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  1. halonachos

    I will continue to play this game

    I will also continue to play and buy some things if I feel like it.
  2. Rather old, again WG is the king of F2P monetization and has better returns per player than really most other F2P games since 2014 when this same guy gave a talk about how WG did monetization so well they outperformed games with a much larger fanbase. Anyways heres a link, very interesting when it comes to the lootbox section. Looks like WG actually follows some rules and doesn't just put lootboxes out there. 1) Show what you can get in the lootbox 2) Make prizes available through other methods 3) Don't use them as your primary monetization source, only supplements
  3. halonachos

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Yep, look like a total looney. That'll get people to support you! Seriously, half the players I see in randoms think CC only means "closed caption". If you really care then don't make a donkey out of yourself by ruining the experience for others. They don't care and you'll just turn that apathy into disdain for you. Like this one guy who didn't launch any planes in his Saipan to boycott what WG did to it in the rework. I didn't care about what WG did, but I hated that guy. Anyways, played before the CC program and will play after. I just like shooting ships and the game matches what I want to do, so yeah.
  4. halonachos

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Coming from the general chat and in game conversations, this really hasn't meant too much. People who are playing tend to be playing for the sake of the game. Sure some higher clans may throw fits but overall it doesn't seem to be impacting the average player. Heck some don't even know the forums exist. in general, older players with money don't tend to watch youtubers play and the younger ones don't necessarily have that much disposable income anyways.
  5. To be fair, I've volunteered for bounties and the level of toxicity the community displayed towards me for just wanting to spread some doubloons around was incredibly disheartening. Yeah, WG is a company and they do toxic things the community cries out, but when they do something light hearted the community fills that toxic void because nobody deserves nice things. I guess that's where some of my stance comes from. Sure not everyone is toxic, but it also seems like a case of telling someone they have a splinter in their eye when you've got a plank in yours. I get what bandi73 was saying, but at the same time logical debate comes i to play with most things. Right now I'm sure a lot of people are emotional about this thing, and when someone tries to bring some reasoning into emotional arguments then they're going to get ostracized. He also proved my point that just because you don't have experience in something does not mean that you cannot draw logical conclusions from facts or arguments being presented to you. If you have a brain you can put 2+2 together in any subject and are more than capable of forming your own conclusions. Are you an expert, no, but if someone says that meteors fly fast in space and that things flying fast hurt a lot then you can conclude that a meteor hitting the Earth is a bad thing without being an expert in astrophysics. I'm not arguing that what WG is right, I could not care less about that argument because it's been well established that that is either a losing fight or that WG is indeed doing stupid things. Prior behavior indicates the latter. I am arguing that we, as a community, shouldn't fault other players for their opinions or for how they think things went down. I am also arguing that the community as a whole is not much better than we think and treating people like trash while saying a company does it really does require a lot of mental gymnastics to say that you're on the right side. You're just as bad except you're not making money for doing what you're doing, so why are you doing it?
  6. Some of it is coming from people who aren't looking into the situation from all perspectives. They choose an opinion from someone that they idolize and instantly take their side regardless of what is said and everyone else is wrong regardless. To me it is simple, accept people as people regardless of who they are and give them some respect because they are people. If they start being jerks then stop respecting them. The original post wasn't a jerk move so give the man some respect. Coming from a debate mindset, attacking him and saying he has no room to talk is an ad hominem fallacy. People can inherently take things that have happened, facts, figures, etc and come to conclusions regardless of how much time they've been somewhere or in a group. This was a statement of his conclusions on the idea. Appealing to authorities is also a logical fallacy. So people responding to him are either bad at debates or not here to debate him, but only to attack and belittle. To me, attacking and belittling someone for their opinion is a jerk move so for me it causes me to lose respect for those who act that way. Some people are choosing to defend that behavior despite them probably thinking bullying is wrong, assuming that people are generally good, which would make me think that they are putting their like for the personality above their own belief in what is negative behavior. You asked, so that's where it's coming from. As far as being powerless, I get it and I don't disagree for any CC leaving the program for any reason. It's just that some of the reasons given seem to be more of a cop out to hide the real reason. A popular CC is leaving and other popular ones are following suit, if you stay then you risk getting mobbed by that CC's fans but you can't really say that's why you're also leaving the program so you go with one that everyone else is using. Been in that situation before while running IRL events and yeah it really does come down to that sometimes. Peer pressure is a hell of a drug.
  7. Yeah, honestly. People looking for an effigy to burn and they chose him because he put out an opinion on things. Been playing Wargaming games since WoT open beta. I knew that monetization was a huge thing for the game with good ol' gold rounds. Anyone who came into WoWs thinking there wouldn't be monetization is foolish. Anyone who has been a CC and didn't realize that they help sell a game with monetization until right now is kind of silly and I don't really get that as being a reason. I do understand the being talked down to, etc, that makes sense to not want to support that. All of them sold the game as something fun by having fun while playing. All of them sold premium ships by showing what they could do. All of them should have known the game was about monetization as soon as they saw that premium ships and premium time were a thing. I mean since 2014 people have known that WoT was getting more money from their players on average compared to LoL and other F2P games. There was a guy who had a video saying that Wargaming was the penultimate in F2P monetization design because it balanced perceived benefits with cost so well. So yeah, monetization was never a surprise. People are willing to even pay for a crate to have a chance to get a tech tree ship! I'm baffled by some of the responses to the video though. Seriously, it's a valid opinion and I'm glad he's sticking with it. Some of the responses are coming from a cult of personality as opposed to actually thinking about the issue.
  8. See, I am not 100% sure if I would call them a precedent. It's a marketing tactic that works for many companies and hobbies. It's a trade of a high price guarantee or a low price chance as opposed to casino or lottery type gambling where there is a chance that you will gain nothing. You always get something when you make a lootbox purchase which would put WG at a higher moral standard than a church or school raffle. With the raffle you pay and there's a chance you will walk away empty handed, but dang it's an effective fundraiser. Could they revisit it, for sure. Is it downright evil, no. Is it selling gambling to kids, no more than anything else available in the world. Kids buy packs of cards with chance involved, kids make trades at lunch with food, kids pay other kids to carry out dares, etc. It's all basic risk/reward.
  9. No, but someone calling the CC in question a shill, unreliable, etc is. If you recall I never said you specifically, I referred to the community as a whole.
  10. So trading card games and collectible cards have existed for some time now. These are marketed to kids as well, because kids also like to collect things. Yeah you always get cards, but when I pay $3.50 for a pack of Magic cards I am gambling on what I get. Sometimes it's a $50 cars and sometimes all of the cards add up to a 20 cent value. The lootboxes are the same. Sure there's a chance you can get a $50 ship for $5, but you can also get $2 worth of camo or signal flags. You can buy second hand cards and pay that $50 knowing for sure what you get or spend far less on a gamble. It's how all blindboxes and booster packs for physical card games go. WoWs and WoT, to me, have always been more marketed to the older crowd. That's who I've played with since WoT open beta, always been mostly older people who are vets, retired, disabled, or any combination. The younger crowd may now be coming in because of youtube videos but to me the main demographic has always seemed like people near retirement age who have plenty of time(for the grindy missions) and usually have disposable income(for the lootboxes). As for the younger crowd, in the old days they'd spend it on packs of cards.
  11. Yeah, so why is it okay to belittle anyone who chooses to continue to be a CC? Does it make you a better person if you belittle them for making a choice to stay? No it doesn't. Leave the ones who to choose to stay alone, if you don't want support the game then that's fine but don't bully people into not wanting to. I don't get the issues being brought up by the CCs except for the whole "WG is treating us badly", then again I am not in a position to really care about their reasons. I just don't like the fact that the ones who want to stay are being pooped on for doing so.
  12. I personally see no fault in any CC remaining, saying why they want to remain, etc. I see major fault in anyone who points a finger at them and then shuns them. Some people don't care about the drama of everything and enjoy a game simply because it is a game that they enjoy playing. As far as the "gambling aimed at kids" aspect goes. How is it any different from buying a pack of Pokemon, Magic The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc cards? How is it different from buying blind boxes for figures, I mean even Lego does it with the minifigure packs. The grind missions are definitely optional and you are in control of your own mouse clicks. You choose to spend your money and if you don't want to spend it on WG products then don't, I'm not going to fault anyone for not wanting to spend their own money somewhere. TL:DR, Stop belittling CCs who want to stay and play just because others don't. It's trashy behavior at best and downright manipulative and mean at worst.
  13. halonachos

    Game dropping Internet connection

    Wanted to cancel the game after 7 minutes, however letting it run until it either boots or reaches a normal game's time limit, got bored after 16 minutes and that's close enough to 20 minutes I guess. Pinging login.worldofwarships [] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=52ms TTL=245 Reply from bytes=32 time=49ms TTL=245 Reply from bytes=32 time=49ms TTL=245 Reply from bytes=32 time=56ms TTL=245 Ping statistics for Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss), Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds: Minimum = 49ms, Maximum = 56ms, Average = 51ms So it seems that I can get to the login pretty decently but the game is having issues, I'm trying to avoid reinstalling but that's always an option of course. Shutdown antivirus to see if that will do anything, no luck there. For time's sake going to call it at the 2 minute mark, double the time limit that I normally get with my worst connection in the house. So far shutting down antivirus seems to be a fix? Game launched successfully, battle launched successfully, exited to port successfully. Turned anti-virus back on, game launched successfully. I would give turning your antivirus off and starting a new instance of WoWs. If it takes more than double the normal time to log in then you still have an issue. Would then try to do a dns flush and deleting your temporary internet files to see if that's part of it. I lied, enabling antivirus caused the same issue. So yeah, just turn off your antivirus.
  14. halonachos

    Game dropping Internet connection

    I did try, issue is that it didn't let me log into the game at all the second time I tried. Just kind of sat there being sad. After roughly 5 minutes I just stopped the game and gave it up for a few days. Normally it'll take a minute or so to boot in, but heck I left it trying to reconnect after the leaving game drop and I had time to read on the forums and read about the checking game files for integrity on the WGC, which I did, before finally shutting the game down. So that was all together about 15 minutes and it still hadn't reloaded. Attempting to run it again, sweep concluded and added to firewall exceptions from the WGC. Restarting game.
  15. halonachos

    Game dropping Internet connection

    I have also had this issue, tried with multiple types of connections too. Powerline, lan, and wifi but they all give the same result. I have restarted my machine multiple times, powercycled the modem, etc. Only time I have an issue with the online connection is with World of Warships. Typically it is a very slow login to the actual game, WGC opens like a charm, and then easy access to armory and anything in the port. Trying to start a game results in a game crash and trying to log back on sometimes takes longer than the battle itself, resulting in the glorious penalty for leaving a game early. I gave the game a rest for a bit and tried again this afternoon, starting a game resulted in losing connection to the game, but hey I was able to log back on this time with half health and a spread of torps coming at me so at least I'll avoid an additional penalty. However when I went to exit to port after a riveting 4 minutes of gameplay after almost 10 minutes of waiting, the game lost connection again. Attempting to log back on, did some research for like 5 minutes of others having this issue, then came to the forum, wrote this post, and the game is still waiting to reconnect. This all started I bought a black Friday crate too, maybe RNG was so against me that it also made the game disconnect too? Anyways I'm sure it'll get sorted out soon enough but I would really, really like to get rid of that strike on the account for leaving a game early.