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  1. Gaishu_Isshoku

    Incompetence, Greed, and Obliviousness

    Dropping at the end of the timer (less than 0.4s left) with a high speed (roughly over 180 knots) will manipulate bomb mechanics so that all of them will land on a ship within the very tip of the reticle, instead of the bombs being dispersed throughout the reticle as usual.
  2. Gaishu_Isshoku

    CV > DD? No: DD > CV, Carefree DD no Fear the CV!

    That drop wasn't RNG. It's a replicable technique that WG will hopefully fix. I use it fairly frequently on stream. Dropping near the end of the drop timer at high speed will concentrate all the bombs near the tip of the reticle.
  3. Gaishu_Isshoku

    CV > DD? No: DD > CV, Carefree DD no Fear the CV!

    Yes, DDs definitely don't have to fear CVs. Carry on. https://streamable.com/ysdow
  4. Gaishu_Isshoku

    Does the new midway suck, or do I

    Midway is very good and extremely versatile. If you are not using them, I highly recommend switching to the Tiny Tim rockets - use them to scout out enemy spawns at the beginning of the match and set an initial fire on a target. The TBs fly underneath flak during their attack run and are very tanky due to the heal - use them to get repeated strikes on one target and possibly a perma flood. The DBs require more finesse to get attacks with off as you can't really abuse attack runs to get around flak, but they will hit any ship (except T10 CV) extremely hard. In general, your target prioritization should go: BB > CA > DD > CV. Once you get the hang of the DBs you can delete destroyers pretty easily, but your job is mostly to erase battleships from the match. It takes some time to get used to the new mechanics, especially dodging AA and how to set up attack runs. Give it a chance.
  5. Gaishu_Isshoku

    CV play sucks now

    I stream CV gameplay almost every night; there's plenty of material to go watch in each version since 0.8.0, including the current patch.
  6. Gaishu_Isshoku

    Cross Server Clan Battles problem

    please fix this im literally dying
  7. Gaishu_Isshoku

    CV's need to go killing the game.

    I casted 9 hours of KotS yesterday, both EU and NA, and CVs were dominant in almost every match. I don't have damage screens since I was casting and not playing but the vods are on my twitch if you want to skim through them.
  8. Gaishu_Isshoku

    CV's need to go killing the game.

    Did we watch the same KotS? CVs are doing FAR more damage in competitive settings than they ever did in RTS.
  9. Gaishu_Isshoku

    Is there a point to play IJN CV ?

    Haku is still exceptionally good, but it's a bit more specialized than Midway. Midway has the advantage of very versatile rockets and DB, which can effectively engage all three classes of surface ships. Hak has better torpedo bombers in almost every aspect and AP DB are extremely powerful against many BB and CA, but suffers from having garbage rockets and thus being almost entirely unable to effectively drop DDs. In short: Midway is probably better all-around, but Haku can still perform well and in some cases better than Midway, especially in favorable MM (low DD). For a captain build I would recommend: https://i.imgur.com/cTSHwh7.png
  10. Gaishu_Isshoku

    Stupidest thing you've been accused of?

    I've been accused of a few things over the years but the stupidest in recent memory was the claim that I sync drop with dozens of bot accounts at off-peak hours to get my CV averages.
  11. Gaishu_Isshoku

    Double CV Games

    Let's utilize some basic logic. The 140k number includes two thousand six hundred ninety-nine battles. Do you think I have played that many games since the rework? As enderland posted, you can specifically look at my stats for the last 7 days, which excludes everything before 0.8.1, in which I average over 200k damage in both TX CVs. edit: I don't have many battles in T8 CVs other than Saipan, but the results I've obtained so far would point towards T8 CVs being extremely powerful as well (excluding Shokaku, which I haven't played at all).
  12. Gaishu_Isshoku

    CVs in CBs, yay or nay?

    I have no experience playing reworked CVs in a competitive format, so I can't say much regarding the skill gap in competitive. I can say that I think CVs would be a horrible thing to add to CBs for other reasons: they make sure each team knows what the other is doing from the very start of the game (global vision, this is horrible), they make it extremely difficult for ships to disengage and go dark (again, spotting), and they make sure that any low HP ship is essentially as good as dead, since it's nigh impossible to stop a CV from getting at least one strike off. The spotting and striking power provided by CVs severely limits what a team of surface ships can do, as they are forced to group up for AA and concealment largely becomes irrelevant.
  13. Gaishu_Isshoku

    Double CV Games

    I'm sure you realize that the 140k average includes all my CV games played before the rework, which is a far larger number than my games played after rework?
  14. The only significantly strong AA is Minotaur and Worcester. Everything else is repeatedly strikable if it's alone, and at least one pass if grouped. I'm averaging over 200k damage with both Hak and Midway at the moment and over 100k in all the T8s I've played (160k in Saipan). AA doesn't really need to be tuned down, but it is in fact getting nerfed in the near future (overlapping AA nerf), so just wait for that I guess.
  15. You don't deserve even a chance at a citadel. You are inferior - there's no falseness about the rng in your aim. I'm more highly ranked in PR than 99% of the playerbase; I have seen and done plays that you couldn't even fathom. My entire account is singularly elevated above your own. You are a 1600 PR compared to me.