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  1. pongping2002

    Loving Brawl

    I took a long break from the game and recently came back to (new to me) the Brawl game mode. I love it! It is nice to have quick duels (aside from epicenter on Two Brothers) and games when I have limited time to play. I fully admit that sometimes my teams are terrible, sometimes they're great, sometimes I'm terrible, sometimes I'm great, but at least I am having fun. Just my $0.02.
  2. With the 7.11 update, the accuracy of IJN cruisers is a thing of beauty. When those shells "kiss" at you aiming point, it's amazing to see so many shots landing. Warped is correct in that the consistency of IJN cruisers makes it very easy to transition from tier to tier (with the exception of 155 Mogami).
  3. pongping2002

    Not believing it - 1st Supercontainer ship

    About a year ago I was letting my then 4 year old daughter play for me in coop (with a lot of steering from me). We had enough xp for a container and I asked her what she should choose, and she wanted to try our luck. She rolled an SC and I thought "cool, maybe a module or flags (no coal at the time)." Imagine my surprise when an Atago with a 10pt captain dropped. She was ecstatic and now whenever I take it out of port I ask her if it's ok since its "her" ship. 😀
  4. I haven't played the IJN DD line much, focusing on other things instead, but have decided to give it a go. I know that the detection range for torpedoes is horrific and it has a lot of problems, but it's just what I've been in the mood to play lately. I am at the Isokaze and am not sure what line I should go up. I was just curious on opinions about the main line as opposed to the alternative line. Thoughts?