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  1. What's going to happen Indi?

    Sorry to be blunt about it, but probably nothing. WG could tweak it, but changing tiers, massive buffs, not likely.
  2. Super Containers are *** nowadays

    The drop rate is fine, it's a company that wants to make money after all, but I'd like to see a choice when you get one if it's camo or flags, give me three options so I get a little more say, ya know? I mean this for flags, camp, and mods, not necessarily that rarest of rare ship. I get most flags, except the one time I got Atago, great memory.
  3. Premium Ship Review: Gascogne

    @LittleWhiteMouse When you show the images for the Sigma/dispersion of the guns, where is the reticle aiming? I assume the center of the ship, but I was just curious. Thanks for all the hard work you do!
  4. Udaloi DFAA

    I know that CV play is pretty sparse on the NA server, but for the CV players that don't expect it, the DFAA on Udaloi is a nice, nasty surprise. I had a game (sorry, no screenshots) where I took A point in Sleeping Giant and the enemy CV gunned for me. Turned on DFAA and he yelled in the chat, "WHO TAKES DFAA ANYMORE?!?" Just thought it was funny and wanted to share, swatted 17 of his planes out of the sky.
  5. This. Definitely this.
  6. Aigle AFT?

    It's hard to recommend AFT on any ships that have the high arc, "floating" shells. For DD, I really only use it on the Russian boats.
  7. WAY too much fun to have with your cloths on!

    You play warships with your clothes on?
  8. I think the SC with large credit amounts were pulled a few patches ago.
  9. Pan Asian DD Torpedoes

    I know that Pan Asian DDs are going to have deep water torps, but does anyone know if those are the only ones you can equip or if there will be the standard torpedo option as well. Just wondering.
  10. How is the Dunkerque?

    I love my Dunk. One thing I've noticed is that shots fall just a little short. Waterline shots usually plunge, so if you adapt to that and learn her quirks, she's a great ship.
  11. Hey Captains, Are you an average player like me? Do you want the benefits of a clan without the pressure or commitment that some clans require? Don't really care about Discord or Teamspeak obligations? Then IBAD is the clan for you! My buddy Grandpraetor and I are into this clan thing because now, there is no reason to be without a clan and, we want the oil benefits. If that's you (a solo player or someone who wants to division occasionally) then join us! IBAD = The International Brotherhood of Asian Descent, but we take anyone! 1) No time commitment - we'd love more oil but real life takes precedent above all else 2) No pressure to division - I play solo and with divisions, but there is no requirement for interaction; I'll always ask in chat, but never feel obliged to do so 3) Not too serious - we always try to win, but occasionally, we might go up the middle on Two Brothers (which I realized now sounds really sexual out of context, but I'm sticking with it) 4) There is only one rule: be a decent human being We're medium sized (23/30 members) but still growing and would love to have any interested party! Hit us up and apply today if we seem like a good/intriguing fit to you! - Commander pongping2002
  12. Selecting a cruiser line

    Finding a good RoF cruiser is easy, but finding one that can take a decent amount of damage is not, especially if you don't/can't angle properly. I prefer the Russian cruiser line (up to Schorhs so far) but that is my playstyle preference. I hear good things about the German line, masters of nothing but good at everything. Think about what playstyle you prefer and research what ship lines are like later on. Firestarting - Japan and Russia Surviving (sort of) - German Nimbleness - France or Britain (but 0.6.11 smoke adjustments might be the death of the British CL line) Arcing Fire and Island Hopping - US TL:DR - find your playstyle and research the strengths of each line.