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  1. Just uncheck the box for "Resupply using in-game currency if unavailable" and it will stop taking doubloons for flags or camo or whatever if you run out
  2. Sorry to say it but that's working as intended.
  3. It's pathetically easy to get a 14 point captain by tier 10. In my American line I have a 19 point captain in my Iowa, 16 point in my Balti and a 15 point in my Benson.
  4. looks like someone at WG screwed up. Nothing new there. oh well. Grats to the winners!
  5. You posted this 4 times. Didn't you think once was enough?
  6. BBS must CAP First-NOT DDs

    Not sure if serious but... no!
  7. ship horns

    Who cares, it's the thought that counts!
  8. or just install Aslains mod pack. It has mods in it that let you disable them.
  9. I have both and they are both good. i've been enjoying the Alabama more lately though.
  10. Actually The stock Alabama AA is 75 not 93. if you see a AA score of 93 on a Alabama then that is including upgrades and/or captain skills. Also, someone mentioned the Takao. It is not a premium. It doesn't get any credit or xp boosts. hell, you can't even put camo on it.
  11. co-op?

    Probably a little from column A and B
  12. I mentioned that earlier in this thread and it's been mentioned on other threads regarding PvP chat is "toxic". I was told that I had no valid points for pointing out my opinion and how the campaign design means WG want people to play pvp to get the rewards. I didn't know that because you don't agree with someone you can dismiss their opinion and facts they state by telling them they "have no valid points". I'll have to remember that the next time I'm speaking to a police officer or someone else trying to enforce rules I don't agree with. As pointed out most people's reading comprehension on these forums sucks.
  13. Just because you don't agree (or fail at reading comprehension) doesn't mean i have no valid points. The game is CURRENTLY set up so you have to play PvP to get THAT reward. Not everyone is a special snowflake. Everyone doesn't deserve EVERY reward. This isn't T-ball, not everyone gets a trophy. Play the game as they intended for that campaign or GTFO. As far as people watching streams of people playing goes, People do enjoy watching streams plus it's a great way to get better at the game. You can pick up some nice strategies by watching players better than yourself. I enjoy watching people play WoWs more then watching baseball, football or any other sport on TV. I get tired of all these multi millionaires that think they are the greatest thing to grace the face of earth.
  14. Tell that to the people currently watching WoWs pvp on twitch or the people that watch Supremacy League (or one of the other player run leagues). Admittedly not many people are watching right now but it varies. World of Tanks has like 9k people watching right now.
  15. I read it before i ever posted. Just cause you don't agree with what I said doesn't mean I have no substance to what i'm saying. Just because it was one way on the test server doesn't mean jack unless it makes it to the live server. It didn't make it to the live server so by definition the design changed during the testing phase to exclude co op. IT'S CALLED A TEST SERVER FOR A REASON.