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  1. devilarmor

    Do we need rank for each tier ?

    seeing "rank of fame" , "tier of fame" will be fun best tier 8 of the month is ........... or best tier 6 of the month is .......
  2. devilarmor

    Do we need rank for each tier ?

    yeah, we will be happy if we have that , heheh, best t8 , t9, and so on, like throphy ?
  3. just some thought, maybe is it possible to have rank for each tier ?
  4. devilarmor

    boost immune system

  5. devilarmor

    boost immune system

    byeee, good luck on surviving , keep strong
  6. devilarmor

    boost immune system

    imnot interesting and respect to debate, since u keep pushing and insist that i give medical advice, i already explain as i can that i just simply sharing what we do in our country especially, imnot advice to drink avigan or chloroquine or primaquine if u get fever in this pandemic, i dont mind share anything positive anywhere, its because humanity that we did in our country and our neighbour country , ( u forget mention lemon, orange and tomato is that dangerous thing too like dettol or methanol drink by unlucky poor ppl ? ), i think i cant share anything positive on this community, my assumed was wrong about it, so maybe skip and igmore my experience drink fresh ginger, turmeric , orange lol, lemon, lol and natural honey LOL .... maybe u should more learn about ginger, turmeric.....maybe it can add more knowledge than presume, guessing, assume, ok, bye , anything u post later, i will ignore it .....
  7. devilarmor

    boost immune system

    lol lazy stubborn idiot crazy arrogance, BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ,
  8. devilarmor

    boost immune system

    get ur IG, then wrote as u wrote here, "If you're not...blargh blargh blargh..............." . and tell her dont give medical advice in instagram and dude, i already say good bye..... i mean it, next time read carefully before u decide words, ok ? its just take 5 - 10 mins to read and understand, dont be lazy , we have plenty of time on WFH w/e if u SFH
  9. devilarmor

    boost immune system

    please read and understand before u make comment, u are native english, arent u ?
  10. devilarmor

    boost immune system

    its not medical, its like supplement, i dont give any advice especially medical advice, i just share what we doing in our country , most of us do u see any medical thingie or advice on this post ? and even if i licensed physician , no need to tell ppl like u, lol its more for pharmacist, virulogist, and herbalist, physian ? lol not yet not yet, we still busy on our mollecular docking and trying hard find best compounds , lol, i just share something, like i share beer, yogurt or flashy places, and pls correct ur word medical base on logic, there are no medicines or vaccine yet for this virus , so word medical u use look stupid for me, use ur brain more, dude....dont be lazy , WFH time, we have time
  11. devilarmor

    boost immune system

    , i dont want to to continue this debate, less ethical sense of arguing at a critical time like this, thousand people dying everyday, while we confuse like our cytokine ( since it was new virus , need time for our immune system ) to find medicine or vaccine for this new mutated corona virus ( maybe its 7th gen of corona ) , i just wanna share about drink ginger root, turmeric root, lemon - orange, and tomato juice that mix with nature honey during this pandemic, lol u should find and hear, about some ppl drink dettol , its real, its happen in 1 our remote island, poor ppl ok, good bye, and good luck, keep strong and healthy
  12. devilarmor

    boost immune system

    boost mean to speed up antibody production and make more antibody for specific virus ( this mean for sars-cov2 ) , normally our body immune system need about 7 to 14 days to produce antibody for specific virus in first infection ( on 2nd, 3rd , and so on infection, immune system need just about 1 - 3 days to produce specific antibody that alrdy record on our cell ), so we hope with this herbs remedy it will speed up to 4-7 days only, because until now we have not found a drug / medicine or vaccine to ward off this virus, and keep in mind, what we are doing now in Indonesia and maybe people in other places / countries are to consume the ingredients that I mentioned above, specifically in Indonesia this herbs are one of our culture heritages and our consumption based on recommendations from health experts in our country, and also based on info from patients around the world who have recovered ( they only consume vitamins C, E, D, zinc, curcumin and take paracetamol if fever (on days 4 to 10) note: patients with mild to moderate symptoms, not patients with comorbidities or critical conditions, the point is I'm just trying to share in this pandemic, maybe we have different opinions, whatever that is, keep strong and healthy and its just a fresh ginger root, turmeric root, lemon, orange and tomato for vit C and E anyway, lol, not mambo jumbo synthetic chemical thingie, good bye
  13. devilarmor

    boost immune system

    hello , first of all condolence for ppl who died bcuz of pandemic, I just want to share something I know during pandemic, we Indonesians usually consume ginger, turmeric, and other herbs (curcumin), fruits that have vit C and E everyday that can increase immunity, maybe try this for consumption every day: 5 cm (about the size of a thumb) ginger root and turmeric root, then boiled with 300 cc of water, for + - 15 minutes, so the water becomes + - 200 c, pour into a glass, wait for warm then mix 2 tablespoons of honey, stir, then drink it, would be better, if mixed with minimum vitamin C 500 mg and vit E, this remedy is useful for boosting the immune system ( our body will produce antibody shorter / about 3-4 days compare to normal time, its about 10 - 14 days ) so i hope it may be useful keep strong , and stay healthy, cya
  14. devilarmor

    migrate to windows 10

    thanks all for respond, i will try to copy game folder to my installed win10, so if itsnot work, im going to make dual boot win10-win7 ( i will install WoWs on win7 OS )
  15. i can send u a copy of my gamemods chechlisted option ( most are for battle not reduce game effect ) and if u like and use it, pls keep it as ur secret till u die