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  1. I do not see any American collection or the ability to opt in as stated in the patch notes. Do I need to play a battle first and get a part of it to start the process?
  2. When to take SE, at what tier - also guns vs torps

    I have a few higher tier DDs (Lo Yang, HseinYang, Udaloi, Kiev, Ognevoi) and I never really took SE before tier 8. I didn't really see the value of return before then, particularly at tier 6 and below. Tier 7, I probably could have justified it, but at tier 8 and above, particularly for lower base health DDs, it's essential. For Farragut, I personally wouldn't take it, at least not in your first 10 skill points. For 13, it might not be a bad choice, but that also boils down to personal preference. Can't help you with Gearing, not there yet. Just my $.02
  3. Intermittent FPS Drop

    Hey Everyone, About a minute and a half to two minutes into the game, I get a massive FPS drop that makes the game essentially unplayable. It happens periodically over the course of the game at what appears to be regular intervals. I don't have the best computer in the world, and have experienced this in the past after released patches. I was hoping that 0.7.4 would fix the issue, but it hasn't. Does anyone else experience this and if so, have you found a way to fix it?
  4. Hsien Yang is beast!

    I assume you guys are not running stock because I'm having a rough time in her so far. I guess I have to get reacquainted with USN style play frim here on out.
  5. Definitely liking the Gadjah Mada so far

    I loved GM and it definitely did not feel like a grind. She is still in port after my Hsienyang purchase for the kicks she brings. I did transfer my captain, so I need to grind up another one for permanence on the GM. It's low priority but will be worth it.
  6. I've lost my mojo

    It happens to all of us, some days I don't get a win, other days I win all of them.
  7. Fushun Captain Skills Tradoff (LS or EM)

    @coletrain_commander I saw your new post that you are on to GM now, congrats! That is one of my favorite ships to play. She is a much different beast than Fushun.
  8. Finally! One of those games

    Nice, I see you also made it out of Fushun from our previous thread!
  9. Hey, as the title says, I am looking to see if anyone has the plans (or knows where to find them) to some certain vessels. Specifically, I am looking for deck plans to the SS-124, SS-200 Thresher, Cannon-class DE-173 Eldridge, and the Kriegsmarine U-29. Any help would be great. Thanks!
  10. Farragut is also OP. That is all.

    I don't know why but I had such a hard time in the Farragut. Mahan has been ok, but I just could never get her playstyle down.
  11. Fushun Captain Skills Tradoff (LS or EM)

    I don't have a problem with going LS and EM first. The only reason you wouldn't want to do that though is because getting that top tier skill for your captain is going to take a lot longer now. I totally understand for Fushun though.
  12. Who have you seen in game

    Saw @LittleWhiteMouse a long time ago in a lower tiered match. She annihilated me in her Nikolai I believe.
  13. Fushun Captain Skills Tradoff (LS or EM)

    They both do indeed play as gunboats. If that is your interest, then the Russian main line is for you. After Gnevny, the turret traverse improves significantly. I currently have Kiev (tier 8 main line) and Udaloi (tier 9 alternate line) and like them both. The Kiev is a pure gunboat but the Udaloi is more of a hybrid, and I honestly like them both. For the GM, think of it as a primary gunboat with opportunistic torpedoes. It is a nice upgrade from the Fushun though, because the turrets rotate 360 degrees, and the firing angles are great when almost completely bow on or while kiting. I love the GM, but afterwards the tier 8-10 PADD are going to be hybrid US-style DD. Give the USN DD line a try to see what that is like if you already haven't.
  14. Fushun Captain Skills Tradoff (LS or EM)

    Personally, I hated the Gnevny. But honestly, that was before I knew how Russians really played. GM is it's own beast (and hella fun to play) but tiers 8-10 are all USN DD style. I like the GM so much that I'm going to keep her, but after that captain training should be a breeze.
  15. Fushun Captain Skills Tradoff (LS or EM)

    Thinking for the future, are you planning on keeping the Fushun and it's captain or transferring it to GM? That might color your decision a little bit, but as a DD main (I think I still am anyway), LS is absolutely essential. I don't think CE is for Fushun as it is the Russian style of play, but if you move that captain down the line, you're probably going to want to do a respec.