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  1. Drghost_Poutinebbq

    More Rewards for Twitch Prime Members!

    I had to disconnect reconnect the game to get the loot. was not getting it before that.
  2. Drghost_Poutinebbq

    La Fête du Canada! Happy Canada Day!

    Canada Day and Veteran gift are two different things. They just annonced that it was now available to Canadian Soldiers during the same time frame. Fair seas to you o7
  3. Drghost_Poutinebbq

    La Fête du Canada! Happy Canada Day!

    Thank you by the way for the little wink to French Speaking Canadians Bonne chance à tous! <--> Good luck to all
  4. Drghost_Poutinebbq

    Clan Training Room

    HI Justin, You can find the training room with the Modstation addon manager that is released on this forum or Aslain's Modpack. . Wows ModStation That is the one i use and really like it. Some prefer aslain's. Have a good day.
  5. At least, if it reduced Torpedo belt protection % as it's hp goes down, it would give something out of it :)
  6. Drghost_Poutinebbq

    Weekly Combat Missions: Black Friday

    Wish it was all nations too, but i guess we have to wait further down toward Xmas or New year, never know :)
  7. Drghost_Poutinebbq

    Weekly Combat Missions: Black Friday

    Dont forget, its only US ships :)
  8. if at least they would make a separate legendary mod tab.... *sigh* How hard could that be?
  9. Drghost_Poutinebbq

    Karma...and rewarding it.

    Karma is one of the most worthless system in-game. It can be abused both + and - . and if you tie that to rewards, there is gonna be ever more abuse and griefing. I can't see anyway to make that work properly. It's an idea that gets suggested here and there but in its current form, cant do much with it.
  10. Drghost_Poutinebbq

    Tier 6 Ship for week 4 directive completion.

    I'm exactly in the same situation :)
  11. Drghost_Poutinebbq

    Public Test: Autumn Season

    Not having grind fests on live server at the same time as PTS would help a lot too.
  12. Drghost_Poutinebbq

    Update 0.8.8: Fourth Anniversary!

    Did you get Dubs or credits for them? 28 crates later, not a single ship.
  13. Drghost_Poutinebbq

    Finally Found Way to Counter Fire Spamming

    Could have a special Plane on deck too
  14. Drghost_Poutinebbq

    Entering Submarine game server

    Once its ready, you will be able to get in... But using "One ping only"
  15. Drghost_Poutinebbq

    Rogue Wave: Summing up the Event!

    That's the only thing i wanted to know personally.