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  1. misanthrope0

    Marceau or Nuestra?

    Leaning more to the Neustra at this point and just need a couple more K of coal to purchase without a coupon.
  2. misanthrope0

    Italian Destroyers

    Got the Premium one and at first glance not impressed.
  3. misanthrope0

    Marceau or Nuestra?

    Pro or Cons?
  4. misanthrope0

    USS Black

    Just when Im getting ready to have enough steel they pull the Somers which pissed me off to no end. looking to get the Neustra as consolation dont think the Marceau is that big a difference form other French DD's.
  5. misanthrope0

    Recommend me a dd line

    There isn't anything ticking all those boxes but I've come to love the Pan Euro{really swedish}, Very fast torps especially when ship/captain are specced for it Torps reload quickly but have mediocre damage[still no problem with many 100K damage matches. Ok concealment but not big deal because torps have both range and speed. Guns not bad but better specced for torps than guns. No smoke. Hybrid boats but outcall the Germans in everything but being a DD hunter.
  6. And realistically how long did that take you? Even one line reset doesn't net you the Poalo, so despite wanting some for these ships I have declined to participate.
  7. wth this update has switched my mouse buttons and no switching them in Control Panel and restarting the game does not fix. I see nothing in the game settings in regards the mouse that I can change.
  8. This unfortunately the life of a DD in randoms. You may be on a team but your really playing solo so you can never count on your team to do anything, period. You can get away with capping immediately T2-5 most times and T6/7 half the time. But T8-10 capping is what you do after the herd has been thinned out especially enemy DD's.
  9. misanthrope0

    Grinding the line but not enjoying it

    On wows stats and number except for T6/7 they all 50% win rates. Starting to think it's not worth my time.
  10. misanthrope0

    Help with picking some ships

    Smalland goes away when? I'm gonna look at biting the bullet and converting 1000000 XP instead of getting the Orkan.
  11. misanthrope0

    Help with picking some ships

    Ok so pulled the trigger on the Pyotr and Mainz got enough feed back and in reviews. The Orkan and Florida I'll hold out for little more feedback on.
  12. misanthrope0

    Help with picking some ships

    Yea the Silwagi turned out to be such a big dunce I was hesitant anyway.
  13. misanthrope0

    Help with picking some ships

    Keep it coming.