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  1. Dynamic or Static Crosshairs?

    Ok, thanks for your input, ill give it another shot after some video watching. The full zoom in view always seemed to lack a couple seconds lead on edge of screen for long range, but i should get a habit of not going full zoom everytime.
  2. Dynamic or Static Crosshairs?

    I use the Static and got used to it, tried ot give the dynamic one a try but i dont feel comfortable with it. And i dont see what it gives more once you get a feel for leads in Static vs Ship "x" at full speed or not
  3. New login isn't working

    It's working fine for me, both on my laptop and gaming rig.
  4. Soon, there will be Haida

    AWESOME!!!! Just can't wait! Thanks to everyone that made this possible. There is a light a the end of the tunnel and it does not look to be a Train's headlight! :) I am looking forward to sail this one!!
  5. Indy Marathon finale

    You can go check in "June" Missions and look at the dates they are available. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/june-missions-2018/ so you can keep track of them there
  6. How much exp do you have in Kronshtadt?

    hi, What are your thoughts on gun dispersion? that is what gets me holding back to get her for now. thanks!
  7. Huang He-Man, By the Powers of GraySkull

    THank you for your reply! will look into this and have fun too :)
  8. Huang He-Man, By the Powers of GraySkull

    Nice! Whats your setup when using Huanghe? I have it and played a little in it and liked it. :) Have the smoke upgrade setup on it.
  9. Send a US WWII vet a birthday card for his 100th

    Count me in
  10. Pigeon's Weekly Thought May 1st, 2018

    1. Like Many mentioned, better carousel filters and options to do so. 2. Being able to hide ships as in "Reserve" like we can for Special event ships that could be enabled on any of our ships would be great. (someone mentioned it earlier in this thread too) 3. With the info on "new" currencies that are coming up, if i remember correctly, Oil was supposed to have a "Personnal" value also that was the total amount we farmed for Clan. What is happening with that oil plan? 4. Free view in those beautiful ports you guys did. Wish i could go see all the work that was done.
  11. HI there, Just a little info on the side and make sure that people understand what you are talking about : White Star Money = Ship Experience Green Star Money = Free Experience And now, to answer your question, you do not lose the White XP when you sell a ship. If you rebuy the ship later on, it will still be there. Happy sailing Edit: added underlined text
  12. Please don't do this

    This ;)
  13. Please stop WG

    For Aiur!
  14. Keeping the St Louis?

    Indeed, the difference in name is Saint Louis and not St Louis (can be quite confusing since basically the same name after all)
  15. Tiangong 1 - DEORBIT BINGO! (The Wonton Has Landed!)

    F16, cause it's my favorite Jet :)