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  1. I would have taken the Premium Only... Not interested at all with the flags. More money for other games
  2. Warplanes. Is it as good as they say?

    Exactly what it think too. I like the game, is it perfect nope. But i have fun playing it and is all that matters. Sometimes i get wrecked bad, but when I look calmly at it after, i often realize where i did a mistake to put myself in this situation. Sometimes the other pilot was way better then me and I learn from that and try to not put myself in that situation again. It is a lot harder to manage because you have all axes to think of and SPEED. Personally i would say to people to give it a try and find their own opinion instead of giving up on something without even trying. No matter who gives their opinion Good \ Bad.
  3. How is the Dunkerque?

    One of the ship I love the most. I have fun playing as a Cruiser hunter with AP. Some BB with full broadside if not, I HE away. That ship got me back into the game when I was getting annoyed and bored. Like it is said not the best but fun factor is way up there for me. I like also to let a target behind me get targeted by my Secondaries while I go away to finish the kill lol
  4. That got me thinking... What if that is not a bad thing in their mind. Since they have such a hard time with the class, lowering population to minimize the trouble it gives is another way to make a problem go away...
  5. Oil

    I was not very clear on what I meant to say. It was more about personaly "All time" oil hoarding i was refering to. Ex You are in a clan, you can see what you have yes, but if you leave and join another clan, your score drops back to zero but you still have Personal Oil Value accumulated globally not just the amount you did in new clan. Sometimes my head it looks clear but my fingers dont match what i think lol
  6. Kitakami, but not there anymore :( Too many careless people with it.
  7. Oh! nice ill check it out, but if you leave that clan and go to another then that info will not be visible yet i think -Add: About the total combined oil farmed
  8. Like Cruiser_Noshiro said, first you need to be in a clan to earn oil. If you are in a clan, you cannot yet know how much you have earned personally. It will be available later on. That is the last info i have seen on that matter.
  9. Monarch need advice

    And if you got the Free Camo to go along, even better :)
  10. Each star Reward is awarded once per account. ex: Reward for 1 Star is claimed, even if you do 1 or more star you wont get the first one again. So i you get the 5 stars, you wont have those special rewards anymore. that is how i understand it.
  11. Oil

    Hi, if you are not in a clan, you dont earn Oil at all. For now, even in a clan you cant see your Personal gain of oil but it will be available later on.