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  1. Shocri

    Ranked is becoming toxic

    I want to know when it wasn't toxic
  2. I had been thinking about playing again at least until they release subs in randoms but after seeing this, Nevermind. Transformers and ww2 era warships is about one of the dumbest crossovers I’ve heard of in any game I’ve played. What did you hire Michael Bay and need something for him to do?
  3. Thats funny cause the "respectable" people I know swear like sailors when not at work.
  4. That right there is exactly why they are in game! Spend spend spend...
  5. Shocri

    State of the playerbase?

    As someone that doesn't play DD's pretty much at all (i have a couple lines up to tier 8) CV's are most definitely a plague on the other classes. This game isn't fun to play anymore in its current state. Nobody like getting farmed by someone sitting in the corner of the map that you have no chance of fighting against. You work for WG so of course you are going to say that. It's just corporate propaganda. WG is a company located in a former soviet bloc country after all so it makes some sense even if it doesn't work as well on the NA server. I'm just going to uninstall even though i have 230 days of premium time left. I don't expect anyone to care but it's the last thing I can do to show how much i disagree with the direction this game is going. I've already stopped spending money on it and gave you several months to fix things with the rework. This game is a lost cause at this point. It was fun while it lasted I guess.
  6. Well your "tactical trade off" dev struck my wallets ability to spend money on this game. As for AA sector redesign, I hope you will excuse my lack of faith in Wargaming's ability to fix that after how the CV rework went. About half my ships I don't bother playing anymore because they aren't fun to play in CV games. About half the remaining ones I hope not to get a CV game when I hit the battle button so I'm slowly getting tired of them also. That leave the AA heavy ships and even then if the CV wants you dead there is nothing you can do which is not fun at all. At least when fighting against other surface ships the battles are still fun even if you don't always come out on top. No one enjoys knowing that they are going to die at the hands of a CV when you can't do anything to stop it.
  7. that's not 100% true... She does definitely have her fanboi's that will upvote anything she says.
  8. Shocri

    Man Battlestations Monday - Airstrike Defense

    As long as that "Slingshot Drop" crap is still in game my best defence will me to not play or spend money on this game. Works great, I never even see a plane come close to me!
  9. Shocri

    8.0.3 CV results

    And they probably never will. Now that more CV's are playing I have found that I don't want to even log in anymore. I hardly ever play DD's so i'm not just "another DD player that wants CV's removed from the game". the worst part is my wife bought me the year of premium for X-Mas and it's basically going to waste.
  10. Nope, she was 1500 meters from ground zero in the first test and was barely damaged, in the second test she was 870 meters from ground zero.
  11. Shocri

    RIP Arms Race Sep 2018 - Sep 2018

    They are a set of missions each tier 10 gets that rewards you with a unique upgrade that you can buy that only that tier 10 ship can equip
  12. Shocri

    Veteran Player Discount

    no, we won't. they will ignore this by saying "there will be "deals" for veterans soon!" My wallet will stay closed for the time being. They probably consider that 400+ dollar pack of ships they offered last year as the type of deal that veterans want.
  13. Just uncheck the box for "Resupply using in-game currency if unavailable" and it will stop taking doubloons for flags or camo or whatever if you run out