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  1. At least give the good info: The name of Dunkirk derives from West Flemish "dun(e)" (dune or dun) and "kerke" (church), which together means "church in the dunes"
  2. Gratz on your new Ship!!! Working toward her slowly :) Have fun!
  3. What info should we capture with pingplotter? wargaming.com ? thanks! Cause i have been having those lag spikes lately too
  4. Learning is great, and practice even more :) Bonne chance et bon apprentissage de la langue de Molière :) Peut-être nous croiserons-nous lors d'une partie.
  5. Heya! There are indeed a lot of good knowledgeable people in theses forums! Have fun :) Ps: Est-ce que ton titre indique que tu parles français?
  6. Couldn't agree more. Excellent work as usual!!!
  7. This for me too. The only other thing was that the webpages and articles would not scale and I was unable to see the "right" part of things. but not all seems fine. If we could indeed see replies and able to comment directly, i would not need the webpage at all. A very good thing would be Server Status icon that would show directly what is going on instead of having to launch game to find out. Tbh, i like it even if i just use WoWs.
  8. I don't mind the new launcher in itself, but i can't see all the web pages it opens up inside. Always missing a third of what it supposed to show. and that from 3 different computers and resolution. If they can finally fix that, i would keep the new interface.
  9. THank you MrDeaf, there are some of them that i already watched and liked so ill check the other that you gave here to see. I really like just about any kind of anime. almost.
  10. Thank you for the info, i started watching it and I think it looks really interesting! Thanks! ill go check that too! I loved that one and yes, it's really good to play on emotions. One that really got me pulled in. great!, new good anime to watch
  11. Yes I agree, it helped me get a better view of the ship. to bad im not good yet playing it, but I will be getting better with practice
  12. Very nice detailed report on your finding of that build! Thank you very much!
  13. 15.8 ? ouch! How is the shell arcs at that distance? Does it feel like Moontlanta?
  14. For now, im trying the 20K Torps with TA. I tried TA with the 12Km but being less then 10K for the drop. I found that i tend to be a bit too agressive. Dying like an idiot early in game. Skyfaller was unfortunatly on my team in one of those shameful moment. Did put 4 points in RL to see if i like it and if i can use it like I want to do it. Still got until the 10th for "free" resets with the commanders points so now is the time to have fun with skills.
  15. Humm, without any camo to boost income, what does it take to make money on the Shima? I usually lose money ranging from -1K to -180K (with consumables). Ofcourse, I am not very good at it yet so that does not help at all but I was wondering what needs to be accomplished in term of "performance" Thanks!