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  1. MDREB

    Yukikaze Is Trash (testing phase)

    I like the torp game and probably will buy it as well but is it only going to be the Azur Lane silliness?
  2. MDREB

    Premium DD Yuudachi

    Where do you get this info?? I would agree on Shigure. It better be a torp boat of the first degree no gimmicks like Asashio please!!
  3. I guess mine got lost in the mail...
  4. Thank you for the feed back appreciate it and will change up my captain skills accordingly and hope to have more success with 61!! This ship definitely seems to have a learning curve. Thanks again.
  5. I can't get this boat to work at all. Play IJN mostly so probably should learn a different tactic to make 61 work. Any captain build ideas?
  6. MDREB

    Aiming Mods

    Thank you I'll definitely check out the flag mod!!
  7. MDREB

    Aiming Mods

    Look if you want to use mods knock yourself out. I don't think all mods are cheating I would love to have the proper flag on my IJN ships for one. But I watch these replays on YouTube or wherever and some of these guys have so much crap on the screen and additional information that does not come with the game. I'm not a great player but I want to play within the "spirit" of the game. Also I'm not talking about the variety of aiming reticles you can choose they are part of the game. That's all
  8. MDREB

    Mean Z39

    Did not know this about German DD's how the heck to you find out this info?? Or am I the eternal noob...
  9. MDREB

    Aiming Mods

  10. MDREB

    Aiming Mods

    Then don't call them aiming mods.
  11. MDREB

    Aiming Mods

    Mods for cheaters...my opinion sorry. Use what the game provides.
  12. Is WR the most important stat??? I think it relies heavily on the team you are given. Unless you are able to super carry every game. Your average experience I think is equally if not more important as I believe it shows what you are able to get done in a battle win or lose. Thoughts everyone?
  13. MDREB

    Premium DD Yuudachi

    As far as I know there are 2 and they are both gimmicky. Would love to have a true premium Shigure or Yukikaze. No thanks on the Kancolle cartoon have enough of that “@#$&” sorry.
  14. MDREB

    Long Live the Fuso! (Colour photo)

    Beautiful indeed, thank you
  15. A true high tier premium IJN DD not a high school boat or a one trick pony...