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  1. istill think subs like cv's have no place in WOW for the simple reason they have to dump them down to make them work and in the end they are op because of it , now subs can work but they need to have their own game and used in wolf packs against bot convoys, where they have to target specific ships and evade the escorts when they strike, now cv's could also work in these style match's, by providing the eyes in the sky and direct the subs to the target and attack the escorts, i would go one step farther by allowing more than one player on cv's to control the different attack groups and reward all the players the same depending on the success of the mission. this would work but they need bigger maps and more aircraft and coordination between players and match's that last longer than 15 minutes but IMO this would make a better experience for the players who want more than a point and shoot game as i do
  2. vurger

    Flambass Sends Mixed Messages

    a battleship ,cruiser or destroyer have a simple function that can work on maps this small, but a sub or cv need larger maps if you want to play them in the style they were designed to be used, and all wg has done is made them work in a way that just makes them op just to get them to fit on these small maps, i am all for subs and cv's and i have played some really good games in the past, so maybe that just makes look at them now as just useless and annoying in this type of game. subs and cv's are great but they are all about setting up and thinking about your attack and sometimes that can be a long process but it also makes it more of a challenge and IMO a better experience, which i understand is a impossible task in a game were people just want to point and fire
  3. WG i stopped at tier 8 and after the cv update i stopped random battles and i have noticed that these missions are not available too co op players why? and why in co op if the bots are loosing the match ends before the mission is completed yet a player with a team of bots fights to the last ship and if he quits he is penalized . you really are making it harder to even start the game anymore, your team already killed wot for me it looks like wow is on the same path
  4. vurger

    Premium Shop: Colors of Victory

    sorry wg but for the price of one ship bundle i can buy a subscription for a year in a game that has so much more depth than all your titles combined, why would i buy a bundle that will be outclassed and almost useless in a few months when i can play a better game for the same price and play against players that earn their ability rather than pay for it
  5. vurger

    Submarines: How to Play

    to even have subs that have some resemblance to a real sub when it comes to gameplay you need a map around x20 and making them fit on these maps like cv's just proves they have no place in wow, after playing sub games this is more like playing with boats in a bath tub, subs have their own place in a battle and they take time and thought to set up attacks and this is just dumbing them down like cv's which will only ruin the game.
  6. vurger

    New Survey from WG

    it is on WGs end and you know it, with a low opinion of the game comes a 0 desire to have WG's survey taken. Negativity is not a concern and one they do not wish to hear
  7. vurger

    New Survey from WG

    happened once for me with the last survey question when i answered 1 or 2 on the first question about if i would recommend the game, but it makes sense that WG only wants the survey taken by players that agree with everything
  8. vurger

    allow clan rental ships in CO-OP battles

    would be nice if they allowed them in standard battles, i have no plans to grind up to tier 10 but i wouldn't mind trying them once in a while i stopped at 8 and i have any desire to get into clan battles
  9. vurger

    Just what else was I suppose to do?

    i see them turn and run all the time, one minute they are behind you pushing and the next they are all running the other way. for me i just want to leave the game when they do that or when they run in and get wasted and in a minute half your team is gone. maybe this should be a pay to play game when it is full off crap players