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  1. devilarmor

    Having trouble with Soyuz

    frankly, I was very interested in Kremlin, so I tried to grind it first, and I also experienced the same thing with soyuz , in my opinion, this ship should be given a little more decrease gun reload ( maybe like 28 - 29s ) maybe a give more little speed ( maybe 29 - 31 knots ) and hydro, considering this ship like that is a type of close combat fighter that sometimes needs hit and run tactics, so guess thats all for this time, good luck and enjoy the game
  2. devilarmor

    just a thought

    hello, just a thought, we all know, nowadays there are many people who already have t10, I just think, is it possible in the future, to apply the level / grade system ( or i dont know what name is ) for the t10 ? for example: 1 star t10 or stripe 1 t10, and so on, where each grade will give a unique advantage, for example flags, or camo, decoration or other things that will differentiate and show the different levels / grade and a qualification system may be applied to increase this level, so only skillful people that can achieve the grade in t10
  3. devilarmor

    1 on 1 competition / ranked

    hopefully WG can apply this small group ranked battle or even it's 1v1 ranked battle
  4. devilarmor

    1 on 1 competition / ranked

    i mean the tier 8 < ranked battle, but its for 1, or 2, or 3 participants
  5. hello, Is there a possibility that a 1 on 1, or 2 on 2 , or 3 on 3 ( based on class and tier ) competition / ranked battle will be held in the future ? *CVs shouldnot allow to join in small group ranked battle or maybe do in "all cvs" ranked battle