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  1. Desolate

    WorldOfWarships64.exe Crashing

    @Hapa_Fodder Switch your game to full-screen windowed and you'll be able to alt tab to get to the error prompt. Also CTRL+BACKSPACE+SHIFT will seperate your camera from your ship, press that combination again to bring it back. EDIT: Hapa what is your motherboard manufacturer and model/chipset?
  2. Desolate

    WorldOfWarships64.exe Crashing

    @Femennenly @turbo07 I'm the one having the issues that Salvo made this post for. I ran a WGCheck and it came up with nothing. My crashing also links to @Hapa_Fodder 's crashing. The difference is that Hapa is playing fullscreened and I am playing Fullscreen windowed. his computer is locking up because the "WOWS.exe has encountered a critical error [RESTART] [TERMINATE]" prompt window along with his task manager are stuck behind the frozen/crashed client, and the only way to kill it is to click the terminate button. So with that said, this isn't an isolated incident. These are other posts with multiple users claiming the same or similar issues. I'm pretty much guranteed to crash once if not multiple times during battle and it's making the game pretty much unplayable.