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  1. if at least they would make a separate legendary mod tab.... *sigh* How hard could that be?
  2. Drghost_Poutinebbq

    Karma...and rewarding it.

    Karma is one of the most worthless system in-game. It can be abused both + and - . and if you tie that to rewards, there is gonna be ever more abuse and griefing. I can't see anyway to make that work properly. It's an idea that gets suggested here and there but in its current form, cant do much with it.
  3. Drghost_Poutinebbq

    Tier 6 Ship for week 4 directive completion.

    I'm exactly in the same situation :)
  4. Drghost_Poutinebbq

    Public Test: Autumn Season

    Not having grind fests on live server at the same time as PTS would help a lot too.
  5. Drghost_Poutinebbq

    Update 0.8.8: Fourth Anniversary!

    Did you get Dubs or credits for them? 28 crates later, not a single ship.
  6. Drghost_Poutinebbq

    Finally Found Way to Counter Fire Spamming

    Could have a special Plane on deck too
  7. Drghost_Poutinebbq

    Entering Submarine game server

    Once its ready, you will be able to get in... But using "One ping only"
  8. Drghost_Poutinebbq

    Rogue Wave: Summing up the Event!

    That's the only thing i wanted to know personally.
  9. Now that would be epic.... as for chieftain, Definit No. I dont see even why he would be a captain for just saying what is boss' were asking of him. He's certainly not a name i think of when talking about Wows.
  10. Drghost_Poutinebbq

    The Great 8 Ribbons - 12th - 19th

    Here is my entry. I would choose the Hockey Player uniform captain :)
  11. Drghost_Poutinebbq

    Twitch personal mission for a free Haida?!?

    Ouch. That would be something indeed.
  12. Drghost_Poutinebbq

    Twitch personal mission for a free Haida?!?

    Just in case, It's just a 3 day rental :(
  13. Drghost_Poutinebbq


    Such a great ship, it's the on i mainly used to get to Rank 1 in this sprint season. 19 point captain, Smoke Module, Hydro module = Instant fun :) :)
  14. Drghost_Poutinebbq

    PSA: Naval Training Center

    Why reset the line? if the goal is to get more people to play lower tiers to fillup the games, just make special missions to earn Tokens only available in those tiers. that can be used to purchase with enough token, (cost related to the tier of ship) you can make a tech tree ship a semi-premium. Swap captains, freely, better economics then standard camo. IN same deal or seperate purchase. Make any camo available for permanent for cosmetics (ie: school bus camo) that would overide the one you equip for the bonus' so you can fit the one you find cool while getting the bonus of the one you need. Buffing a ship with a way to do it by paying free xp conversion or using what is already available to have an advantage is simply pay to win. Comparing this to legendary module, you have to do the grind and they mostly have a trade off somewhere. Yes you can accelerate the grind with flags and camos, but you still have to play it to get it. Something that can be enterily bypassed with a reset of the tech tree for a straight up buff. I find this idea, has it came out very disturbing as to where this game is going in futur announcements.
  15. I, too, am completely against it. This will give too much advantage to people that have more time/money and aimed toward people that already have a lot of tier Xs You dont need to reset your tech tree to feel the pleasure of going down in tiers, you just need a fun reason to do so. Special events aimed toward that besides operations that gets very repetitive after a while and things like that. I dont write here often, i come and read to see what is going on, but that heading is just wrong toward any players that does not have the time or money to keep up with those kind of upgrades. Those are direct upgrades to a ship performance that can be bought with enough cash and freexp and that is the very definition of p2w to me. Please reconsider that idea. This really puts me on edge on what i am waiting for in the futur of this game.