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  1. hoom

    Buying a ship with Free XP?

    As others said: unless you're saving up for those Free XP Premiums the general rule is to Free XP key upgrades on a new ship, never to skip the grind to next one (occasionally just to finish off when you're less than a single battle short, you really hate playing that ship & you'll still have enough for those key upgrades on the next ship)
  2. hoom

    Selling tier one's

    Some people love that bottom tier play but most just sell them & use the Slot once they've researched the T2.
  3. hoom

    Selling tier one's

    Yes I noticed the forum says you have 527 battles so I'm very surprised you kept the T1s anywhere near this long. Basically T1 = free slot. And you get a new free slot every time WG adds a new nation Tree.
  4. hoom

    Selling tier one's

    Also this game only splits out to other trees after T2 so as long as you've researched that T2 you really lose nothing from selling that T1.
  5. hoom

    Selling tier one's

    From recollection you earn 0 Silver from selling and they cost 0 Silver to re-purchase so definitely worth selling to free up Slots unless you're really just starting out and haven't developed a Silver bank and are at risk of having insufficient Silver to Repair damaged ships (but even then, just keeping 1 T1 around should be enough).
  6. hoom

    USN BB

    While I'd happily accept longer range I think most important is the US 127mm should get something more like their historical RoF. We have the example with Yamato 127mm 2ndaries firing faster than essentially the same guns on T10 Shimakaze and even the high tier Cruiser 100mm 2ndaries at least match the Akizuki RoF so why shouldn't US BB 127mm at least match the US DD line RoF? 3 or 3.3s reload on the T8-10 US 2ndaries would make them a lot more scary to come close to, while far from making them OP.
  7. hoom

    From STS to HY-80 to the Iowa

    I don't understand why people continue to say this kind of thing when we have an ingame armor viewer where we can clearly see that the STS layers are included in the armor schemes of US ships. Fact is rather than STS being some kind of Exceptional US only thing actually everyone else also used a similar alloy for similar purpose & those are similarly represented. As previously mentioned early in WoT WG did try to model variations in armor quality but stopped, instead preferring to provide a consistent value for all armor, making it much more easy to understand wth is going on. Its a very tricky thing to do to model the different variations in surface hardness, chill depth & ductility, particularly since it varied over time (particularly for Germany) & different nations used different testing standards so trying to actually model it in any consistent way is nearly impossible & will always bring up exception arguments.
  8. hoom

    Premium Ship Review: HMS Belfast

    But closer to Mogami than to Cleveland.
  9. hoom

    Premium Ship Review: HMS Belfast

    Watching other videos, this is incorrect. The initial velocity is kinda low vs some 950m/s but quite a bit better than Cleveland, not far short of 870m/s Soviet 130mm & shells appear to retain velocity well. I see 7s to 11km & pretty flat trajectory, looks very similar to 130mm. Again 9% fire rate is same as 130mm. Vids show a bunch of very solid AP hits above 10km too. Balancing that the front turret traverse angles are not so good.
  10. hoom

    Premium Ship Review: HMS Belfast

    Looks pretty damn good. A 2.14km stealth fire lane, if it was Russian then everyone would be all 'no ships should have stealth fire at all in the game!!!11!!!1!!!!' I hope that having HE on this means they've given up on the 'no HE' version of the main line. In the vid the rear turrets appear to have excellent traverse angles.
  11. hoom

    Premium Ship Review: Krasny Krym

    Reading between the lines it had much longer range, the 9% fire of Svetlana, better RoF enabling invisi-fire spewing flames around the map from extreme range -> testers recommended to be nerfed into reality. WG did their typical multi-nerf-into-the-ground overreaction -> released too weak. Maybe if they just buff RoF a bit it'd be decent without being too powerful?
  12. This. Particlarly the 2nd means Subs should stay out.