normal mode but also interject different things into normal mode like they did this season and upping the rewards with some coal and steel has turned it enough around for me that I will play regularly. now.
  5. Definitely want new maps before new boats.
  6. misanthrope0

    Why You May Not Be Doing Good In Ranked

    That covers most of this game.
  7. Somebody confirm that I can turn my Saipan back in for doubloons?
  8. misanthrope0

    Russian Battleships

    If they Supertesters already have access to them on the Public test then you can speculate one of the next two major patches.
  9. misanthrope0

    The abuse and misuse of karma point

    Where is this actually monitored in your game profile?
  10. There getting more subtle at it as well like changing extending radar option son their non-premium ships for Brit CL's but leaving the Belfast at 8.5 range while others go up. So that they can say they are not making changes to a premium it still a kind of backwards nerf to bring it inline with the rest of the nations class.
  11. misanthrope0

    WOLF clan

    There is a degree of autonomy with the only stipulation you cannot require people to group play or mandantory comms. Other rules may vary per group. Find WOLF clan in the clan list and read it's introduction and ask for an invite.
  12. misanthrope0

    WOLF clan

    We do division and play clan battles but mostly go solo.
  13. misanthrope0 Patch Seems to Work!

    Sorry counted the planes and didn't look at the roster.
  14. misanthrope0 Patch Seems to Work!

    Re-trains you should be open until the end of this week to give people a chance to adjust.
  15. misanthrope0 Patch Seems to Work!

    Were talking about A) an American ship which have better AA all around and B) a flack ship armed almost exclusively with 127mm long range dual purpose guns. Try another example.