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  1. F16, cause it's my favorite Jet :)
  2. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Mar. 5th, 2018

    Billy Seawolf sounds nice i think
  3. Now that, i found funny and agree 100% :)
  4. French BB XP

    Hi, The xp you earn will be kept on ship so you get a head start for the next ship in tech tree :)
  5. same here... Charlemagne not bad either. Every time i read République, i think of Star Wars and wish I was in the Empire :) Guess ill have to yell at start of the fight "Pour la République! Pour la Patrie!" I dont find it bad in itself, just the same as France to me. A very general feeling to it versus a Specific Name.
  6. Actually, from what I got of it. It will lose it's special temporary Premium and will become a regular tech tree ship. You keep and and xp earned will stay there. you will just be closer to the next ship in tech tree.
  7. Pilling up Exp or Silver. That is just about the same i would say. But everyone have different needs :)
  8. The thing is, not everyone needs Silver :) Edit: at least, not when you have Missouri ;)
  9. It could be things like cosmetics unlocks that dont affect game dynamics. Ex: Able to put Extra Cosmetic flag like the IJN. Offer Camo colors that are available only with locked xp for that ship only. Unlocking your Badge to be put on your Hull. those kinda things could be nice to have goal for ships we like to sail.
  10. Bonus code naval legend playlist

    is it me or the expiration date is the same as when we input the code? edit: Expires same day you put code in Edit 2: DOH' my bad.... march. Dont mind me.
  11. if its around that 3$, ill buy a couple for sure
  12. Ha, i dont follow dev blog that is why I did not see that before :) Thanks for the info
  13. Starting from Update 0.7.1, the players can dismiss the ARP and Dragon commanders they don’t need any longer -- you won’t be able to receive these commanders again after you dismiss them I think this will make some people happy. Personally i will keep mine for different IJN captain builds.
  14. Thank you, will try that and get it to feel more comfortable with that instead of spreading everywhere :) too bad bots dont move in training.. was planing to do a lot of drops and practice there. but with dead bots, not really useful
  15. Very interesting topic. I too want to become better in CV and get used to all them squads :)