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  1. GalileoAstra

    You want to get good at being a DD player?

    I agree, as DD player ( average to below) it took me a while to start ignoring the chat and not rush in. My scores and game enjoyment improved drastically. The problem IMHO is that most DD players are expected to be aggressive, when we are not we get Karma slammed, chat berated etc. DD players do not get any points for cap contest, I can deny cap until cows come home but no points will be awarded, I can torpedo wall away the attacking force and deny cap but unless damage is done I am useless according to WoW. I can sit in cap and delay its capture, I can stealth in my IJN and spot, but if team is not focused it goes by wayside. My contribution is not reflected if I play smart unless my team takes advantage of this. I usually end up in top 3 spots lately whether win or lose but it is reflection of my teams not my personal achievement. DD is very strong in last 5 minutes and can turn the game, getting there is hard and very team dependent. I see it as dual problem of team expectation and the way the game is heavily tilted to damage score and cap capture score. I does not reward defensive play at the beginning of engagement, and DD is one bad move from death so players rush to cap and damage.
  2. GalileoAstra

    No experience/credits/etc after battle?

    Still a problem. Of course its only when I have a awesome win. Where was this yesterday when I had 4 loses in a row in ranked? I am on 2 day premium, serves me right for giving them money.
  3. GalileoAstra

    The Single Worst Ship for the Game?

    All ships with Radar followed closely by all ships with Smoke. Zero skill (or very little skill) very high reward. Yes I am opening that can of worms.