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  1. Naval Legends Alabama is very disappointing

    They have a proper Naval Legends video for the Alabama
  2. Naval Legends Alabama is very disappointing

    this seem more like one of the development diaries then the Naval Legends
  3. Selecting Ship Names in Class

    Thats the reason WG wont do this
  4. The 7.2 public test notes say its comming with 7.2
  5. List of BB content that has yet to be released

    I think it more likely she will be a CV as she was converted to one during construction.
  6. Preferences file corrupted?

    You can move the pregerences file to another folder and start the game and a new one will be created in its place with the default setting. If you want to try that just don't delete the one you have in case thats not the problem
  7. I have gotten it in the T7 Sims and T8 North Carolina both with 30 kills
  8. AHLA: Richelieu. (Image heavy)

    i came across this Amazon sale https://www.amazon.com/French-Battleship-Richelieu-Villefranche-sur-Mer-postcard/dp/B0186UKZL4 and some more recent pictures of the area look very similar.
  9. AHLA: Richelieu. (Image heavy)

    I was board so i did so searching on google and it looks like this was taken in Villefranche-sur-Mer Southern France.
  10. When WG removes Missouri ?

    Missouri is being removed with patch 7.2 in about 2 months but we don't have a date yet. Found the announcement its near the bottom of the patch notes https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/update-0615-let-it-snow/ Bring Home Mighty Mo Now's your chance to pick up the US tier IX USS Missouri for in-game Free XP -- she's departing on release of Update 0.7.2 as we roll out a new tier IX battleship that can be acquired with Free XP. We decided two ships occupying the same niche at the time is one too many. Get grinding, you can still get Missouri for about two more months.
  11. Extended Tech Tree and Retired Ships...

    It's just a placeholder if you click to buy it nothing will happen
  12. The UK Battle mission were back when the UK BB's came out and gave a flag when finished. The Stalingrad #1 is the same flag just renamed for clan wars mission.

    Op I think your name is very fitting for this topic