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  1. Gaishu_Isshoku

    Indomitable Review - Impotent

    Glad to hear it was useful. My first time writing something like this so any feedback on formatting or things I failed to mention would be appreciated :)
  2. The Good Fastest planes in the game makes turn-around time on strikes extremely quick. Planes are very tanky, so attacking squads will almost always survive AA unless you are dropping into T10 clusters. Very small attack reticle on both rockets and DBs means you can expect high accuracy, even on bad drop angles. Short redrop time (1.5s for rockets and 2.5s for DBs) means you can slingshot with ease - more on this later. DB slingshot attacks are immune to fighter aggro - more on this later Good fire starter, with 27% base fire chance on DBs. Reasonable conceal, 13.1 base and 11.8 with CE, means you can be relatively close to the action. The Bad Tiny squad sizes and reserves makes repeat dropping with the same squad impossible and heavily punishes mistakes. Relies on fires as its main damage output, meaning damage is low-impact unless you can finish targets. High plane speed on rockets means you will always have to circle around after initially spotting a DD with AA off. In T10 matches with heavy AA, Indomitable cannot even suicide planes for damage as her planes will all die before reaching targets. The Build Captain Indomitable can comfortably use the same captain as the RN CV line if you don’t have a second 19 point commander: Improved Engine Boost and Last Gasp for T1 Improved Engines and Torpedo Acceleration, if this captain is also used for tech tree CVs (if not, take Adrenaline Rush), for T2 Survivability Expert, Aircraft Armor, and Demolition Expert for T3 Concealment Expert for T4 Upgrades This is the only way to build Indomitable, as CV upgrades are pretty limited. I opted for DB HP over rocket HP as DBs are the ship’s primary source of damage output. The Playstyle Target Selection Past mechanical skills like aiming drops and dodging flak, this is the single most important skill for a CV player to have. Indomitable excels at repeatedly attacking BBs which are either isolated or at the very edge of a blob. For every strike, you should try to identify a vulnerable target and repeatedly drop it until you make it pop DCP and set perma fires. Ideal targets will be circled in green, suboptimal in yellow. The BB above A is the most ideal target, being isolated and currently engaged by my team. Alternatively, using rockets to attack the DD above B and ensure ours secures the cap is a solid play. Attacking the paired BBs or cruiser is suboptimal, as they present less threat to my team and are further away. Despite being furthest away, the Vladivostok is the best target here to avoid heavy plane losses early game. Alternatively, rocketing the DDs in mid could help drive them away from my team. The paired Massachusetts are suboptimal targets, as striking them will result in unsustainable plane losses too early into the match. The Georgia is the best target to strike here, as being essentially alone and rather close will make stacking fires very easy. Alternatively, rocketing the DD running up mid is a good play if it becomes a threat. Targets in yellow here are strikeable, but too far away to be efficient compared to other options. The Technique Indomitable relies heavily on repeat performance of one technique; slingshotting your DBs onto the target. Because of the tanky planes and slingshot invulnerability window, you can reliably drop targets with decent AA protection and only lose one plane per drop. Against isolated targets or low tier targets, you won’t lose any planes. Additionally, since you will drop with only one set of planes, fighters do absolutely nothing to Indomitable! If they aggro at all, they will de-aggro as soon as you drop. Note that because of Indomitable’s short invulnerability window and fast redrop time, slingshots should be performed against targets at roughly 8km. Demonstrations against bots with active AA: https://streamable.com/hmxcz Solo North Carolina https://streamable.com/aiazg Montana paired with Des Moines Fighter Use I’ll be honest. Going out of your way to drop fighters for your team defensively is 95% of the time a waste of the consumable. It interrupts the flow of your attacks and won’t do anything meaningful to the enemy CV, especially if they know how to despawn them. I use my fighters offensively to keep enemy DDs spotted in between rocket strikes. You can also drop fighters outside of AA range as you come in for a strike to keep the enemy spotted for your team, if no friendlies are close enough to spot them. Specifics Rockets Indomitable launches 16 rockets per drop with a very accurate reticle. They have 2,100 damage, 9% fire chance, and 27mm of penetration. The low damage, fire chance, and penetration makes these mainly suitable for use against destroyers, although they are also your best weapons against cruisers. Attacks are best performed from the side. Dive Bombers Indomitable drops 12 bombs per drop with a very accurate reticle. They have 4,700 damage, 27% fire chance, and 32mm of penetration. A slow fall speed and elongated carpet bomber reticle means you will mainly use these against battleships and occasionally cruisers parked next to islands. As with other carpet bombers, you want to approach from the bow or stern. Your best targets will be British and French battleships, as they are covered with 32mm armor, while your worst targets will be Russian battleships, due to their fast recharge Damage Control and thick deck armor. Peculiarity One weird thing about Indomitable is that her DBs fall back to cruise speed almost instantly after releasing the boost key. This can mess with the reticle, throwing off drops if you run out of boost right as you make your attack, so make sure you keep this in mind. Supposedly WG fixed this (https://old.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/e8rnm5/st_changes_to_indomitable_and_heavy_british/) but it seems like the changes didn’t get implemented to the release version of this ship. Summary and Recommendation (TL;DR) Indomitable is a premium CV whose gimmick is to have even less content than a regular CV by having no torpedo bombers. Her gameplay consists of repetitive DB spamming and is very low impact. Under ideal conditions, you can grief BB players extremely hard by ensuring they always have fires burning on them and never run out of planes, but if the enemy team is too clustered you will be flying around with your [edited] in your hand. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend spending money on this carrier, as there are far better options at T8 such as Kaga and Saipan. If you’d like to see 5 hours of raw gameplay of the ship: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/530288160
  3. Gaishu_Isshoku

    Kleber has broken clan wars completely.

    Some high quality advice in this thread. I guess the top end of competitive clans has yet to figure out that all you have to do to counter Klebers is take such excellent ships as Moskva/Smolensk/Worcester and just hit them. Seems pretty easy to me!
  4. Gaishu_Isshoku

    clan battles paused because no updates get tested

    If the bug is tied to the special commander activating, why should CB be cancelled? Aren't special talents disabled in CB? It would be really nice to have an actual announcement from WGNA about CB tonight. It's 80 minutes until start time and we have heard nothing, except for some obscure comment buried in a Reddit comment thread somewhere. Where is the communication?
  5. Gaishu_Isshoku

    What Unicum players bring to the table

    How about right now?
  6. Gaishu_Isshoku

    What Unicum players bring to the table

    Vaffu, are you the god Daring player that guns Klebers down? I was hoping that we could do a training room game and you could beat my Kleber so I can tell my clanmates that Daring counters it. They don't believe me.
  7. Gaishu_Isshoku

    An early assessment of Clan Battles

    Yes, kelsier is quite the troll in randoms but he performs at a very high level in our CB matches.
  8. Gaishu_Isshoku

    Kleber has broken clan wars completely.

    I'm sad our MM pool is so limited, most of these people would be singing a different tune if they queued into us.
  9. Gaishu_Isshoku

    Clan Battles

    Why do you think our clan name is EGIRL? :-)
  10. This was an issue experienced by multiple clans on multiple servers. It does not get worse than a bug that literally does not allow you to play the game. This was reflected by their extremely quick response to random battles being broken (on the weekend). Clan brawls? Not even an acknowledgement that they know about it. Not a single word of communication about a bug which prevented multiple clans from being able to participate at all. I think you would be pretty mad too if you had to sit and stare at a queue timer while most of the rest of the server is playing.
  11. Gaishu_Isshoku

    Anyone else make 500k FXP from Clan Brawl tonight?

    Format issues aside, it really doesn't get worse than a bug which literally prevents you from playing the game. No communication from WG at all despite this issue impacting multiple clans on multiple servers. I don't understand how a bug this major first gets past testing and then happens on multiple servers with no fix or communication. Horrible.
  12. Because I sure didn't. Thank you Wargaming for a well tested, well implemented game mode. I'm super happy that I got to farm free xp for 5 hours tonight! Not. I'm pretty mad actually. It's horrible that multiple clans literally did not get to play the game tonight. Hopefully this is fixed before the T10 brawl but given that other servers experienced this issue and it wasn't fixed in time for NA, I really don't have my hopes up.
  13. Gaishu_Isshoku

    Why should we participate in the sub beta??

    I can't begin to describe how excited I am to get another chance at breaking 600k.
  14. Gaishu_Isshoku

    Clan battles and all the P2W ships

    I think it's fairly obvious that WG is trying to push T8 competitive so that they can sell more premiums that are mandatory to be successful (Kidd, Cossack to name a couple - both extremely broken). The funny thing is that this backfired on them on the EU server due to European Union regulations around pay to win practices in video games - premiums are entirely banned from CW there now and the meta looks a lot more interesting. Almost wish I had an EU account.