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  1. misanthrope0

    My case for Siegfried release tomorrow

    Quite frankly if WG has enough time to model and test all these Premium ships it has enough time to finish off the damn tech trees.
  2. Every time I get hit by bombs or rockets handfuls of dirt fly up all over the place.
  3. I typically do concentrate on a single target if I can, you can't concentrate with just the torps you will run out of TB quick. The secondaries are awesome I have killed two DD's between them and rockets that were trying to get me.
  4. No I have watched carefully how they fall, they fall side by side which means if you attack down the length of the ship they tend to straddle it rather than hit anything. hence you will get more consistency attacking perpendicular.
  5. I'm getting better numbers in it then I am with Kaga, Enterprise and Saipan. @SgteBeltfed I got 6 citadels in this match with DB's, trick seems to be to attack from the side not the long end of the ship and drop in the middle of the superstructure. Funny thing though is I'm losing matches anyways due to potatoes unlike the Enterprise. Go figure. Other than a few tweaks it looks to be good as it is, Little White Mouse is correct the speed of the planes allow more strikes as long as you manage the plane replenishment properly.
  6. misanthrope0

    What would ypou choose?

    Ended up with the Graf Zep and not disappointed my damage numbers are higher than the Enterprise.
  7. misanthrope0

    Saipian or Ark Royal

    Ended up getting the Saipan since I'm doing so well with the Graf Zep
  8. misanthrope0

    Saipian or Ark Royal

    Your talking about AR I believe according to the Aeroon/Zoup videos she gets an extra torp in her drop and extra bombs in the strike but not really much improved over the Furious. Just as many bomb non penetrations. The Operations as gimmick might be interesting other than that? Saipan anyone?
  9. misanthrope0

    Is Yamato Worth It?

    If you wnat to skip over the T9 ship to get to Yamato fine it's a nasty grind otherwise play all the ships in that line.
  10. misanthrope0

    Battleships are a disappointment

    OP sounds like the people in WOT who joined and immediately found out that playing heavy tanks were A)Hard B)Vulnerable unsupported. I'm also seeing gaps in the BB list showing he XPed his way over ships not consistently grinding out all lines which means he is also lacking vital skills he never learned.
  11. misanthrope0

    Saipian or Ark Royal

    Had Saipan before the rebork. Ark Royal have any gimmicks to distinguish it from Furious?
  12. Ok ,yea get the Enterprise.
  13. misanthrope0

    Yuudachi torpedos need serious buff

    Take the torp accell skill still get 12Km torps.
  14. misanthrope0

    What would ypou choose?

    Ok why Vangard over Lenin?
  15. misanthrope0

    What would ypou choose?

    Vanguard, Graf Zeppelin, Irian, Lenin? I heard the Irian is no Kutozov. I'm leaning towards one of the BB's and the Graf Zep.