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  1. Congrats and welcome to the crowd! I still find myself coming and reading the forums but like yourself, I, and great deal many others have had enough. Good luck and give it time. Took me about a month and I realized just how much more happy I am now. WoWs went from being a great way to blow off steam to being extremely stressful and agitating. Your blood pressure will thank you
  2. Blah blah blah my feelings...... blah blah... lol omg the state of wargamming online has hit new lows...
  3. Nailed it 100%. I've spent countless hours and money for this game since beta, finally realized what a scam this whole thing has been for the past 2 years. Good job WG
  4. Concept6

    German Secondaries in Action - WG Please Help

    Asking WG to help German anything is an exercise in futility. German bbs are already the lowest damage dealing bb line. Their huge superstructure and broad beam make them an easy HP pinata.
  5. Concept6

    Rework side effect - depressing

    Take a break from the game. When it becomes work and no longer an escape to unwind, its no longer fun. Life is too short, find a better more enjoyable/fulfilling outlet.
  6. Its not just this thread. Its every single thread he posts in. He plays the role of contrarian and presents counter arguments no matter how false they are. Its seemingly his form of self amusement or he's a member of WG posing as someone else to take the devs side regardless. This person has 61 battles with 4 being in BBs and yet has an expert opinion on all operations relating to bbs.
  7. Need more German piñatas. That is why they are promoting them. Especially with the rework to secondaries. Some players of relatively high skill will offset the majority that show the weaknesses.
  8. I've seen dd players who saw cvs in the match suicide right away as some sign of protest. Purposely screwing their team over. I bet that this is one of those guys.
  9. Concept6

    When to Step Away

    This right here. Ive stepped away several times in the past. Currently I'm on the longest break I've taken and honestly just reading the forums, I dont think ill be coming back. My blood pressure went up several points playing this game and its seemingly more and more common moments of absolute frustration. Life is too short for that kind of nonsense.
  10. Concept6

    Less coal in containers?

    I get one 400 coal container each and every time I gain them. This is a far cry from when I'd average 2 per container for my 3 daily. Thankfully WG recognizes that there are far too many players buying coal ships and are making them more exclusive. I applaud this action much like their reset for commander skills.
  11. I for one can't think of a better way for WG to repay its thousands of fans and followers. Its obvious that they have listened to our requests and acknowledge that positive change such as this was greatly needed. I applaud and promote any and all future changes in where any of us who have spent money to gain what we've had, will again have to do the same.
  12. Concept6

    Graf Zeppelin is dying

    Well I have to say, out of all the cvs I enjoy seeing the most on the opposite team, its German cVs. Their aircraft are delicate and their accuracy is less than ideal. I honestly don't know why anyone would run them, they're by far the least effective.
  13. Fantastic news! Obviously WG has listened to its fan base and customers. Im sure these changes will inspire persons like myself who have spent money and time to achieve such persons to continue to do so. I for one enjoy spending my time and money to get something, only for my efforts to be punished later on. Bravo and thank you again WG.
  14. Concept6

    WG Never Learns

    Truer words never spoken. I've been here since Beta. I have followed the exact same course. Less and less seat and game time equals less to zero money spent. Once upon a time I really enjoyed this game through the highs and lows through first few years. In the past year things have been an exercise in futility and frustration. I'm old enough and smart enough that I won't spend money to be punished. So now I play maybe one or two matches a week. I log on, watch the one sided beat downs take their course, then I log off remembering why I've nearly stopped playing altogether
  15. Concept6

    why are high tier players so stupid.

    Tier 10 ranked is the absolute worst this game has to offer. Because its tier 10 there is no further gain to be had. So people come into the match and suicide or they sit back and refuse to move up and help because of the repair bill, hoping that the rest of the team carries them. I still think the pinnacle of wows is T7&8.