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  1. Jambock

    Info about high tier"coal" ships.

    K, thanks for the tip; i'll take a look on the tutorials.
  2. Jambock

    Info about high tier"coal" ships.

    In my case i'm always stuck in higher lvl battles and my planes are destroyed even for a single ship AA (not all times but most of the times) before i can do a second attack run for example. Hardly a single plane come back to the carrier. This don't happens with any other CVs i have (USA, German, Soviet and UK). PS.: I have lvl IV and VI Cvs; it happens with IJN Ryujo (VI) but not with USS Ranger (VI) for example.
  3. Jambock

    Info about high tier"coal" ships.

    Man that sucks :/ No chance of them come back not even in a seasonal event for example? Just got back to the game after years and this notice isn't something that make me really hyped with the game status... (in truth i have been playing with my japanese CVs and man now they sucks hard :/ )
  4. Hi, can someone tell me whats the best high tier ships that we can buy with coal? Thanks in advance.