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  1. VonLippe

    Grumpy Old Farts United (GOFU)

    Update: Our clan has 4 seats remaining available
  2. VonLippe

    Naval Legends: Sovetsky Soyuz

    Damn...I thought I was going to be watching a historical overview of how the lack of technical talent (Stalin sent most of the Imperialist-era engineers and scientists to Siberia) coupled with massive corruption and systematic lying / falsifying reports endemic to Stalinist-era USSR fatally crippled any attempt to build a navy post Revolution. What a crock this video was. 46km range? Over open sights? Yeah, right. 1930's USSR couldn't build the turbines to power the ships, the armor plate to protect them, OR the fire-control to aim the guns. How about sticking to ships that actually put to sea / faced combat for your "Legends"? And why, why, WHY are we seeing an entire LINE of paper ships when the 5th most powerful navy of WW2 isn't even represented yet except by a few premies? That would be the Regina Marina AKA Italian Navy.
  3. VonLippe

    Rework / 8.0 changes radically changed game

    You guys missed the whole "Graf Spee vs 2x tier EIGHT CV's", didn't you? Graf has crap AA to start. Even if I max-polished that turd, those CV's could still park planes over me for 20 minutes without me shooting down more that 1 or 2. And that completely ignores the focus-fire that will happen to a bottom-tier cruiser spotted by red team.
  4. VonLippe

    Rework / 8.0 changes radically changed game

    Nope. Still not balanced. After playing since Beta and spending hundreds of dollars and thousands of hours on this game, even founding a clan, I find myself reluctant to play ships higher than t4. Run a t6 Graf Spee? Load into a match vs two T8 CV's. Yeah, that's going to be fun and engaging. I'll refrain from all the Anti-CV rants, and even those few Pro-CV apologists out there. What it boils down to is I spent a lot of money on this game because it was enjoyable... and it isn't any more. WG has seen the last of my wallet unless some MAJOR rework or rebalancing is done.
  5. VonLippe

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    I have started TWO threads on this "forum" today commenting on how under the new "Meta" the game is not enjoyable. BOTH threads were deleted by moderators who apparently don't understand that "FORUM" means a platform for discussion, not a censorship platform where only "approved" thoughts are allowed. What started it was me dropping into a T8 match w/ 2xCV's per team... in a t6 Graf Spee. LWM, you want data on how the current gameplay is flawed? There it is. It's supposed to be an enjoyable game. That match had zero chance of me enjoying it, so I dropped out and ran a different ship. I'm sure this is just repeating what others have been saying for months, but ways to fix CV's? 1) 1 CV per team max. Period. Don't care if your wait time is 20 minutes, you chose to run a CV. 2) +/- 1 Tier MM. Again, will adversely affect queue times, but if longer waits means I don't run into 4-CV games at +2 tiers, I'll happily take longer waits. 3) Either find some way to make AA more interactive for victims of airstrikes, or implement longer cooldowns for squadron launches so there's breaks in the deluge of airstrikes.
  6. VonLippe

    Rework / 8.0 changes radically changed game

    I have played a DD (Jutland), BB (Alsace) and CA (Duca d' Aosta). I did alright in the DD match only b/c the enemy CV's focus was on the other flank the majority of the match. Once they shifted to my side, I was dead in <2 minutes. The BB match I was unable to use my speed to flank (which is what French BB's are made for) and was under continuous air attack from the start of the match until they put me down. What fun. Duca has superior speed (for t6) plus defensive AA. And still cannot shoot down any of the t8 planes strafing me. Stay with the group? Yes, two blobs of ships huddled together to combine AA defenses and firing at max range at the other blob. What great fun that is. There is a joke among US Navy submariners that "there are only two kinds of ships: Submarines...and targets". Being an aircraft target / punching bag is not what I paid money to be.
  7. This is no longer the game that I have enjoyed since Beta. 8.0 completed changes the "meta" for the game and renders one ship class completely ineffectual (DD"s). How do I go about getting a refund for the 90 days premium I just purchased? I am no longer enjoying this. Prior to this rework, the "rock-paper-scissors" was balanced pretty well. Now it is CV vs AA and everything else is subordinated to that.
  8. Ah, I had forgotten about Espana. Ok, SECOND-smallest Dread.
  9. Bringing in Viribus Unitis (an Austria-Hungarian ship) as a German... well, ok. As the smallest dreadnought BB ever built, it should be a bit "stealthy", as Flamu pointed out. That firepower will be interesting, but, as a previous poster mentioned, her torpedo protection was awful. One ship of the class capsized and sank from just 2 (small torpedo-boat) torpedo hits, while another (VU herself) sank from a hand-delivered limpet mine. I personally like the look of the WW1 boats, and will likely acquire VU.
  10. GOFU=Grumpy Old Farts United. Get off my lawn! Err.. I mean ocean! Get off my OCEAN! We are a very casual clan... in fact, I created it solely to provide the economic benefits to our members. To date, we don't do CW, though we do occasionally get a few members to division together, and participation in the weekend "Naval Battles" is strongly encouraged. Hey, what can I say...it's tough to get Grumpy Old Farts to cooperate! So, if you're interested in an active, clannish-type clan, look elsewhere. If you just want a clan tag, and those nice economic & research bonuses, send me a request in-game! VonLippe