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  1. this I agree with. I think people should just try to have fun with the event and try to get what they can out of it. WG is giving us free stuff for playing the game and if you worry too much about maxing out reward it can suck the fun out of it. If you want to be a Shark be a shark .If you want to be an Eagle be an Eagle. if maxing out your rewards is fun for you cool. its a game and we need to just worry about having FUN.
  2. give how they are going about this event it was going to turn out this way if you want the extra reward pick the winning side that why the sharks are winning. I think its stupid to get mad about not getting rewards when there is something you can do about.
  3. wow some of you are taking this way to seriously.
  4. Cosmetic Issue With the Iowa

    Just to so there can be no confusion A Hull B Hull C Hull
  5. Cosmetic Issue With the Iowa

    It is a real quote as far as i have been able to find out but who said it is up for debate depending on the source you are using.
  6. Cosmetic Issue With the Iowa

    Since you don't have the ship yet you are looking at her A hull witch would be form around 1943 and for that time period the Bridge is correct.
  7. Also how are you going to solve a TK problem by putting in a system that rewards TKing
  8. This could make battles a question of who can kill their own team faster wins.
  9. Naval Legends Alabama is very disappointing

    They have a proper Naval Legends video for the Alabama
  10. Naval Legends Alabama is very disappointing

    this seem more like one of the development diaries then the Naval Legends
  11. Selecting Ship Names in Class

    Thats the reason WG wont do this
  12. The 7.2 public test notes say its comming with 7.2
  13. List of BB content that has yet to be released

    I think it more likely she will be a CV as she was converted to one during construction.