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  1. The UK Battle mission were back when the UK BB's came out and gave a flag when finished. The Stalingrad #1 is the same flag just renamed for clan wars mission.

    Op I think your name is very fitting for this topic
  3. Who can see skins?

    Only you can see them
  4. n/a

    I think from is correct as he was leading a fleet of ships not just one battleship.
  5. Ummm

    Dreadnaught is damage received not potential damage.
  6. Collection Reward

    Then I have to ask why are you complaining about free stuff
  7. USS Indianapolis on PBS

    Thanks for the heads up
  8. credits at tier IX

    5. Buy permanent camo for your ship it has a 5% at tier 7- 50% at tear 10 reduction on the post-battle servicing cost. And makes money for WG.
  9. iChase Petition

    there is no need for a petition to reinstate him he said in a reddit post he was not going to come back to the CC program
  10. Forcing Niko to fix the game

    This could back fire on you he might like Broccoli.
  11. We Must Keep the Gloriousness That Was That Thread

    I want it back was only able to make it to page 5. Need to finish reading it.
  12. If anyone is wondering just how bad the rewards are for the team play section here is an example
  13. Easter egg on Prinz Eugen?

    It has nothing to do with the testing at Bikini Atoll. Those tests didn't take place tell July of 46 and she survived both of them. Its probably a reference to the us salvage for her fire control system for study. They were looking at the magnetic amplifier technology that was used in it the same used to help guide V2 rockets.
  14. [BUG] Steven Seagal

    its a UI bug only on the Missouri. From a post this morning http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/115212-missouri-training-bug/page__pid__2793424#entry2793424
  15. How long before gifts show up

    you need to log into your sons account on the website and there should be a thing that says gifts and you have to accapt it there then it will show up in his account. i think its in account management but it been awhile since i got a gift