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  1. Suomen_Panssari

    Dear Sub Players.

    It was at first 2 US subs fighting they rammed each other enemy one survived at 25% hp tried surface and i didnt see his hull or anything come up i just sail over his sub and just past the bow and he decided to try and surface at that moment but he hit the keel my ship i hear explosion realize my Russian cruiser is flooding and lost a small amount hp. It was a 3 ships ramming each other and both subs died.
  2. Suomen_Panssari

    Dear Sub Players.

    Please watch out where you decide to surface please. I had a match in my Budyonny where enemy sub rammed an allied sub surfaced in front me and I got a ram kill on a sub i didn't see (he didn't break the surface yet) was funny as hell. Any one else get any funny "accidental" kills in the sub mode? My reaction confusion till i noticed my HP was lower and i had flooding and i was credited a sub kill.
  3. Suomen_Panssari

    Concerns for future of WoWs NA

    @Kalvothe I have been a fan WG since 2010 with world of tanks and was in the Closed beta for world of.. Tank's,Plane's,and Warships and i got recently back into world of warships in summer/ spring 2019 i came to warships because it seemed to be doing better population wise then tank side of the company and has been attracting players and i have made wonderful friends and play with my clan mates been having most fun I've had with a WG product in years i saw fall of warplanes i seen struggles with tanks i look at world of warships im seeing signs of similar not exactly same but similar mistakes that could be the start of things hurt community further then already has been in 2019 and i will say with events of how 2019 went and the holiday event pr and look back and comments on the forum thread for the look back of 2019 if i recall were majority negative.we are in 2020 and in those 2 months so far we have had our first 20 inch gun ship and in tail end of 2019 we had subs announced and few days ago the wip stats for new soviet line and i under stand a lot the stuff is subject to change but i feel concerned due to fact that I've been hearing mostly negative feedback from CC's and my circle of friends and other players that i talk to and i feel that since PR event which you say you learned a lot from but i will say that event severely hurt the community's trust of you guys and i feel 2020 should be a focus to try regain or repair the wounds to the community to regain our trust and to take time when implementing new things right yes i hear about CV rework how that rushed out a bit even though some feedback was listened too. i just hope that world of warships has some plans to repair communities trust on WG birthday event this year or something because i can feel and sorta tell some people still distrustful of WG and very skeptical of your announcements and what stuff is revealed by CC's and Dev's. I just hope you guys have some plans to fix that. i also understand the game is fine doing fine healthy now but I'm saying with community like this what will be the straw the breaks the camels back i don't want see community fracture or break apart over some decisions in 2020 the feel like a PR 2.0 or anything close to it when trust feels very low.
  4. Suomen_Panssari

    Concerns for future of WoWs NA

    For now but i feel with how rough 2019 was for WoWs just matter time till something is the straw break camels back i just have concerns for game that i enjoy play maybe reason im so pessimistic was cause i came from tanks side WG and that had its fair share issues. I never truly forgave WG over the sir foch incident but the PR fiasco on WoWs over shadows that by a long shot yea may be managed by 2 diffrent teams but you're still giving money to Victor Kislyi the CEO and the rest suits saying yes PR and stuff like this fine WG when it's not. All i am asking WG take your time these new ships and or features you wish put in the game because i feel could hurt player base in long run if their are implemented haphazardly or not balanced properly and i honestly have no faith in WG based on past track record thus i made this thread raising the fact i feel concerned for direction where could lead I'm not saying games dead but I'm saying game could possibly get hurt in long run if things go wrong and i do not want see that happen.
  5. Suomen_Panssari

    Concerns for future of WoWs NA

    With all due respect the games may be managed by different teams but at end of the day past a certain point you all have same suits at the top levels of the company and the choices and plans for your company's product's made up there can impact you guys lower that impact us and you can say no red flag as much you want but i honestly feel i see direction things are going and it has me as a player concerned that their some choices that are being made that might drive people away that are currently playing and in recent months may have driven some away and eventually it could lead to smaller community that still make money but smaller player base and i do not want see that for world of warships. I came to warships because i didn't like how tank side was being managed and i can see similar things starting happen here and it has me concerned. Wargaming does have a history of rushing things out or half baked ideas and they usually have negative impacts on their games and i feel to a degree some things need more testing on both games and be tweaked here there before release but higher up just through it out the door as is to some degree.I can point to CV rework for world of warships and i can point several instances in world of tanks.
  6. Suomen_Panssari

    Concerns for future of WoWs NA

    Flamu's video of the stats of the upcoming soviet ships. this has me concerned for the health of the game. Ok WG why not just remove all nations just have Soviets? i mean you "edited" WoT with so many soviet premiums to point them being the de-facto meta vehicles why not do it to ships too also didn't wot NA player base drop a lot recently too? Are you trying to world of warplanes world of warships cause sure looks like it. Flamu's video. https://youtu.be/tZbUWjOeRss if this how gonna be ill do what i did with WoT find another game play but with a different company to support since WG like drive away western audience.
  7. Suomen_Panssari

    What happend to the Montana?

    Do not give them ideas.
  8. Suomen_Panssari

    What happend to the Montana?

    Hey what the hell happened here? I didn't know WG could scrap your tier 10's.
  9. Put the Puerto Rico in the Armory after the event for 250,000 coal and if during the event you complete stages of the construction you get a % off the coal price for a limited time frame let say a month? it be good way for players who wanted it but have so much coal sitting on our accounts but didn't want do your directive grind. Also World of Warships should take a page from World of Tanks when they offer "free to grind" tier 8 tanks or pay $$ get it now. well in World of tanks after you complete a mission stage you get a 10% discount off the new premium and their usually 10 stages get progressively harder i think world of warships should take a page from World of Tanks and do a similar system either grind it for free or grind partially get a discount or pay all up front it give players more choice.
  10. Suomen_Panssari


    nah were still here anything that sneak around enemy team torp a CV is welcomed by me.
  11. Suomen_Panssari

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    The way i can see this being Balanced out is a Sub on surface can be shot at by any body but has a higher speed and use its deck gun (Looking at the German uboats with the 88). I bet when they dive under water your speed is reduced to about lets say half to be fair for balance sake but your more sneaky harder to detect and only can be Hydroacoustic Search equipped cruisers and radio perk and w.e other ASW equipment they come up with for cruisers and DD's. If i recall though uboats did have to surface from time to time they couldn't stay under forever so i have a feeling when sub goes under it have a timer how long you can stay under and i feel depending on which nations you pick this affect that and a sub captain need time his dives to be effective sneaky torpedo boi then when surface behind island wait for cool down or try be cheeky and pick off a low health ships with deck gun
  12. Suomen_Panssari

    Man, the Massachusetts is a Monster

    Not likely she was already on sale back in July around 4th july before summer sale started for around 40 dollars with a 10 point captain. thats when i got mine.
  13. Suomen_Panssari

    Old CBT replay

    Old CBT replay of Kitakami.
  14. Suomen_Panssari

    "Newish" Player looking buy tier 6 DD

    I am a world of tanks veteran player from cbt I've been invited to all the world of closed beta test since world of tanks to world of warplanes and even this game and my account is active premium due to playing world of tanks but i got sick that game for time being wanted something different and i got new pc recently and i have not touched wows since closed beta and came back to it so I'm still newish i was running low on credits so i got Anshan and a friend gifted me Aigle so i have two tier 6 ships. My Wot side: https://worldoftanks.com/en/community/accounts/1000145896-Suomen_Panssari/
  15. Suomen_Panssari

    "Newish" Player looking buy tier 6 DD

    Yes oculus