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  1. Kittens_On_Board

    Rules of Navigation

    No both parties get fined for the collision.
  2. Kittens_On_Board

    Twitch Prime Port Not Available

    Its working fine for me. Maybe try re-linking your account or contact support and see if they can help.
  3. Kittens_On_Board

    Russian Battleships from Crates

    They are early releases for the RU BB line that should come with the next patch
  4. Kittens_On_Board

    Prepare to cringe! Top 10 list FAIL!

    well that i made it to 8:45 and just WOW that was bad.
  5. Kittens_On_Board

    811 xp!...Really?

    Jutland has 113mm guns.
  6. Kittens_On_Board

    811 xp!...Really?

    i would ask do you have IFHE commander skill. If you do not then that is why you did no damage. Your HE pen is 18mm without it and BB's have 19mm of armor at the weakest so without you cant pen them at all.
  7. Kittens_On_Board

    arpeggio of blue steel backpacks

    Blue is my favorite color so i would say Blue
  8. Kittens_On_Board

    0.8.0 delay not reflected in premium shop

    Steel Monsters is good for 180 days form purchase. so why would it get a delay? https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/deals/premium-shop-december-2018/ Details Owners of this bundle get access to a campaign called "Steel Monsters". The campaign will be available for 180 days upon purchase. As you progress, you'll be able to earn Steel, Secret Santa containers, Warships Premium time, signals and camo patterns. If the campaign is included in two or more purchased bundles, the time periods allocated for its completion will be summed up, but the campaign itself can only be completed once. Doubloons are a special in-game currency that can facilitate your progress along the Tech Tree for a more enjoyable experience. Please note the following: you can purchase this package only once per account.
  9. Kittens_On_Board

    New Kancolle Anime Project Announced

    I think it will based on that trailer. That looked like it could be the Battle of Surigao Strait to me.
  10. Kittens_On_Board

    What happens to a refused gift?

    Refused gifts are returned to sender as is. So if they go you a ship then they get the ship back if its gold they get the gold etc.
  11. Kittens_On_Board

    What ship is this? (Solved)

    I'm guessing they used stock footage for the ship as Information form WikiZilla(https://wikizilla.org/wiki/Godzilla_Raids_Again#Weapons.2C_Vehicles.2C_and_Races) does not list and ships used in the film. If the footage was of one of the ship transferred to Japan after the war. Then the ship would be ether the DD454 USS Ellyson or DD458 USS Macomb both ship were part of the Gleaves class. This Information is found in Conway's All the world's fighting ships 1922-1946 book.
  12. this I agree with. I think people should just try to have fun with the event and try to get what they can out of it. WG is giving us free stuff for playing the game and if you worry too much about maxing out reward it can suck the fun out of it. If you want to be a Shark be a shark .If you want to be an Eagle be an Eagle. if maxing out your rewards is fun for you cool. its a game and we need to just worry about having FUN.
  13. give how they are going about this event it was going to turn out this way if you want the extra reward pick the winning side that why the sharks are winning. I think its stupid to get mad about not getting rewards when there is something you can do about.