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  1. Sigh, they DON"T and only people who have not taken the time to play think so. How good they are doing with planes towards the end of the match has entirely to do with plane management. GZ's and Saipan's you can de-plane rather easily. If someone seems to have full plane loadout at the end of the match it's because they were pre-dropping to conserve planes or had no bad runs that wiped any full squadrons in the match.
  2. misanthrope0

    this game is fun but I have a question

    Yes because of protected match making and low tiers your seeing mostly bots, they get more challenging at higher tiers but their not up to the level of good or bad in random battles.
  3. misanthrope0

    What will submarine unlock requirements be?

    Submarines will be delivered by the stork.
  4. misanthrope0

    Cyclones are a Plague that Needs to Be Addressed

    I think this is meant as troll thread for all the CV cancer threads.
  5. misanthrope0

    CV's are a plague that needs to be addressed

    I'm a DD main I recently became a CV tertiary to learn more about them in order to play as a DD main and considering you hardly have more than 1000 battles in you have hardly learned the game mechanics in general much less being any good at a DD main and learning to deal with all it's counter. Wait till you to radar and CV's then you can [edited].
  6. misanthrope0

    World of Warplanes or World of Warships

    LOL, go play WOT and then get busted by artillery making a drop on you for half your health.
  7. misanthrope0

    Total number of players per side

    need larger maps their already cramped as it is by T10.
  8. misanthrope0

    DD's get [edited] yet again

    Doesn't have to affect concealment, the narrower the band between DD concealment and DD torp range means that on a practical level getting off your torps as your turn and getting out of dodge without getting spotted increases dramatically.
  9. misanthrope0

    DD's get [edited] yet again

    Your chart and we will use the middle values for the Kamikaze as an example, stacking the skills is less use full the poorer the concealment or the shorter the torp range much less both. Hence why a few DD's are going to need a buff to their base.
  10. misanthrope0

    DD's get [edited] yet again

    The torp speed boost is very minor buff, for those ships and handful of other DD's their torps will need and overall speed buff minus the module.
  11. misanthrope0

    DD's get [edited] yet again

    Err, you know were talking about torp detection range and not DD detection right?
  12. misanthrope0

    Don't mess with Le Terrible!

    Me also.
  13. This it should be reduced to 3 skill points
  14. Glad to hear it not too happy about them going to the RB but the rest of the year is more than enough time to finish the two I'm close on and the two I'm half way through.