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  1. Hello all. Does anybody know how to get around this problem ? In the thick of battle, I can't check - at a glance - how my rudder is positioned as the indicator bar just fades away after a few seconds. To get my bearings - literally- I have to hit a direction key to make the bar visible, figure out where the arrow indicator is and then, frantically batter the key I need to go in the direction I really want... ...phew ! This is all going on whilst I'm being shot at... Cheers.
  2. Scruffae

    Abort Drop - CV Function

    Hello all. I'm quite new to commanding carriers, I find it great fun. I find it really hard to line a squadron up for an attack run and, yes, very often, I over/under shoot the target. Veeeeeeery frustrating - to say the least. It would really be great to be able to abort an attack - for whatever reason - just as I imagine a real WW2 pilot would/could do if he (she ? Lol) thought it best. I'm voting for an "Abort" function. Cheers.